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The thing I have enjoyed most about the BNC is the actual sitting down and discussing issues and... Final competition 2018/19 15/7/19
We could help by switching off plugs and lights we are not using Weekly Competition #38 24/6/19
My grandfather migrated his country and moved to England. Life was hard in their old country.... Weekly Competition #31 07/5/19
Pret a Manger is Opening Homeless Hostel That Will Provide Jobs and Housing to City’s Rough... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
do you think it is right that the police have decided that anyone 12 or over can be punished for... Weekly Competition #20 01/2/19
why is the age for social media 13? do you think that this is right?should it be a higher age or... Weekly Competition #20 01/2/19
I chose d because I believe that people need to be protected from dangers in society. For... Weekly competition #19 30/1/19