#22 - I used to think... Now I think...

13 February 2020

Openmindedness for competitions

Winners Announced!

Thank you for all the entries this week - another very hard competition to judge!

Stars were awarded to entries that demonstrated what they used to think, now think, and a developed reason why.

Our Primary Winner is modest_donkey of John Ray Junior School who spoke up for their belief in children's ability to change things. It was an impassioned comment and expressed with clarity and authority. Well done!

Our Secondary Winner is gentle_pineapple of Faringdon Community College, who gave a detailed and well-researched entry about the role of an MP - something that only comes up briefly in this Issue and so this entry showed an appetite to learn more. Well done!

This week's competition gives you the chance to reflect on something about politics that you've changed your mind about over the course of the Issue!

It could be about anything to do with the Issue - from politicians and their actions to the way politics works. It could be about justice, democracy, power or responsibility, or another big concept you have come across.

You might have changed your mind after hearing something said in your Club, or something from another student or expert on the Hub, or something you read or watched.

Structure your entry like this:

I used to think...

However, now I think...

I changed my mind because...

Try to write in developed sentences, fully explaining your thinking.

Stars will be awarded when the competition closes at 5.30pm on Thursday 13th February - note a slightly earlier finish than usual!

Good luck!

Comments (130)

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  • I used to think donald trump is bad

    However, now I think donald trump is good

    I changed my mind because he beat his impeachment

    1. What makes you think Donald Trump is good or even bad?🤔

      1. You would realize that donald trump is good once you've seen what Boris Johnson and his parliament have done to our proud country

    2. Hi amazing_memory,
      I disagree with your opinion because even if Trump did beat his impeachment it was his 'party' that had the deciding vote on the matter.

    3. Hi i've came across your comment and what you have said isn't justified with actual because if you looked up more about it you would no that mainly the only reason Donald Trump beat his impeachment is because at least half of the states in the United States of America is part of Donald Trumps party and thats why he won.Thank you for your time and i proved you wrong as you cant say that without facts.Thank you.

    4. I disagree with this comment you have made as I believe that the impeachment wasn’t a fair vote as only his party voted and not the people of America!

  • I used to think that Brexit was just an annoying thing that adults and politicians worried to much about but the BNC helped me understand the importance of politicians and elections and how if there were to be no leader or no one in charge how things would go awfully haywire .However, i now know power and politicians are a vital key to having a safe and wealthy future. I honestly changed my mind because i thought it would be good to look more at the factual and less on the opinion statements

    In conclusion i'm glad i joined BNC because it has taught me loads

    1. I used to think that voting had no purpose and no reason.
      However,now I think that we vote for a purpose.
      I changed my mind because now I see the affect it has on where we live and our country.

    2. But Now I am at BNC I know the purpose of politics and voting.

  • I used to think that knife crime didn't happen often but right now there's a lot of knife crim and ect.

  • This is a really interesting question with many answers as everyone used to think something different than now. I used to think that the general election would never end because it was a very long, frustrating time. However, due to the recent general election we now know more about Brexit we can prepare for more things to happen in the future.

    In conclusion, I think that Brexit election will not last forever and we will have to wait another general election to see what will happen then.

  • I used to think that the world was not burring but it is

  • I used to think power was just for people in politics and the royal family but when we started I realised that I was wrong because everyone has a bit of power because people over 18 can vote and that is power. You have the power over your self and that in a way is still power

  • I used to sceptical about Boris Johnson being a good leader since some remarks. A person in my class said something that changed my point of view because he trying to be fair ,and lead our in the right direction.

  • I used to think that climate change was bad but I hen I soon realised that I was incredibly wrong as our country are not helping at all with the situation and have not been pushed by the leader either

  • I used to think that we should send robots to space because if we sent humans to space, anything that polluted the air would get inside the human bodies and would affect them. We would never know that they were in trouble, we would just think that they were up in space having FUN!!! This would be bad because we would be loosing astronauts.
    Now I think that we should send humans to space, because if we sent robots to space we would not have experienced what we have done and robots would only have been able to take pictures, not bring back the artefacts that we have here today. I also think that the people that we have sent up to space so far have been excellent and we should appreciate that greatly.
    Thanks for reading my comment

    1. satellites and probes can do many things beside take pictures, they do revolutionary science experiments, while going further than humans have ever gone

  • I used to think brexit was annoying and they should just make up there minds and get it out of the way, but now I think that it is important because it can effect the future of our country and where our country can head. I changed my mind on this topic because that this has a really strong effect on us and that is why politicians are making such a big deal about it. This choice can decide where we can head. If its a no deal brexit or deal brexit or just no brexit it still effects our future.

