#16 - Christmas Competition Special

03 January 2020

Winners Announced!

Thank you for taking part in our Christmas competition! It was a delight to read your festive messages from space.

Our Primary winner is memorable_orchard of Michael Faraday School, who clearly put a lot of thought into creating a structured, entertaining and informative script, well done!

Our Secondary winner is powerful_robin of Ormiston Park Academy. They wrote eloquently on what it would be like to experience a Christmas in space and included some good research too. Well done!

Your first competition on Politicians and Power will be online shortly - why not give it a go?

Thanks to everyone who has entered our competitions this term. We've loved reading your entries!

For this final competition of 2019, we have a festive special. Watch the video below from a live link-up between ISS astronauts and ABC News.

Imagine you're an astronaut on board the ISS and it's the evening of December 25th. Write the script for a video message for people back on Earth, telling them about your Christmas Day.

You might want to think about what you've done, what you've eaten, and how it was different from being on Earth. You can make things up about what's happened on your day - make it creative!

You might want to also look at our Christmas Special Space Post for more knowledge!

This competition will run over Christmas and closes on 3rd January at 10.30am.

Being Christmas time, we are on holiday too, so we might not be able to approve entries straight away, but will do as soon as we see them!

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  • Im outstanding_turkey on a space mission and it is Christmas Day today..... This morning I sprang from my bed with joy, love and wonder. it is my first Christmas abroad away from my family but I have my best buddy here with me. We did do a gift exchange but it wasn't as good my buddy got me a clay model of space with a ribbon on top. I got her a t-shirt with a Saturn on its its her favourite planet. Not my best but I have other things to focus on. My family rang my up today on FaceTime it was magical I guess we pulled a cracker but someone was behind the iPad pulling it. For lunch we had mashed potatoes, pigs in blankets, turkey legs and brussel sprouts, yes I know brussel sprouts are DISCUSTING well at least in my opinion they are like tiny cabbages but anyway me and my buddy pulled a couple of crackers and placed the hats on our heads like we would do at home, at least I actually pulled a cracker not virtually. Gravy wasn't included in our lunch maybe because it will spill everywhere! Me and my buddy missed out breakfast but we were full up by the time we had finished. But apart from all of that it was a normal day at work. Oh I wish there was a post box that was sent to space because all my family could of sent me something, well we never know what technology would bring.I bet when I get home my caring family would strangle me with hugs. Bye for now and have a Merry Christmas earthlings!

  • In space we eat turkey in flat packages way different to Earth and we float about singing Christmas songs and wishing every body on Earth a merry Christmas.

  • Script for message:

    Me: Hello! We are here aboard the international space station and its Christmas!
    Someone: Today we have 2 activities planned especially for Christmas.
    Me: Even though Christmas is a time for family and freinds, we are up here and will be circling the earth 16 times!
    Someone: as well, we will be going for a special SpaceWalk!
    (Video of time lapse of circling the earth 16 times)
    Me: while u have been watching that, we have eaten a special space dinner (shows photo) yum!
    Someone: yes! And now here’s out spacewalk!
    (Shows video)
    Me: how amazing was that! Since we have to go now, we wish you all a very merry Xmas!

  • December 25th 2019
    Dear diary, today was Christmas day the pain of not being in my silky sheets in bed with my family with snow falling out the window made a slice of pain struck through me.I say no I do miss my family but this is a once in a life time experience.
    As I am writing this I am eating some traditional Christmas dinners I am eating turkey and some potatoes I carried with me and my friend is eating the same thing.
    What is different about being on Earth to being on the spacecraft is that it does not snow and I am doing my job while having Christmas/fun,On Earth it does snow from where I come from.When I am at home I do not work on Christmas and that is a big difference.
    On my day I have played Christmas monopoly although it was not that great it kept floating due to gravity pushing it up and no air resistance but it was funny when my money kept floating around.Lol

  • focused_blackberry: Today on the ISS it was Christmas Day! This morning we floated around next to our small Christmas tree, but, I would much rather be celebrating next to the Christmas tree down on earth, next to all my family. Although in the evening we did get to have a part Christmas dinner; the turkey was my favourite.
    Another person: We have also kept festive with Christmas by decorating the entire station up with tinsel, the occasional floating bauble and Christmas lights.
    focused_blackberry: We are planning later today to get into contact with our families so on the ISS it feels like that we are not only with each other but we are with our families to celebrate as well, just to add that amazing Christmas feeling.
    Another person: We also sang some carols together to stay, well, ‘Christmassy’ and basically keep to the same things that we do back down if we were on Earth at Christmas.

