#17 - Winners Announced

10 January 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this weeks competition.

Our Primary winner is sympathetic_desert of Crampton Primary School, for their 100 words that focussed on specific campaign pledges and promises. It showed good thinking about the particular challenges the country is facing.

Our Secondary winner is careful_science of Faringdon Community College, who used their 100 words to speak about the goals facing the world and how their role as Prime Minister could relate to the 'bigger picture.'

Well done to both of you!

Welcome back!

To mark the start of our new Issue 'Politicians and Power', your first competition asks you to put yourself in the shoes of the most powerful person in the country!

Imagine you have just been elected as the UK's Prime Minister and you are standing on the steps of 10 Downing Street, facing the cameras. You are about to make your first speech as leader of the country.

What would be your first 100 words?

Remember, this is the first the country is hearing of you since becoming their leader. What would you say?

  • You might want to speak up about what matters most to you and what you want to change
  • Or you might want to speak up about the responsibilities of your position and the role of a country's leader
  • Or you might want to talk about the challenges you will face and how you intend to deal with them

Or something else entirely. Remember, the limit is 100 words - so choose them carefully! The competition closes at 10.30am on Friday 10th January. Good luck!

Comments (63)

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  • This is the first time in 100 years that the Wildbird Party has formed a majority government, and I am proud to stand here as the person who will serve you truly and with the upmost respect for your opinions. We will successfully put a end to poaching and unsustainable, mass deforestation in the UK by next year. We will give the NHS a extra half a billion pounds per year and will raise taxes by 1% to go to stopping climate chaos. Raising the minimum wage to £15.22 per hour will reduce the amount of poor people in the UK by almost 2%. The Wildbird Party will fight to make money management classes compulsory from KS2, all the way to A-levels. Primary and secondary teachers will receive double their current salary and schools will be funded thousands more per month. You, the British people voted for our party, this will give a clear mandate for a second referendum for Brexit and will ensure the government are up to date with your views. As prime minister of this great country I will strive to correct what the Conservative Party broke and will ensure that your human rights are protected and make racist behavior punishable for life.

    1. Sorry for the interruption but this is not 100 words it is 207. Also BNC does it have to be 100 words

      1. Yes please! 100 words or under!

    2. Sorry, my speech is 206 words. oops. Does this matter?

      1. Yes, can you edit to be 100 words or under?

        1. We will put an end to poaching and mass deforestation in the UK by next year. We will substantially increase the NHS budget and will raise taxes to go to stopping climate chaos. Raising the minimum wage to £15 per hour will reduce the amount of poor people in the UK. We will make money management classes compulsory in primary school. Teachers will receive double their current salary and schools will be funded more per month. As you have given us a huge majority, this gives us a clear mandate for a second referendum on Brexit.

  • I mean good for this region. I shall make the right choices for it. I will guide and show it the way to go and to be led. It will make the past decade feel like just the beginning. With help, we shall make this a better place for citizens of the UK. I shall face the upcoming challenges by staying strong, and with help , we will find a way out of the problem. As people are saying, I mean business. All the bad things from the past will have been inverted and then appeared as good things for the country.

  • Good Afternoon, I have just been to see our liberal monarch who congratulates me on my win to form a democratic government. With this mandate and majority, I hope to fix the situation of deforestation, within the borders of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As my predecessor had the idea of cutting the budgets for the NHS and the educational department, I want to emphasis and reassure people that I have no intention of destroying these well-built departments and with that I give you the intentions of the British people’s party- we do plan more.
    -This was so hard!!!!

  • “Here I stand not as a leader but a servant to all who live in our wonderful community. I am not here to take an advantage of my role but to be a great representative for the UK and stay by my words till my time as Prime Minister ends. I also want to pay my tribute to the former PM, Boris Johnson, who stood up right where I am now a year or so ago. In a few days, I will share my list of views and explain how I will undertake them. Good evening and thank you to all.

  • I am not here to choose decisions for you. I am here to help you make the right one. As Britains new prime minister, I am here to teach all of you, what I think is good for our country. We may have disagreements but being a prime minister means we have to listen and argue sometimes to make the right choices. It may take us weeks or months but you won't regret the wait.
    Thank you.