  • i used to to think Donald Trump was a good person but now i understand that he is not kind to other people and is bossy.

  • I still like all of the preseasons doesn't matter what they have dun gust treat people haw you wont to be treated

  • I used to think that politics were just old,boring things that adults need to be aware of.Nothing for a child to worry about.However, now I think that it's even more of a concern to children then it is to adults.Anyway it's the adults destroying the world.In 25 years I think the world will be gone if not, we will be.I changed my mind because if we don't stop now it'll be to late for everyone maybe to late for you.why can't we just leave mother nature alone?

  • A president has many specific roles like to protect his people and to take action if something it happening international all over the world like brexit and types of new things across the world and if old thing which come back like old laws the black plague or the black death and a president take action and give a live stream about it or a announcement to the the people. a president like Donald trump does bad thing like build a wall which is bad and a little bit of climate change :)

  • the president is still won of us so if we do sum thing bad and if they do it they shad be punished like us 🤷‍♂️😂

  • I still like all of the preseasons doesn't matter what they have done in the past and they need to treat teachers and children nicely and people haven't been treating people nicely but people but they treated them badly.

  • presidents have the same rites as us and there rites are the same because there higher meme they have more responsibility than us

  • I used to think that Boris Johnson was going to be another rubbish leader that would try to be sorting out the Brexit deal for another 4 years like Teresa May had and just never get it done. But I changed my mind over the last year because , 1. he never gave up with the deal. 2. he managed to get it done by February 3. He has been a GREAT leader and managed to let Britian own themselves without the EU interfering . He is great

  • I used to think that Brexit was just an annoying thing that adults and politicians worried to much about but the BNC helped me understand the importance of politicians and elections and how if there were to be no leader or no one in charge how things would go awfully haywire .However, i now know power and politicians are a vital key to having a safe and wealthy future. I honestly changed my mind because i thought it would be good to look more at the factual and less on the opinion statements

  • I used to think smoking was ok
    But now I think its bad
    Because people die from smoking

  • I used to think politicians did nothing to affect the country however now i know they affect the country a lot.I changed my mind because BNC showed me what they have done to the country.

  • I used to think that politicians were no use and there was no point in them because I thought that we did not need them. I have now changed my mind because if we have only a prime-minister then we would not agree and share our opinions.

    Thank you for reading.

  • i used to think brexit was some dumb thing but his taught me that it is alout more

  • I use to think politicians were a waste of time and it was something important to adults however now that I go to BNC I think it is rather interesting .I like the way we vote even if we do not get the prime-minister we want.

  • I used to think that brexit was just about politicians oppinion about the European Unnion However ,now i see the changes and effect it has on our money and were we are today .But now that we have left the British Empire i now realise that we are not part of Europe.If we are not part of Europe why is our Londin colour still part of the British Empire flag ?

  • I used to hate this kind of things cause i thought it was boring but thanks to this website i now understand politics better

  • Before I used to think that the Conservatives were bad. I thought they done things for their good only.

    Now I know that they’ve done these things according to the public’s chose and the referendum.They also done it for the better of the country. I now now all this thanks to Burnet News Club


  • I used to think that politicians and presidents etc could not have got impeached but now I know that they can thanks to BNC

  • Thank Burnet news club for picking me to win

    1. Well done for winning last week's competition, plucky_yuzu!

  • When Brexit was first announced i thought that i will need a visa even though i had/have a British passport but now i think that i am OK i also agree with romantic bassoon, because i used to always ask my parents but now that i have found this website i get to see everything from peoples opinions and i get to make my own statement

  • I used to think, politicians were really biased and time waster because they kept refusing Brexit deals. However now I think that politicians are really good, because not only did they want the best for the country by trying to get the right Brexit deal, they are also the reason why this country is a democratic country. They give us something to have an opinion about, for example, not only did they did they give us Brexit to have an opinion on, they still gave us climate changes to think about, because I never really cared about climate change but, after doing topics about it I become more aware of it. I wouldn't be doing this without the politicians who gave me something to debate about and also to think about.

