Final competition 2018/19

19 July 2019


You've both been consistently great contributors to the Hub this year! We liked how you both gave detail about how the issues or activities have helped you develop your skills over the year!


It's the last competition of the year! We want to know...


It might be a certain topic, a skill you have developed, a specific activity. Let us know and don't forget to give reasons.


Don't forget to also fill out the end of year survey!

Comments (21)

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  • The thing I have enjoyed the most about BNC is actually being in the club and all the activities we have done. We all did our best work and we all had our say (and we had a lot fun!). I like loved doing my interview about the Financial Crisis even though my hair was ridiculous!!!
    Thanks for letting me be part of BNC!!

  • My favourite subject this year has been climate change because I got to learn what causes climate change and also about what green house gases are. I also enjoyed learning about Trump's wall because I got to learn why he build the wall and which countries and families it will affect.

  • It's a good club because I get to work with my buddy's and we did several interesting topics such as the financial crisis, knife crime and many more. I've really enjoyed Burnet Club and I am really depressed to leave the BNC because its been such a fun experience :(

  • my favourite thing about the bnc is knife crime because it was fun all the way through the topic expressly making my 1st slam with serous_economics. I loved all of the topic's this year.

  • I also enjoyed learning how serious knife crime is, I am also glad that I got to do this with my friend talented_tamarind

  • The two issues I enjoyed the most has to be the financial crisis and Democracy in a divided nation. I think this because of the financial crisis, once you learn about it you stop it from repeating itself. Violent Crime: We did a slam poem which we got a star from and was really nice.

  • My favourite thing in the BNC is that it help you with your skills in class and when I learn topic in the Richmond Hill Academy I know what it is about thanks 🙏 everyone in the bnc.

  • I have enjoyed BNC so much!!! I have developed my scepticism, not always trusting what I read and hear about, and instead thinking of reasons that this statement might be correct or incorrect. I have learnt to practice my story telling, using examples and reasons to help people understand exactly what I mean, especially when discussions involving complicated and confusing things like the financial crisis. Although I have always been curious, focusing on big and deep questions that may have more than one answer are ones in have been asking and answering, bearing in mind other people's perspectives, experiences, and reasons. One example of these skills being used was in the rise of violent crime, when I heard of Sephtan's story, and what he is doing to stop that now. Some people may see him as a bad person forever but you could look deeper, asking yourself questions (curiosity) about what he is really (scepticism) like, using examples (reasoning) to back you up and other stories (story telling) to be open-minded (open-mindedness) and discover so much more.

  • The thing I have enjoyed most about the BNC is the actual sitting down and discussing issues and share my views on them. I have learnt that everyone has their own opinion and I enjoy hearing those.

  • I started this term so have only done climate change but still have enjoyed the topic and look forward to continue the club.

  • this year, I enjoyed learning about brexit, because it was very interesting learning about recent politics

  • This year I have loved learning about the financial crisis.I had the amazing opportunity to learn and understand how different people dealt with different situations depending on their financial situation. Also, Matt who works for the treasury came to visit us! He works for Theresa May and taught us how the government decides to deal with the money. Of course building our posters were our favourite! Next year I would love to learn about animal extinction. Also, will Boris Johnson become the new prime minister?

  • What I have enjoyed the most was improving on my scepticism ,storytelling, curiosity and open - mindedness by asking more

  • I forgot to add was that I have given better stories and questioning people more

  • My favourite issue this year has been writing about Donald Trump’s wall; we were debating whether or not it should be built.

  • I have enjoyed the BNC so much this year! I can not believe that it is coming to an end already! Luckily, we will learn about it in year 6 so we can have another year of it! :)

    1. That's great news. We look forward to having more great discussions next year

  • The part of the BNC that I have enjoyed the most is that children have a chance to speak out and make a difference to the world. In other walks of life, we do not really have the opportunity to say what we mean and are overlooked by adults. However, in the club, I feel that we can say what we believe. This has made me feel important to society and has given me the confidence to publicly speak such as performing an assembly.

  • I have loved the BNC this year. Although I only started in January this year. I have learned so many new skills and built my confidence immensely. Although I have enjoyed everything this year my favourite ropic would have to be Democracy and Brexit. This is because it has helped me learn more about what is happening in our country and Europe and why my parents debate about it often. I have loved every second of this years club and look forward to rejoining next year

  • The thing that I mostly enjoyed about Burnet News Club is the fact that I can share my opinion with other people and see what they have to say about something. Also, I enjoyed the weekly competitions because the improved my social skills and brought me awareness of what is happen in the news right now and make me know of what other people have had to face in different parts of the world with, different situation. THANK YOU!!! :)

  • I have really enjoyed my whole experience with BNC. The fact that I got to focus on one issue at a time and discuss the topics with my fellow pupils, so I really felt I got a deeper insight into all the issues we’ve covered so far, much more than I would normally do if I was skimming over the news. And, I got to write my knife crime poem which I really enjoyed!