  • I stand here,not just as a leader but a protector for you and this country. There shall be no discrimination and unfairness while I'm in charge. Everyone will be loved equally and be treated the same way. We will help homelessness by giving food and drink to the people who are in need. We will help disabled children. We will help stop knife crime and we WILL get Brexit done.

  • I may be prime minister, but I'll also be fair. The NHS will get paid more often , to be shown more respect. Gambling won’t be accepted but if you do break the rule , then you will be helped to stop the addiction. Once a month, we'll collect money from public parts of London for the poor. Schools with kids that are timid, will then have staff look after them to talk about their feelings . I will work as a community at parliament. I won’t lie or be sarcastic. I will be an open book to parliament.

  • I may be prime minister, but I will make sure that there will be fair rules. The NHS will get paid more often to care for those in need of treatment. Gambling won’t be allowed but if u do break the rule, then u will be sent to the NHS and stop the addiction. Once a month, we will be collecting money from public parts of London for the poor. Schools with kids who are timid, will then have staff look after them and talk to them about their feelings. I will work as a community at parliament. I won’t lie or be sarcastic. I will be an open to all suggestion from parliament.
    Thanks for ur cooperation!

  • Hello and thank you for electing me as prime minister. Now, this is quite a change. I am really exited about living in 10 Downing Street. I am kind of responsible of climate change now, so we will go and help a bit with making sure that no things that can be recycled go in the normal bin, we will try and change petrol and diesel cars into electric cars more quicker and a few other stuff. We will also make laws fair and help the police find easier ways to arrest criminals like putting a bit more CCTV cameras around or giving them more money so they could get more policemen and have them guarded at places.
    Thank you for listening.

  • "I am here to help you make good decisions . I am the new prime minister of Britain here and ready to teach you all what I think is good and healthy for Britain.As prime minister i stand here proud to say that taxes will now be risen for the sake of the environment. In the UK more schools will be built and shelters for the homeless that must be free. Although Britain is already a quite pleasing place to be in, what I've just announced will make Britain a more fine and healthy place to be in.
    Thank you."

  • I know I did 101 words . BNC Does that still count ?

    1. We might let you off, this time!

  • Good morning Great Britain:
    Today as prime minister I promise to make Great Britain live up to it's name and be great, because today is the first day of the rest of my life and your life. I know that the I'm here right now because most of the public, have faith in me that I can achieve what I said I will achieve and make them proud. I WILL DO the things that other prime minister were unable to do.Together we can fight BREXIT, because today is the day that will change the rest of your lives.


  • I believe that our planet is in trouble. I believe that we CAN do something about climate change. And that is why I am here. My job now is to have faith and courage and to work together to fix the state of our planet. My position now is to help the environment no matter what challenges I may face. I will tackle the government’s opinions, take in my people's opinions and make a change that everyone is satisfied with. This is our chance to change the world. Walk with me and SAVE OUR PLANET!

  • I believe I could not only make this country a better and safer place to live and travel to, I could also make deals with other regions this our own one and try and sort out other worldwide problems that I cannot sort out by myself. If we as a whole world can unite, for just a month, we could potentially save the whole human race. I believe that I can make this happen. I am not here just for our country, I am also aiming for the bigger picture, to start the movement that will save the world.

  • As the newly elected prime minister,I would like to say things about climate change and how it has affected the world.children in war zones and areas unable to go to school because of climate change.Everyone should have the right to go to school, although that article/right is not fulfiled in many areas mainly because of the lack of money in lots of very poor areas
    I hope this issue can be disscused further in future
    Thank you

  • As an new elected priminster I would try to stop climate change because right now in Australia there is lots of fires going on right now and that is all because of climate change.And I will try to stop climate change by trying to lower the amount of trees that are being cut down because they provide wind to cool down the air.Also I want to make more of electric cars because petrol and diesel pollute the air thank you all for coming today and bye for now

    1. champion_seahorse tis is lovely you may want to add the fact that koala's and other animals in Australia are getting killed I mentioned Koalas especially because they are harmless creatures and move slowly like on First news which I read it said there was a koala that was there in the fire and struggled to be set free. You may also want to add that they are slow moving creatures and can not escape that easily.