    Thank all politicians :)

    1. By the way well done on winning the last competition and good luck again 'may the odds be ever in your favour'

  • I used to think that children should not have the right to vote.
    Now I think they should be able to vote because I made a post and loads of people made a lot of reasons that children should be allowed to vote. I just couldn't stand how convincing they were! But I also think we should vote because it's our country right? All us children is sit down and look around aching to do something for the country. Some politicians make really unnecessary laws and maybe us children could at least do something to help. Maybe there should be a young volunteer from each borough to represent us . It's not just the adults future, it's also our future as well. Too be honest, most politicians don't bother to notice climate change and global warming. Us young folk are making huge protests and miss school for it . That's how much we care about it. Politicians aren't acting fast and our future may not exist because of it. So we have to encourage young people to get into the habit of speaking up and speaking loud. There's no planet B and we could change the future one day.
    Thank you for listening

  • I used to think that politics only effected adults and that I didn’t need to worry about it. I thought this because they all just argued and spoke in vocabulary that I couldn’t understand.

    However, now I think and know that politics effects and definitely will effect me in the future because I have learned from BNC that Brexit will effect me and the whole country. In addition to this, I learned (from the Hong Kong crisis) that a non-democratic country, can create enraged people and soon after people are outraged and the country isn’t a nice place to live.

  • dear burnet news club,
    I used to think brexit was some stupid argument and we should just leave it alone and stay where we are. Now I see that it is more than that, we needed all the votes we did to get peoples opinions across which led us to leave. We have now successfully left, I was led to this changed opinion by having burnet news sessions and asking for others opinions. thank you for reading!

  • I used to think that politics wasn’t important, but now I realise how much we need it. We need politics in order to help our country and change our future.

  • In further detail, I'd like to say that I thought that policians and presidents etc Couldn't have got impreached but now (thanks to BNC) I know that impeachment is possible

  • I used to believe that voting was just to change something for the good of Politicians, because they could use that to decide their arguments in a political debate. I used to think nothing that was voted to happen would actually happen, because Politicians didn’t agree with it. Now I know that voting isn’t speculated by Politicians, and any choice that is voted for could happen. This is all thanks to Burnet News Club!

  • I used think that when politicians debate to make their statements, they just needed to say it and they did not need to show any power.
    Although now, I have change my mind because when you debate against other candidates, you really need to show your bright side and you kind of need to over exadurate so the people can actually agree with that politician so they might vote for that politician which makes that politician win and becomes Prime minister. What I mean is that when you actually start speaking with power it adds a lot of effect which is a good thing.
    I have found out this information from BNC. My teacher was giving out key cards for politicians and power. I could see that it said 'power'. I had then read it out and it said 'The ability to do something or act in a particular way'. I could then understand that 'power' is very important and it is what makes a politician win.
    If it was not for Burnet News Club giving out these cards, I would have still kept my thought in my head and I would not even know that my opinion would be wrong. I have found these cards really useful and helpful.
    Thank you.


  • I always used to think that politics was a boring thing that adults should worry about however after I joined the BNC I discovered that talking about things which has happened all over the world is actually quite fun. I always heard the news in my house saying things about politics and I always watched it with my dad and this helped me as now I have joined the BNC it has really helped because now I also what is an Impeachment I know what Brexit is and many more things like that.

    This is what I thought was bad but now I really like.

  • I used to think politicians were responsible and respectful
    Now I have learnt people are not as they seem and anyone could be disrespectful and that doesn't exclude PM/politicians.
    However I have also learnt that some politician[or leaders and PMs] fight for what they believe in and I respect that deeply an example of this is Nelson Mandela he fighted for what he believed in and later became president of south africa which shows he cared so much for that country the people reward him as president.
    Yours Truly methodical_ocean

  • I used to believe that politicians were perfect, always did what's right for their country and were never allowed to make mistakes otherwise life would be a catastrophe.
    However, I have now changed my opinion to that politicians are just as human as anyone else, and are sometimes quite greedy.
    I had this change as I witnessed many public mistakes and predicaments created by politicians and focused on their actions which lead to many dramas. I also realised that everyone makes mistakes and everyone has urges to benefit themselves, even I've felt that before.
    Therefore, I have changed my opinion. Of course it's not set in stone; it's just what I currently think.

  • I used to think that politicians were a grown up thing and that children didn't need to waste time worrying about them.
    However, now I think that they are important to the country.
    I changed my mind because they are making life-changing decisions that will affect children's lives.