  • Wow I have never had such a great christmas day in space . The chicken is amazing . The only thing i didn’t like is that i can not get presents send to me in space so i have to wait until January the 1st to open them and to see my family any way ,i have had a wonderful christmas in space

  • Me: Welcome aboard to our space ship!
    Friend on ship: It's the evening of December 25th ( A.K.A Christmas Day)
    Me: We've put our investigation to a halt to celebrate Christmas.
    Friend: We've opened our presents from our family, and personally I think I got the best gift.
    Me: Whatever.
    Me: Anyway NASA has already sent up our Christmas dinner, so whilst we wait we are playing musical bumps... which is pretty hard in an atmosphere with no gravity.
    Friend: So far nobody has won.
    Me: UNTIL NOW!
    *Sits on the floor*
    Friend: Hey! anyway the Christmas dinner has arrived.
    Me: We slowly unveil the food, to see an extraordinary Christmas feat. There was a p-
    Friend: Pigs in blankets, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, ice-cream, Vegetables(I don't really like them)and a whole lot more...But last and certainly not least the Christmas turkey.
    Me: Thank you :(
    Friend: your welcome ;)
    Me: Well that's it from us the space connection is about to finish, we better start eating the food before it gets cold. Have a magical Christmas, from all of us and GOOD NIGHT.


  • Ah ! Where to start? Oh it was such a joy eating roast potatoes, turkey, Brussels sprouts( Well I might have left it) Christmas pudding! All those wonderful things! It was very amusing because all the gravy went everywhere! We also played “Who gets the cracker first! It was very depressing because our families were far away from us but I had a special friend who kept me company. It’s a pity because there was no snow!Do you think pillows work? The space walk was amazing fantastic! I could see christmas lights all over earth! Probably that’s how earth loves christmas! It doesn’t matter about your religion,beliefs or culture! It’s about spending time together and being grateful for what you have!

  • Hi, this is brilliant_fossil here to tell you about my Christmas in space. Since I left Earth, I packed some things so I could remember my family on Christmas day and remember the relationship with my family and the joy. These things were my family photo, my board games, my teddy, a notepad and pen to journal my events and my books. For the past few days I have been eating roast turkey with sprinkled herbs and onions. For extra, I have been out exploring for a record that I have been in space on Christmas. I have also collected some things that I found in space floating around for a present for my family friends and maybe even scientests so they can analise it and find out the secrets behind it.

    I have had an absaloutly fantastic time here in space gazing at all the stars and milky ways. I am also staring at Earth hoping that the people down there are also having a fun experience just as I am.

  • today i was hanging out with my dad and went to my auntie and uncle,then i ate christmas dinner which was amazing then went to winter wonderland it was amazing there,im waiting for it to be night so that i can gaze at the beautiful stars and think about space.
    I bet astronauts are having a great christmas in space.

  • My first Christmas on the ISS was marvellous...and so I wanted to give you a in-depth explanation of what happened! I began to regain consciousness in my vertical bed as I listened for the call of my brother back home, trying to get me out of bed, but all I heard was Roger 'the maniac astronaut' Evans screaming as he had trapped his finger in a piece of equipment. Sighing heavily, I turned to the left but was greeted by my good friend Seb, holding a basket of sugar delights! This made me race out of bed and float to the main cabin where all my other friends were, they were floating around a square shaped with Christmas treats, I grinned happily and started to devour the pastries! I ate my way through twelve mince pies and four pieces of not-so roast turkey! After a full day of laughter and fun, I made my way to my bed and got comfy, slowly drifting off to sleep.