  • If I was Prime minister I would make a 100 word speech about how I want to keep everything as good as possible but only things that everybody in diversity would agree with. I would also take the time to tell people about the safety of the UK by making sure we are safe and secure here and leave all alliances with other countries so we wouldn’t start a war, like what has been going around recently. I would make sure that everybody felt safe in the country by setting many rules go keep the beautiful UK super safe.
    Thank You

  • I am privileged to be the leader of this fantastic country now. You have put all your trust in me by electing me, and I assure you, you have made the right decision. You will not be let down. If our country was a garden, then our decisions, as a government, would be a colourful display of flowers. Lavender, bougainvillea, fuchsias; you can walk around this garden and enjoy our flowers. It’s free. No decisions will be made without you hearing about them. Welcome to a new and improved parliament, parliament 2.0, let’s make Britain the best it can be.

  • I am proud and thankful to be your leader and I am here to lead us, be your voice and guide you in the right direction. Me being the Prime Minister doesn’t mean that I am the best and you listen to me, you should have a voice and so should everyone. Equality during something that is yours is needed because this is ‘our’ country and everyone is important. This country is free to walk around and we need to take that in before it’s all gone. Like I said, I am here to guide you in the right direction.

  • I want to thank you all for voting for me and i can garantie that what i promised is what im going to do . I am suprised that i won and i thought that i didnt stand a chance and now i realise never to give up hope.so thank you for makiung me your priminister i look forward to the next 5 years of glory.

  • Thank you ladies and gentlemen for voting me as your prime minister, I must say it is a privilege to not be running this country, but to be this country’s voice. My first act as prime minister will be to undo the acts of the past three prime ministers who brought us the curse that is Brexit. My next would be to help stop Britain polluting the atmosphere and save our planet. As well as this, I will make sure all of our waters and all of our eco systems are free of waste. Once more, I say thank you.

  • As the newly elected prime minister I will ensure that there is great opportunities to come to this magnificent country. I will help solve all of the issues and situations we may have to come, Such as wildfires and bushfires.
    I would make this country a better place and provide the environment with fresh trees and luxurious plants. Providing the environment with this means I could help pollution and give you better air to breathe.
    I make a promise to my loyal citizens that all this will make Britain great again!

  • Hiya. I’m happy to say that I am your prime minister and I will try to lead the UK to be a great nation. I feel strongly about the NHS and education. I think that everyone should have free healthcare and a chance to learn. I also would like homeless people to have more support. I want to put more money into climate change and global warming. I hope that in the future, you will support me in helping the community of Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, join together to make the UK great.

  • Hello all great and wonderous citizens I am greatly privileged to be voted as your Prime Minister I am greatly honoured with your kindness. This was a choice of electing leaders who will change the world or leaders who will keep it the same. You have mage the best choice of choosing me you will not regret this.Changes I will make is for homeless people to stop living on the streets but now I will have loads of hotel management camps and they can stay in there for free there will be loads of this around the world THANK YOU.

  • Hello Britain and Happy new year ,first I would like to say thank you for voting for me as your trustworthy Prime Minster and those who didn’t vote for me I hope in can change your mind about me. I will not just think about myself when I’m in the houses of commons ,I will make sure that Mr Speaker listens to what you have to say . I would also put more money into schools , old homes , hospitals and hotels.
    I’ll stand out compared to all of the other MP’s you have had .

    Thank you for listening to my speech , have a great year.

    - active_sheep -

  • It is time that politicians start acting like adults and told you the truth. Brexit will make us poorer, less influential and limit our freedom. Our NHS has been starved of funding and is on the verge of collapse. Our schools are in crisis and too many children live in poverty. Climate Change presents a grave threat to our whole planet and we have to change! I will work every day to right these wrongs. Together, we will build a fairer and greener society in which everyone can feel optimistic for the future. Thank you for your trust.