  • I used to think that politicians would always do something good.
    Now I know that even politicians, prime ministers can do something bad, for example John Prescott, who punched a protester and when Boris Johnson asked the Queen to close parliament. The reason why I have learnt this from BNC is because I learnt bad actions that politicians have done from a BNC session.

  • I used to think that politicians were formal as I didn't really know much about them

    However, now I think that politicians are informal and lazy

    I changed my mind because I've seen that Jacob Rees Mogg rudely reclined on the house of commons front bench also, Tracy Brabin wore an off the shoulder dress which I thought was utterly unprofessional.

  • I use to think that politicians had good ideas to help the public and make life easier for people and they were trying to help people in other countries and the homeless. However, now I think that aren't doing anything and they are not trying to help the things that really need to be helped because for a long time the government was arguing over Brexit. While they were doing that in other counties there were little kids dying of disease, starvation and dehydration and the homeless are doing crimes just so they can go to jail and have a place to stay. https://www.worldvision.org/hunger-news-stories/africa-hunger-famine-facts

  • I used to think that no matter what you vote it wouldn't matter and that the politicians would do what the majority of them thought no matter what the country wants. I used to think this because I would hear people complaining about how the government didn't have the countries best interests at heart and how it was all about what the politicians wanted.

    However I now think that the government does listen to us because in the last general election none of the parties knew what was going to happen. I changed my mind because of how hard the major parties campaigned for it. Had they chosen between them they wouldn't have bothered to campaign. Also, when the BREXIT vote happened the parliament thought that we would all want to remain. They could have decided to remain in parliament but instead they let us choose. This shows that the government do take our opinions into consideration otherwise we wouldn't be dealing with BREXIT.

  • I used to think being a politician was easy but after

  • I used to think that BREXIT was a waste of time and a bore .

    however,now I understand that BREXIT was good idea because it helped all us that wanted to leave and we have left the European union which was what wanted.

  • I used to think that Brexit was an overreaction of adults and politicians. That it really wasn't a big deal that we were coming out of the European Union.However now I think it is very important argument. It will have such a big impact on our way of life. I changed my mind because I read all the upcoming issues of this debate, it really made me see the importance of Brexit and what happens to our lives. The Brexit deal is much bigger than expected. It has taken such a toll on our lives that we have forgotten other issues.

  • I used to consider Boris Johnson and the Conservative party would not lead as well as other parties like Labour. However, I now think Boris will work in Parliament very well as our leader. I changed my mind because ever since we left the EU they seem to have made a big difference.

  • I used to think that politicians are good people make right decisions care about their job and people on the other hand there is a female politician who stole the governments money to pay for furniture in her house a but now doing further research about different and other politics I have now come to knowing that some not all politicians care about themselves and take advantage of their job.

  • I used to think with no interest and think Donald Trump was bad because of his actions but now I think if i compare the good things he has done to the bad, as well as passing impeachment. I now think he is a good person.

    I also used to think that politics had no use to our country or no help. However after learning about them and what they do, I now realize they are human and is they make mistakes then there human and they help our country run.

  • I have changed my opinion around the basis of election. For example, i used to believe that elections should not be every 5 years like we currently do. During the period of the Brexit deal decision period 3 general elections occured due to prime ministers such as Teresa May had not being capable to cope with the pressure of running a country. However after precisely considering the pressure of running a country after debating with peers i have decided that if the public are displeased with prior decisions and would like a change in subsequent situations such as the hectic stress of the people who are elected by the persistence of their colleagues to head of a party. People such as May who had been consistently blamed for the faults and misdemeanors of other people such as David Cameron that demonstrated the incapability of anyone going in to power.

  • I used to think all politicians were terrible people wasting are time on taxes and raising them all the time for there silly projects. They wanted us to get involved in silly things and kicking poor innocent people out of there home because they got fired from there job for no reason. However now I think they are good people because there trying to save our planet.I changed my mind because off Jo Cox who did a lot of good for the kirklees council and did a lot for people and this includes homeless. I think a lot of politicians could learn from what she did and sacrificed.

  • I used to think that politics always went well. Now I think that politics is a really serious and complicated and sometimes politicians make decisions that make peoples life better by making other peoples lives worse. An example of this would be Chris Huhne, who was a Liberal Democrat MP who was caught driving over the speed limit. His wife took the blame for him and accepted the penalty points/ This is a classic abuse of power, MP Huhne made his own life better by making his wife's worse.

    I now know that a lot of politicians are good but quite a few are corrupt, in it for themselves or just down right bad politicians.