  • Me: This year we're celebrating Christmas up in space. How fun is that! I, my partner, Emily, will tell you about what we've done, what we ate in space and finally how was it different from being at Earth.

    Emily: What have we done? Glad that you asked. We have done many discoveries in space involving the mysteries on Mars and unknown, mythical creatures on the moon and if we do find anything we have to report it to NASA immediately because there might be items that might turn into types of medicines that can cure illnesses such as cancer.

    Me: What did we eat? We normally eat canned food but or chef turns it into a curry or other stuff. There is plenty of canned food to eat (whispery voice) because we might stay in space for days, months and years.
    (Normal voice) Also, we have a bunch of people in this rocket but they are doing other things. We do eat a different type of Christmas dinner it may be small or big but we are with our friends though.

    Emily: How was it different from being on Earth? The differences are...
    That there is 0 gravity in space so you float in the rocket and can if wanted to, play games.
    You have to wear a suit where you go.
    You are with a crew.
    You are also far away from Earth.
    There are more ideas but these are the main ones.

    Me: Thank you for listening. I hoped you enjoyed. Bye!

  • Dear Earth,
    Christmas Day in space is a little different than to on earth. We still trade presents and eat Christmas dinner however we play a game where we throw Brussels sprouts into each other’s mouth and try to catch them. It is fun because we get a day off our mission.

  • Hello to the viewers-
    My name is artsitistic_opinion and today it's Christmas! Merry Christmas! To all of you whom are on earth and are spending time with your family, I hope you have a great time and I am gonna tell you what we do for Christmas. It still is like earth but kinda different. So we still trade presents and give presents but we play a special game. I call it Brussels. Now, Brussels is like when you and your friends chuck popcorn and you have to try and chuck it, however- It's with Brussels! Now Christmas is the best cos we get to actually get a day off of our tiring mission.

  • This is wonderful_iceberg reporting
    from the ISS. It is currently the 25th of December 2019 so far I have had to have freeze dried turkey . it is normally here but I can still have communication to earth and I have to I have to carry out procedures to see if my health is ok but I still have time to do things like Christmas I open my parcels that have been sent from earth so I guess my Christmas are you space I have been all to plan but it will be one but I’ll never forget .

  • My script:

    Earthling: As an astronaut, did you have to celebrate Christmas in a rocket in space?

    Astronaut: Yes, I did. And it was a very different Christmas to any Christmas you would have. I thought strangest thing was that because there was no gravity in the rocket, the ball-balls, the tinsel, the star, and all the other Christmas decorations you put on the Christmas tree, weren’t on the tree. They would float around inside the rocket! Weird.

    Earthling: What did you eat?

    Astronaut: The food that we eat is one of the only things that is roughly exactly what you’d have for a Christmas dinner down on Earth. It was exactly 99.9% the same. The only thing that we didn’t have was the Christmas pudding which I personally found really sad :(

    Earthling: Did you give and receive presents?

    Astronaut: Yes, we did, and we played a game while doing this. As there is no gravity, all of the presents where floating around inside the rocket. So, what we had to do was find a present with our name on it. Whoever found one first, won.

    Astronaut + Earthling: Thanks for watching!

  • Script for Video Message to be shown on News.
    Headline: NASA Astronauts’ Celebrations Continue As Normal In ISS
    Key: NP1 and NP2: News Presenter, EP: Elsie Parker, TJ: Tim Jones, ISS: International Space Station,