  • This next few years will be the start of a new era a new journey as I will make this country a better place I will make sure there will be a country of peace,hope and opportunities . I will not stop until this country reaches its potential .I will not rest until this country becomes great again. As prime minster this country will be transformed into a land without knife crime with more NHS staff with more money for school and council and face any political challenge that comes to me . I want to thank you and happy new year

  • I will take matters into my own hands. The amount of mass deforestation and forest fires all over California are ascending in great value. Due to the murder of the Iranian General , we will try to resolve this with USA and Iran. I value all the people of the world. We will also update you on journey of the Parker space crafts journey to the Sun. The world is changing. People are changing. We also must be ready for this massive change. I will also make homes for the homeless as they have the right to be treated as an equal. I will end Brexit as it is huge problem for everyone in the UK.

    1. Really good but next time maybe add a greeting eg; hello.

  • Please give an honest opinion

  • I would love to hear other people's comments as well

  • I want to start off by thanking you all so much for electing me, I promise you won't regret your decision. My first duty as Prime Minister is to put recycling bins in every public building. Next on my agenda is to raise awareness about gang crime in our country because innocent families are suffering as a result. I feel like we need to invest in nuclear weapons because I know for a fact that every other country will do the same. I will also encourage peace with countries : war is very wrong in my opinion.

  • “With significant gratitude, I obtain this consequential position, one that is built to voice the opinions of the public. After all, this world that we share, is the only place we can call home. Every living organism that roams this earth deserves the chance to exceed, to explore the experiences of life. Every word, every sentence, every solution; needs to be acknowledged, so together, we can demolish any complications that stand in our way. MP’s alike wish to turn your idealistic lifestyle into reality. Interaction creates a connection between us, a valuable bond which could change life… forever. Many thanks.”

  • " Well, I must thank everyone who voted for me as the political leader of Great Britain. I will be dedicated to my job as prime minister. Britain will suceed even more in the hands of sociable_volcano. The job is a privilege to have and I am honoured, this is what I always wanted. Anyway, I am going to talk now about how we could change Britain once and for all. I hate seeing homeless people on my way to work so ill pay them the money they need and also, I would give hospitals that money they need."

    thank you for listening


  • Hello everyone! Thank you for voting me as your new prime minister! It means a lot to me. As your new prime minister, I will do everything to make this country happy!But what I would focus on is the wild fires in Florida. They may not be part of our country but we need to care about others as well as ourselves. The wild fires are cruel and are destroying people's homes. Surely we don't want that? The fire men and women are doing all it takes to stop the fires spreading over.

  • Carried on : Thank you for listening! Goodbye!

  • Now that I’m prime minister I will help stop climate change and make peace all over the world and make a world law that everyone should be treated equals

  • The first thing I want to say is thank you for this amazing opportunity.The first thing I’ll do methodical_ocean your prime minister will provide millions to stop this disgrace called global warming.I am not promising that everything will go to plan but I have a dream that can revolution the earth and that is called cutting down plastic and making the earth better and safer.And believe me that is one my Priority.As well as cutting down paper I want to give teacher or doctors/nurses more money.How I will do this you presume?Well the high earners will pay more tax and the lesser earners earn less.I think a good leader is someone who is a rome model towards people and children.
    Yours truly methodical_ocean.

  • As the priminister of the United Kingdom, I now declare that carying Knives around is now banned as to the recent amount of death. It may corrupt the minds of young pupils and make other pupils feel unsafe in their homes.The fact that young pupils run the risk of loosing their lives is just disgusting to man kind. The recent deaths have been on the local news and I just can not believe that other pupils are going to jail for this matter. From now until the end of my rain, I I’ll fight to end this Problem.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Thank you for electing me as your prime minister and I am prepared to help everyone with their needs. I will be helping young people fight homelesness, help beat climate change, let people have the right to speak about what they believe, and fight sexism, racism and anti semitism and more. I have my plans insightful.

  • I would like to begin my time as Prime Minister by promising to everyone that change will happen. I promise to the teachers and the schoolchildren; we will make change happen for you. Medics and patients in hospitals; we will make change for you. Children and young adults fearing for your futures; we will make change for you. Homeless citizens on the streets; we will make change for you. Even animals and habitats; we will make change for you. I promise that, in my time as Prime Minister, we will make change for ALL of you.