  • I used to think that politics and Brexit was boring but now i think it is great and really interesting. I changed my mind because i found out that politicians were making empty promisies and getting away with it. It was really interesting to find out that even the most powerful people get in trouble!

  • I used to think that Donald Trump was good because he won the election so he became the president of the united states. I think this because the US thought Donald would be good for the country and a good representative for the country and who would make good choices for the country. An example of this is where he got the most votes from the people who voted which means that the country wanted him more than the others. This implies that Donald had a good speech so people wanted to vote for him and they must have also thought to vote for him that he could make a difference to the country.

    However now I think that Donald Trump is a bad leader. I think this because he has been racist to women. An example of this is he has called women fat pigs which hs then led for those women to believe that and then they get upset and down. This implies that Donald Trump is a bad leader as he is making people doubt themselves and he is teaching people that it's okay to be racist when it is not.

    I changed my mind because I had learned what he was saying to women and he is not doing anything for the country to help it.

  • I used to think that Brexit and big political issues didn't have anything to do with us and we couldn't do anything about them.
    Now, I think that us as children make a big difference in people lives and decisions. We are all special and we all have enough power to change something that we think is not right, we just have to work together.
    I changed my mind because my BNC club helped me to realise that children have as much of their own opinion as adults do, we just have to speak up and make our voices heard.

  • I used to think that Donald Trump was a good person and help people but now I know that he has built a wall between America and Mexico which made going to school for children hard which is very important for them

  • I used to think that the EU and the UK were in good terms; however, now I think that the UK is being unfair to the immigrants that came from the EU thinking that they would have fairer laws. BREXIT is mainly the cause of this and some people (depending if they have a citizenship or not) will live harder lives depending on their status.

  • I used to think that politicians were kind and let eachother speak. This however is not the case because Boris Johnson wanted to rule parliament by himself. This was disgraceful because he let nobody have a say and didn't want anybody to get in his way.

    I changed my mind on these thoughts because Mr. Johnson has put a lot of effort into his work and empire. He has also carried us through Brexit quite well and there hasn't been any issues so far.

  • I used to think that politics were people that always argued about the money that the UK is using but now after looking at politics in Burnet News Club I now think that they are people that want to help save our environment and to help stop plastic pollution.

  • I used to think that all this political stuff and Boris Johnson was boring and just nothing i needed to learn about.
    However, now I think that its all really important only because:

    1. The BNC has really made me think about politics and power which helps we a lot in life.
    2. I have seen the Australian bush fires and I just couldn't believe how people had to move out.
    3. I cannot believe the state we are leaving our homes like this is climate change/pollution/global warming.

    I have changed my mind by looking at those three things (ETC) only because I have really seen now what happens in political life and I want to stop it. Also I have really understood politics and power.
    That is what I used to think and now I think.

  • I used to think that the voting system used in the UK (which I now know is called First Past The Post or FPTP) was completely fair as it gave everyone the chance to vote and have their say.

    However, now I believe that this isn’t as fair as it first seems and that, in fact, we should change our voting system to something more representative of the country, for example proportional representation.

    I changed my mind after researching how voting works in different countries and the benefits and disadvantages of each of these. Although I am able to see the advantages of the FPTP system of voting, I feel that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits and that things need to change in order to make voting fairer and to give all parties a fair chance of gaining power.

  • I used to think that all MPs had to participate in every single debate that occurs in the Houses of Parliament and that most debates were full of shouting politicians arguing about various issues.

    However, now I know that this isn’t the case. Debates in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords are often calm and have only select MPs or lords participating in them. Issues are discussed calmly and are well-thought out, with MPs taking turns to speak and allowing others to share their thoughts.

    I have changed my mind because I was able to see some of these debates for myself during my BNC’s trip to the Houses of Parliament. The debates I saw were very calm and the participants were very quiet (some were even asleep!) and there were barely any politicians participating compared to the debates I had seen previously on TV. I know that debates can get out of hand, but it is interesting to know that this is not always the case.

  • I used to think that the Queen was the most powerful person in the UK.

    However, now I think that it is the politicians, especially the Prime Minister, who hold the power with the Queen being more of a figurehead to represent the country rather than being the person in charge.

    I changed my mind during my BNC’s visit to the Houses of Parliament last week, where we learnt that the Queen is not allowed to set foot in the House of Commons and would be punished by law if she ever tried to do so. The Queen is what is known as Head of State and as a result must stay neutral in political matters. The ability to make and pass laws lies only with Parliament, with the Queen having only a symbolic role in the government. Therefore it is Parliament that has the power, not the Queen.