    News Presenter 1: Now, we’re in for a little treat. As we all know, it’s December the 25th, and we’re probably all got plans for later on. Well, astronauts upon the ISS do too. We’ve got them on video call, and they’re going to tell us a little bit about their Christmas plans!
    News Presenter 2: So, we’ve got astronauts Elsie Parker and Tim Jones. [EP and TJ wave and smile] Hello from below! [laughs subtly] Thank you guys for joining us. How are you?
    Me (Elsie Parker): Hello from above – the weightless world! We’re doing lots of things, late decorating, and preparing meals and stuff, but everything’s fine, exciting as always. [turns to look at TJ]
    Tim Jones: Yeah, even though we are separated from our families, because of this mission, we have each other for company, and overall are just celebrating as we would back home!
    NP1: Oh, that’s great! Now, could you tell us a bit about how different being up in Space is?
    TJ: Um, well, for starters the food and drink come in air-tight packages like these [shows food and drink to camera] and sometimes tins. That is a real difference – I’m normally used to my dear wife rushing and nearly burning the turkey with excited children all around me! [laughs]
    [News Presenters laugh as well] NP2: Don’t say that, she might be watching! [pause] So, what have you been doing for Christmas?
    Me: First thing, we all called our families, let them know we’re okay, wished them a merry Christmas and the norm. After that, we exchanged gifts with all the others aboard (I must say – beautifully thoughtful presents were gifted to me!), and sort of dazzled the place up a bit more.
    TJ: And, if I might add, we need to do one hell of a lot of exercises to keep us in shape, and Christmas Day is no different!
    NP2: [laughs slightly] We’re running slightly out of time here, but could one of you briefly tell us what being in Space has meant to you?
    Me: Space, I feel, and I’m sure Tim will agree, has made us see Earth, where we were raised, from an entirely new perspective. We’ve taken hundreds of pictures [show examples of pictures] and still are amazed each time we click the button of the camera, and see the beauty that we have the privilege of living on. We’ve been here for many months, and it’s fantastic seeing at first the green, and now the white snow in some parts of the world. Though, I must quickly stress, climate change has indeed changed the true form and way of Earth. We’ve seen the forest fires erupt in Australia. We’ve seen ice caps melting. What else is going to happen? We don’t know. So we must stop it before our human evolution is at risk…
    NP1: Very strongly said there, Elsie. Thank you both, and Merry Christmas!
    NP2: Yes, Merry Christmas!
    Me & TJ: Thank you for having us, Merry Christmas to all the world! [both smile and wave]

    BNC: none of the names used in this article are real. Any reference to living people are coincidental. :)

  • MT SCRIPT: Hello, welcome to the Christmas special where we share what we do for the Christmas period.Alot of people ask if we miss our family.Of course we miss our family, but we are lucky enough to face time and talk every week.Sometimes it gets pretty lonely up here but me and my buddy are able to spend Christmas together!We still do all the traditional things like get gifts and eat Christmas dinner but its a lot more different!We like to decorate our rocket with Christmas lights on the inside and a small Christmas tree floating around (since there is no gravity).We decorate the windows with stickers together.Before we went inside of this rocket me and my friend wrapped and bought some Christmas gifts for each other.We put them under the tree to unwrap later.Right now my friend is in the kitchen getting our meal for Christmas ready.This year we are having mashed potatoes with gravy and turkey.YUM!Of course its from a bag but that doesn't change anything its still gonna be equally as delicious!This morning I watched as my family opened their presents from me and me and my friend wished them and each other a merry Christmas!Since we cant look at what house on our street is best decorated, I looked out of the window just to see earth covered in lights and decorations it was magical and beautiful.My top favourite thing to do at space is pouring water out of a bottle and catch it in my mouth while it floats around.Like I do on earth, me and my best friend got matching pjs and wore them, to be even more festive I brought some Christmas accessories like shoes and bobbles and headbands!Anyway the smell of that Christmas dinner is really good and I'm gonna go check it out!This is resourceful_drawing signing out Happy holidays and a happy new year!