  • As Prime Minister, I will make changes in helping the environment, reducing plastic, recycle probably and Brexit. Being the country's leader is an important role in England's society. The importance of being Prime Minister is that they are the leader of the country and that the people in the country relies on the Prime Minister. So, I will try and help people and do the right. Not wrong. Like it or not, I will make a few changes to this country so people can live in peace, I will try and reduce knife crime and add more buildings for hospitals.

  • Great Britan good evening, as my first Thing would as your prime mister is to pay single cutter to stop cutting down The trees because team trees planted over 20 milion trees and do we i Tell you do you want to waste our money just for cutters in the Future cutting some trees that team trees planted in The past and also there will only be 1 year left for gas cars to stay in England because we need The uk to have an ECO system

  • Is it 95 or 94 words

  • Is it okay to have slightly less than 100 words? I have 92 words in my currently unpublished one and am unsure whether to submit it for approval.

    1. Of course!

      1. I have one hundred and one letters, does that count?

        1. I think we'll allow it!

  • I thank you all for electing me as Prime Minister. It is a great honour to be standing here at 10 Downing Street and will try to make my time in power as beneficial and impactful to the nation and the citizens living within it. I will try my best to drop the crime rate, focus main attention to housing and the environment, improve the salary of lower-paid occupations that deserve more. I thank you again to everyone that voted for me and everyone that took the time to listen to me.

  • Thank you for having elected me in the election. I will make sure I make Britian be great again. I'll make sure NHS has a significant increase of staff and I will also make sure they have an increase in salary. Following this, I would put money into education such as universities and colleges. I will also help in climate change and deforestation and do my best to stop racism and hate crime. We will make sure everyone has a home by building more homes in the UK. I look foward to this job as being the PM for great Britain.

  • Since I am your president in the United Kingdom, it is my responsibility to go around peoples houses and asking them what they want to change about his country and what they want to improve. It is also my responsbility to make sure that we are having enough health care and medical health for it is important on what our lives depends on. Also, being a president is not just about democracy, it is about the power that you have and what you want to say. It is also about having justice and doing what's right for those who need it. I will also like to make sure that everyone is happy living in this country and not sad so if there is anything you want to change just sign on a letter that I will be handing out on posts.

    Yours sincerely,

  • We will stop animal testing as it is very upsetting by developing drug companies not to test on animals and stop people living on the streets and lying on the floor in hospitals. We also need to educate all people so everyone can get a job so no one will be homeless. I just want to make the place a great place to be instead of a place were people are dying on the streets. Hopefully that will never happen... but we all need to help not just me not just the goverment all of us. Thank you for putting your trust in me. I hope you all have a good night!

  • Hello everyone. Thank you for electing me as your Prime Minister. Because you chose me, the first thing I will do is to make sure that hunger is stopped. I will ensure that we spend money to ensure that all families have enough money to spend on nutritious meals for both adults and children alike. Next, I will give more money to schools to spend on supplies, staff and more space for children to learn in. This will ensure that our next generation has the best possibility of achieving a good job. More homeless shelters will be built because I don't think that there are enough shelters, and lots of people die every year due to spending freezing nights on Britain's streets. Homeless people will be provided with opportunities to be educated so that they can get jobs.

    Thank you for your time,

  • Thank you for trusting me, and as Prime Minister I will make sure we will find different methods of recycling, and try and stop people being homeless. We could build little shelters on the side of buildings - including a bed -to rest and sleep. This is because lots of homeless people sleep on the cold, hard streets every year. We will provide money for cheaper electric cars and invest in charging stations around the country.

  • Thank you for electing me and trusting me to be prime Minister for these many successful decades to come. I think we should raise more money to construct buildings for the homeless and to educate them. Also I think that we should improve on reusing and recycling plastic items so we can save our ocean and the creatures that live in there. We need to think about giving people a higher paycheck so people can't become homeless so easily because we already have thousands of people on the streets who risk their lives every night.