  • I used to think that laws could be passed quickly and easily through a brief discussion in Parliament.

    However, now I know that making new laws is not so easy. Bills must be agreed by the House of Commons and the House of Lords and receive Royal Assent from the Queen before they can become Acts of Parliament which make our law.

    I changed my mind during our trip to the Houses of Parliament where I learnt from our tour guide that it can take up to a year of to-ing and fro-ing between the House of Lords and the House of Commons until a law, or a bill, is passed. This helped me to realise that it is not actually that easy for the Prime Minister to change things in the country- he needs to support of the whole of Parliament (as well as a lot of patience!) to do so.

  • I used to think that all people in the Houses of Parliament were elected politicians.

    However, now I know that this isn’t the case. There are two parts to the government: the House of Lords and the House of Commons and both Houses are involved in passing new laws or bills. The House of Commons is where the elected politicians sit. In the House of Lords, however, people are not elected. Rather they are chosen amongst themselves and are usual experts in a certain issue, such as the environment or science.

    I changed my mind during my visit to the Houses of Parliament where I had the opportunity to see debates in action in both houses and to question the tour guide about the differences between them. I think it’s really interesting that people are involved in passing new laws that haven’t been elected by the people in that country!

  • I used to think politics were stupid and didn't matter, probably because of how much my parents would complain about the news and politics.
    A large majority of people in the UK probably think this as well, even if they are adults, because all you ever hear about is politics and it drives people insane.
    However, now i think that politics is important because it is what is leading our future and that is extremely important. If we didn't have politics our country would be in wrecks because there would be no decisions or changes in the government and nothing would be changed.
    I have changed my mind because i can imagine what our country would be like without parliament and that makes me realise how important the Government and parliament is.

  • I used to think donald trump was the worst politic

    However now i think boris johnson is the worst politic

    I changed my mind because he ruined England

  • I used to think that politicians always made big decisions- like Brexit- more complicated than it actually was.
    However, now I think they don't, and the decision was already very complicated.
    I changed my mind because I found out how much politicians have to deal with, and the pressure to do the right thing as well as please the public. This means the situation was already complicated and they weren't making it worse.

  • I used to think our old prime minister Tresa May was good with all her decisions and her choices. She might not have been the best for some people but she definitely was not terrible. I feel like she would of been a great leader and prime minister for England.
    How ever i know think that our prime minister is not at all as good as Tresa may. Boris Johnson has bad decisions.

    I have changed my mind because Boris is not a good leader for England. We should get a new leader.

  • I used to think that the political system in the UK was a rowdy collection of people who made decisions that stirred the country. This gave me the idea that politics was something that was not needed, not clever, not wanted.
    When I got older, brexit started, I realised that politicians were working hard, but the political system was firmly opposed, so politicians were struggling, so I realised that politics was necessary.

  • I used to think that the government is a good way to decide how the country is run.

    However, now I think that the government is corrupt

    I changed my mind because of Brexit and how leaving the EU has been seriously messed up.

  • I used to think that there should be a second Brexit referendum. This is because, when the vote happened, people didn't know the true aftereffect of Brexit.

    Now I think that maybe that isn't fair. Below are my reasons.

    I changed my mind because Brexit was publicly voted for a reason: so that everyone got a say. In every other vote that has been made, there has never been a "redo" of the vote, just because some people realise the true consequences of it. I am not for Brexit myself, if I had had the opportunity to vote, I would've voted to stay in the EU. However, the decision has already been made, therefore I think it would be unfair to do a re-vote as there will still be pro-Brexiteers. In the world today, people will never be happy with the decision that is made, which is what has happened with Brexit.

  • I think Donald Trump is bad and good because sometimes he makes the right decision and sometimes makes the wrong decision .

  • I used to think that all the politicians in the Houses of Parliament had a lot of power and that they could do anything to show their opinion of a topic and change things according to their views.

    However, now I know that this is not entirely correct and that many politicians in the Houses of Parliament have to follow their party's thoughts in order to stay in that party and not be kicked out. This means that sometimes they have to suppress their own thoughts in order to stay a member of Parliament.

    I have changed my mind because of an issue that was debated about in parliament where a few politicians lost their place in their parties because they disagreed with the overall ideas of the party.