  • Script for video message to be streamed on the news
    Headline: Astronauts celebrate Christmas while floating in the ISS

    News Presenter: Moving on… We are now going to introduce two astronauts, Emily Palmer and Robert Stephens. They’re going to be telling us a bit about their Christmas aboard the ISS - The International Space Station. Thanks for calling in, how are you guys?
    Me (EP) & RS: [wave and smile]
    Me: Thank you for having us, we’re amazing floating up here with all our festive decorations!
    NP: [laughs] Yes, I can see that! Now, let’s get straight to the questions-
    RS: Right [laughs slightly]
    NP: - What have you been doing for Christmas? Anything special?
    Me: NASA’s just informed us that there’s a special Christmas Dinner lying about, hidden in the ISS, so some of the others are hunting for our food! Haha! But apart from that, we’ve put up tinsel, our slightly distressed-looking Christmas Tree, and we’ve got Santa hats for all! [taps Santa hat on head]
    RS: That’s right, Emily. I must add, though we may be tens of miles away from our families (and you at the studio!), we’ve got all the company we need – each other! [Me and RS laugh]
    NP: Do you miss all the chaos at home? [looks sincere] How different is it?
    RS: Of course I do! It’s always chaotic in my house, but somehow, it’s what makes the place feel like home. I feel like it’s almost too quiet here, to be honest. So, yes, it is quite different. So is the food – the way it is packaged air-tight, and sometimes in tins. Here, I’ve got some, look [shows food to camera]
    NP: Oh, that is different! Now, sorry to ask so many questions, but what was the reason - one of you can answer this – you wanted to go to Space, and be an astronaut?
    Me: Ever since I was little, I’ve always dreamt of being here and I’ve always wanted to experience Space, and research gravity. It’s an honour to be in THE ISS, after all, it’s not everyday someone gets the chance to go to Space, is it?
    NP: A very nice way to finish off there, Emily. Thanks again for joining us via video cam. Goodbye, and a very Merry Christmas! Have a safe journey back, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again soon in person, perhaps.
    Me & RS: Merry Christmas! [smile and wave] Thank you for having us!

    Key: ISS – International Space Station, NP – News Presenter, RS – Robert Stephens, EP – Emily Palmer

    BNC: The names used in this comment are completely made-up!

  • My Holiday on Space:


    News Reporter: Good Afternoon. My name is Samantha Wills and you're watching BBC. As the festive season is knocking on the door, everyone's yearning for a day full of fun and exhilaration. Let's ask the crew members of the ISS and see what they think!

    Lyla Underwood: Well, Samantha. So far, Christmas has been amazing. Especially as we can float!

    News Reporter: Has there been any downsides of celebrating Christmas on the ISS?

    Fern Rosemary: Well, having the ability to float is utterly mesmerising, but floating affects every entity in this space station. Meaning, things are can't stay in one place! But, it is cool to have a floating Christmas tree around! [smiles]

    News Reporter: As everyone can not go into space, how does it feel to not be with your families?

    Lyla Underwood: Me being a mother myself, it is distressing that my children and husband are not here to commemorate this special day with me. However, I can video call my two daughters once a week and it is just like if they are in front of me.

    News Reporter: That's so sweet... But how do you package presents for the other crew members?

    Fern Rosemary: Obviously, in Space, there is are little range to choose from of where to get a present from as I can't just pop out and take a short trip to TESCO or Walmart! [she'd chuckle] Probably the only possible things you could is to either pre-package when you first leave Earth or you could craft something using things around the ship. This year, we have left stockings for the crew members with treats inside of them!

    News Reporter: A very detailed reply, Fern. In your opinion, would it be a burden or blessing to not have snow and why?

    Lyla Underwood: Personally, it would be a blessing not to have snow as when it melts it could affect the ships function as the water can damage the ship's engine. Not to mention that we do not have a full winter outfit for every astronaut. This could lead to sicknesses such as the flu, pneumonia and much more! We wouldn't have all the medicines to cure all the sicknesses that the astronaut may have and some may have no cure at all.

    News Reporter: Fern, what would be your point of view on this?

    Fern Rosemary: I think it could be a blessing. I think this way as if anyone would see snow falling from Space, it could have unknown but helpful minerals inside it that could do something for the better! For example, it could extend our life span or cure illnesses like cancer. However, this is just an assumption and if this expectation was to come to life, scientists would have to research more on it t see if it is healthy and safe for us to use it.

    News Reporter: It is arousing of how your mind images things... A really good skill. However, Linda's opinion was packed full of evidence! Who would YOU support? Try and comment on our news vlog and look at their people's point of view. Have a good morning and goodbye!