    All the issues were quite shocking really, they all highlighted to me how messed up the world is and how cruel people can be; especially if you take into Myanmar’s senseless killing of the Rohingya muslim. The aftermath of the financial crisis created an era of austerity and misery and most will agree the austerity did have a big part to play in the rise of violent crime. Trumps Wall uncovered another side of the world I didn’t even knew existed. Over the southern border, not only do you have poverty you also have the violent drug cartells that rule with fear and torture and brutal killings all over the people of Central America and Mexico. And now I realise why thousands have fled their homes to trek for many miles to seek refuge at the Mexican border.

    The BNC club has thankfully opened my eyes to become a lot more curious about issues around the world and one of the most important thing I’ve learned is to engage, listen and understand the opinions of others even though their views may differ to mine. Brexit was one of those issues that did just that, however, it was also the issue that frustrated me the most because I discovered people were forming opinions based on lies from both sides of the argument. The Brexit issue actually pushed me to dig so much further, so much it really tested all my BNC skills to the max, especially my scepticism skills!

    However Climate Change is the most critical issue of all, and by delving into this issue, it shocks me still that those that should know better, such as politicians, choose to dismiss it. Thankfully, a lot of young people do care. You can see that just by reading the posts and comments.

    The biggest enjoyment I got from BNC is reading other peoples posts and discussions and I have learned so much along the way. The other great positives is knowing that the majority of young people (BNC members at least) do not want to be ignorant and are willing to seek out the facts to become more informed, knowing when to be sceptical but also willing to accept the truth when evidence presents itself. Well at least, nobody on BNC has denied Climate change exists or posted ‘Climate Change is not real!.’ And thank goodness for that!

  • One thing that I have enjoyed this year is Brexit. I have chosen this because Brexit is a massive topic and even adults argue with each other in order to complete this one simple question: Should we leave or remain in the European Union? I have now learnt that this simple question that only has one consequence or another can lead to many, deals, details and even more questions. Should we leave with a deal or no deal? How are we going to work out a compromise between the UK and the European Union? How can we establish better trading with the deal? How is the EU going to react to the decision? Will we lose the EU as a friend with this decision? Should we let the politicians decide or the UK citizens decide? Brexit was actually one of the most inspiring but challenging topics for me to ever learn and for every decision being made, there is always a devastating consequence to face after. Understanding the topic itself was complex at first and perplexed me but the topic inspired me to learn it until I finally understood this topic. This is why I like this topic.

    Another topic that I had enjoyed this year is the Climate Change Emergency. I enjoyed it a lot since it was connected to science and science, to me, is quite a remarkable, intriguing, fascinating and phenomenal topic since it is interesting how there is tonnes of science connected to the swinging motion of a clock pendulum: gravity, applied forces, reacting forces, physic laws created by Sir Isaac Newton and even more. The Climate Change Emergency also has very intriguing and amazing science behind the topic as well: the harmful greenhouse gases are produced from burning petroleum (fossil fuels) and go up to the ozone layer. The ozone layer becomes destroyed and after, the harmful UV rays can come from the sun to the Earth, which is overheating our planet and that is causing our animal species to die out and we will soon lead the same path in twelve years of irreversible effects and damage. Through this topic, I not only learnt about Climate Change but also learnt about the related scientific topics about how the planet and ecosystem works.

    A skill from the Burnet News Club that I have enjoyed this year is sceptism. The reason behind this is that politicians and prime ministers think that we are at such a tender age to interpret the news and that we cannot interpret the news properly and work out what news is correct and incorrect. However, sceptism denies that. Sceptism has shown to the politicians and prime ministers that we have the skill that can find the correct news and that we can interpret the news that is there. Sceptism has also helped me, as well as Burnet News Club, in my studies. When I am doing research for a science project, I might have probably ended up with the wrong information. Nevertheless, I have learnt sceptism and this has proved to be extremely useful and helpful at times of researching projects; now I can get the right information and not be misleaded into using the fake news and statistics.

    Thank you to the BNC for giving me a vast knowledge of different skills and through this, I have learnt to be an independent thinker and a creative, thoughtful writer, which will help my entire future career.