  • I used to think that politicians making the decisions was the best way of parliament working because they have more responsibility and leadership qualities than the average person which made me think we wouldn't get a voice in these major decisions. However, now I think that we are heard more and we are as equal to the MPs and parliament as everyone should have the same choice to get involved. I changed my mind because after diving deep into this topic it has shown me that we need a bigger involvement in the major decisions.

  • I used to think that politicians were just normal people that made the decisions for the country and didn't do it fairly by not letting the public help make the decisions. However I now think that they are not just the decision makers but just people that help with the decisions for the country and help run the votes and debate with other politicians. They are important people that lead and engage in civil administration. I changed my mind because I realised that they were not so bad and that they weren't just people in charge of our country. I hope that you take in my opinion.

  • I used to think that Brexit was just a useless thing to argue about but now i realise that is is important because it decides weather we shall lose the eu and some trading roots or stay in and keep the peace.

  • Here is my post, hope you enjoy.

    I used to think: now I think.

    In this post I will explore one that is quite interesting . The one that I will be doing is:
    I used to think that when you vote, it is not done by each constituency and the most votes for each party in each constituency is for that constituency and each one is one vote. For example: Let's say the torys won all the constituencies (that is 650) then the votes would be 650/0 but if 10 constituencies voted lib dems then it would would be 640/10. I thought it was done by each vote so one vote is one vote. Now I know that it is done by constituencies.

    Thank you for reading, hope you consider.

  • I used to think that MP's in the Houses of Parliament only debated major issues or decisions.
    However, i now know that all manner of issues are debated.
    I changed my mind because of the burnet news club.In this topic i became so interested in it that i did my own research.
    I found out that Mp's talk about anything-from small issues in their constituencies to major issues like brexit.Mp's can raise any issue they would like. Thanks to this, many constituents have had their life changed for the better, or at least improved. I am really happy that some politicians do this. I wonder what it would be like if this wasn't the case, and the only issues raised where ones important to politicians, and people high up in the government.

  • A few years ago I used to believe that MP’s and parliament always made the right decisions. But now I’ve learnt that parliament can make the worst decisions like giving the public the opportunity to vote about leaving the European Union. Because the decision that they gave the public was a big mistake because the country has been stuck in argument for the last three years straight. Since I found out what brexit caused the country I realised how bad of a mistake it was for parliament to the decision down to us average people. I used to believe no one on the earth was smarter than the people who make up parliament. But with all the mistakes they have made over the last few years I no longer believe this. It is sad to know whilst growing up that the people controlling all the decision in our country make all these bad mistakes. This was quite worrying for me when I found that out.

    For example I used to hate Donald trump, but now I’ve seen how bad our MP’s can be I realized Donald Trump is a great leader. Now this has made me think Boris Johnson is a horrible leader. Because of his mistakes in picking parliament and the general decisions he has made as our leader of our proud, passionate country.

  • I thought smoking was a little bit bad but now it's become a big threat for children and adults because they can die and get lung disease.So I want to ban smoking.🚭💯

  • I used to think politicians were perfect and always did good thing but after having a BNC lesson I've learned otherwise e.g. Justin Trudeau's painted face incident. All MP's and politicians have made mistakes just like us but as politicians and MP's people look up to them so the matters worse. Sometimes there will be many social media posts about them and occasionally the post is untrue or not giving us the bigger picture making some citizens losing faith and trust in the politician. Displaying all the major mistakes from politicians in order helped make me understand the scale of making a mistake to awful decision.

  • I used to think that politicians were perfect and truthful and always did the right thing to show an example to others. However, after discussing this issue on the BNC, I have learned that Politicians can be liers, offensive people and sometimes also disrespectful. A few weeks ago when we had a discussion on Politicians' mistakes, some of them were really surprising and made no sence on why they would do that. For example - Hazel Blears. She lied about paying her bills just to get away with it. This can happen with normal citizens however, only 5 YEARS LATER they found out that she was keeping it as a secret all along. This could have bad influences on her and her main character. Another example could be John Prescott. A human being threw an egg at him and he punched them back hard in the face. This could be nobodys fault if nothing happened plus nobody had the right to throw an egg or punch someone in the face. To be honest, if you think about it, throwing an egg at someone would just take time cleaning it from yourself but punching someone could cause a serious injury to them. One last example can be Andrew Mitchell. This mistake is also now remembered as ' Plebgate ' . The reason that it's called plebgate is because that Andrew actually called one of the policemen a pleb. You may be now thinking that it isn't such a deal. But, eventhough that he has the power to rule over everybody doesn't mean he doesn't have to follow the rules.
    It is true that in life many people make silly mistakes without noticing but we have to be careful on what we say or do. Thank you for taking your time to read this comment.
    Hope you enjoyed.
    - talented_cookie