    **I am Fern by the way.**

    Thank you for reading,


  • Hello, I’m entertaining_strawberry, and this is life in the eyes of an astronaut, Christmas Special!
    Christmas is a fun time, the food, the lights, but it can all be a bit different in space! To get us in the Christmas spirit, I usually hang up tinsel, but it can be very tricky with no gravity, so my friends on board the rocket help me. We also put up a Christmas tree, but usually the decorations fall off because we have no gravity, so this year, we’ve just put some lights on it. Now moving on to the next room. In here we have our stockings, and fairy lights. It is fun opening out gifts together in a big circle, however the best part of the day is the food! It’s not as fresh, or exactly like the one we eat at home, but our Christmas dinner is still amazing. Once we have eaten our dinner, we all gather round, and talk to our family. We get to call them every week, but at Christmas time, it’s extremely special. Once we log of, it’s then time for party games! My favourite would be catch that sprout, where we let a sprout fly in the air and we need to catch it in our mouths. You may be wondering, how are you working. As well as Doing all this fun and games, we do manage to fit it some work.
    And after a day like that, it’s time to sleep. We look out of our window too see all the lights on planet Earth admiring how lovely Christmas time is. Soon enough, we’re fast asleep!
    Thank you for watching life in the eyes of an astronaut, we will see you all next week. Merry Christmas!

  • Script from the perspective of an astronaut:
    Me: Good morning, everyone on earth! Today, as you can see by all of our technical equipment here, we will be discussing something which may be out of the ordinary for many! During this episode, we will see what life is like on Christmas Day for… astronauts! In my opinion, it is relatively different to life on earth, instead of peering out of the window and gaping at the ecstatic Christmas atmosphere, you are surrounded by specks of light. Family is nothing but a call away, but we still have our team of astronauts to celebrate and indulge the joy of Christmas day with.

    Our team and ‘CBS: This morning’ asked the public to create questions online for us to answer today, which we would be more than delighted to answer! Our first question is from a young lady, who wishes to know; ‘What do we eat on Christmas Day in space?’ This is an excellent question; you would be surprised by the answer! We have traditional canned meats and vegetables (which are delicious after a long, tiresome day!) As for dessert, we have a small tray of frozen sticky toffee pudding, which satisfies all of our sweet cravings! We attempted to recreate a traditional roast dinner in space, which went pleasantly.
    Our next question was from a young man, who desperately wanted to know, ‘What activities or games did you complete, whilst in space?’ This was one of the questions that was asked the most, and I’m glad that this one came up. Whilst in space, our team had to think innovatively, due to the lack of gravity within the spaceship. There were two games that seemed relatively fun, and they turned out to be so astounding, that we may play them with our families back on Earth! We couldn’t find a way to play a normal board game, as the pieces would simply fly around! Thus, we came up with digital board games like Chess, which all of our members played as a group. We decided to play ‘Pass the parcel’ as well which was extremely fun! (The present was a video message, made for the person who won, from their family. It was extremely emotional, but very heart-warming to see!

    Our last question was from a person who wanted to remain anonymous. They wanted to know; ‘How different is life on space compared to life on Earth?’ I think many astronauts (aboard on this ISS ship) would agree that a prominent difference would be; the solutions you would not have to create to everyday problems on earth. For example, due to the lack of gravity, we must think about every step we take otherwise, everything would float! It is an extremely unusual sensation to get used to, but hopefully as the days pass by, we will become more comfortable! Other than that, we managed to enjoy Christmas day as we usually would (and every other day we have been inside of these walls), rejoicing in a community and celebrating a year filled with memories.
    Thank you so much for listening to this broadcast! We hope you gained a brief insight into what life is really like, within space. Everyone, on a count of three…. One…. Two…..Three….
    Everyone aboard the ship: Merry Christmas!
    Me: And a wonderful new year! We hope to report back soon! Goodbye everyone!
    Everyone aboard the ship: Goodbye!