  • Thank you for electing me and putting your trust in me as Prime Minister . I promise to improve methods of recycling so ALL plastic can be recycled . I will introduce a bottle deposit scheme meaning people will earn money for recycling plastic bottles . Also we will develop ways for pharmaceutical companies to stop testing on animals . I will also give money to schools to spend on resources and reducing class sizes. We need to provide money for cheaper electric cars and invest in charging stations around the country .

  • I would like to thank the people of this nation who voted me into power. I solemnly promise to deliver on my pledges. I shall explain the issues that matter to me the most. Public services are the glue that holds Britain together- without them we would fall apart. However, they are not being paid nearly enough for the impactful, occasionally dangerous work they are doing. I will change that. In addition, climate change is an incredibly severe issue that needs to be talked about – not hidden away. My party will do everything we can to prevent the awful consequences.

  • "Good morning, London. It is from the deepest depths of my heart to appreciate your preference in having me being your exhorter. The current calamity we are encountering is climate change. Though, there are many more deplorable obstacles we need to overcome, even in London. As we are not taking the full perception of this ordeal, innumerable domains and homes are being discredited by our exploits. Now, London is at risk of a flood. This is due to the aggregate of pollution emitted from conveyances, televisions and further articles. I will try my finest to ameliorate the environment perpetually."

  • I am absolutely delighted that you have decided to choose me as your prime minister. I'm assuring you, I am different to others you've had before. I will make sure our country is a better place for all of us. I understand that I have many responsibilities and am ready to face them. I also realize there will be - of course -many problems and challenges that will befall us, such as Brexit; you're probably longing for the right person to come and lead you on. But, I know I cannot do this alone. I need you, the people to help.

  • As your new prime minister, I will try to benefit every single one of us. I will attempt to help every homeless person get a shelter to sleep in (e.g. rough sleepers, people kept in bed and breakfasts) and I will also try to make sure every adult vote so that it makes the direct votes fairer. I won’t try to discarnate or be bias. I will try and make jobs more available for the people who are disabled or have mental/ physical health. Visas and British passports will be easier to access and the educational system will be easier.

  • “I am honoured to stand here today, as your Prime Minister. One of the main issues that I will focus on is making university education affordable for people of all backgrounds. With the current high tuition fees, only a small fraction of people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds can afford higher education. The majority of people from such backgrounds are likely to secure a loan and often struggle to repay this following their time at university. My government intends to reform the current university tuition fee system. I look forward to sharing our future vision regarding affordable higher education for all.”

  • My fellow Britons, today is a momentous day in the history of our noble nation. Yet again, our United Kingdom has demonstrated how the model of democracy operates... and what an exemplar it is.

    Several weeks ago, citizens were given the opportunity to elect a new government. According to some, only a minority of the electorate would’ve appeared at the ballot box. This did not happen! Britons from all walks of life, all ages, and all races, got up; left their homes, and voted.

    Upholding our democratic principles, I’ll carry forth the directive I’ve been set, as your Prime Minister.

  • I am proud to be elected as your Prime minister.I will do good things to improve our community.I will find ways to prevent climate change and pollution.I will even help solve brexit.No matter what it takes nothing is going to stop me to improve our environment.I will give the public a fair way on what they want to happen.I am grateful you trust me as your Prime minister.

  • I believe that currently our country is in deap trouble! As many of you will already know the ice in the artic is melting and we are not breathing in the right thing. This is beacuse we are using to many fossil fuels to run the world. Such as: using cars, working in factories, and even using a fire in your own house! We have to warn the rest of the country what a threat this could be to us. We have done as best we can to inform the world but I have to tell you now, no such undertaking has been rexieved and currently our country is in pure danger of pollution!

  • Thank you for electing me to serve our great nation. I hear your concerns - the NHS, Climate Change, Education, Crime, Poverty and more. We need to fix it. How? Make BETTER policies, SMARTER policies. And, if our plan is to get things right, it’s about time this government listens to the experts. We need them! We are all too aware of this digital era; the threats of misinformation and fake news to all civilisations. We have to fight it with facts, data and objective truths - because, an informed nation means we have a healthy nation and a brighter world!