  • I used to think that politicians should get extra money because they were making changes to the country for the benefit of us but now I think that they shouldn't get extra money to pay for their working needs because they are just humans and also many people are now beginning to disagree with many politicians' opinions. There have been many political issues in the past and more are still continuing to develop. Politicians getting extra money for their working needs is just like saying teachers should extra money for the class to do some sort of lesson that requires some money to provide the resources.

  • I used to think that Boris Johnson and Donald Trump
    were the only ones who had something bad but know
    I truly understand that there are more people out there who have done bad BAD things.
    I have also learnt that politics can be naughty and nice.
    Some people even say that all politicians are horrible people
    What do you think🤷‍♀️🤔

  • I used to think that politicians were disrespectful and selfish. However, now I think that not all politicians are the same, yes they may be in the same party but they may all have different points of view. I changed my mind because when I watch the news they bring up old news to support their point but not all of them do that.

  • I used to think that the way the media presented news stories did not have much of an impact on politics.
    However, I now know that the way the media presents news stories impacts politics in many ways.
    I think this because:
    BNC has made me question things more in politics. Before, I just accepted things the way they are but now I question the truth more and do more research on politics. I did some research and questioned ideas, facts and opinions and found that a lot of the time, when the media presents bad news, they exaggerate. This impacts politics because lots of the public might think that certain things are worse than they are. In addition to this, often, the media decides what the public needs to hear and might not present minor news stories to make room for more important ones and ones they think will interest the public, a lot of the time the media will present more interesting news stories so more people read them. This impacts politics because different part of the media will have different political views, the media could present news stories that make a certain party or politician look better, the media can also tweak the headlines to make a politician or party look better.

  • I used to think that school was tiring and boring because you have to sit there and listen to your teacher talk.
    Now i think that school is somewhere safe to be, somewhere to learn and express your self.
    I changed my mind because, secondary school, college and university are all privileges to go to. And if you do go to college secondary school and university, your chances are higher of getting a good job when your old enough too.

  • I used to think that all mistakes made in the Government were just mistakes and were made on accident.

    I now think that Brexit was a genuine mistake made by the Government on purpose by not telling us more information to what's going to happen when we leave the EU.I also think the Government purposely make `mistakes`

    My mind has changed because of the new information about the Government's mistakes and decisions

  • I used to think that Borris jhonson was quite silly and distracted.

    Now I think that after hatching his speaches he has inspired many others

    My opinion has changed because he inspires me and he takes people's opinions on the political problems.

  • I used to think that politics were a little over talked about but then I realised that every single person has a different opinion about politics and that's there only way of expressing it and helping other people understand, normally I'm not very in tune with the usual political talks of politics but even if you don't listen you absorb some of the words and can apply them to other conversations that are held across the table. I realised why it is so important that children understand what's going on because it is going to effect us more than anyone else as we will have to grow up in that outcome and we wount be able to change it until we are 18!

  • same rights because when they make a mistake it gets put in the news or news paper which is obviously not nice for them as they do not want people to all gossip about them.

    I realised this as I grew up. I saw many news reporters and newspapers talking about them. Would you like that? Because I know I would not.

  • I used to think that politics was bad because all that ever happened there was people would just argue and make others feel bad about themselves.
    Now I think and know that it is a place to discuss what will happen with trading and in our life.

  • I used to think that politics had no impact on my life
    Now I think the that maybe it does because it depends on my future as a adult and being a old person. I mean I need to take action for my rights and for my own say. I need to do the things I want to before I the law changes and before politicians take control over us with all there say and power and none of us.

    1. The politicians will still have an impact on your leadership life even if you are a child

  • I used to think , when I was a little kid, that any bad people wouldn't get voted in because that was that and that no bad people can be voted in.
    Now I know that they can be be voted in, it's just that, depending on the country, it is unlikely because most people aren't bad or stupid.

  • I used to think that the public, especially young people, had very little say in the decisions that are made in our government.
    However, now I think that we can decide whether or not we personally have the responsibility to make a difference. I think we all do, because we can make it our decision for our futures. We don't need the government top tell us what we believe, because we can all make a difference without being the PM. We don't all need to have the top job for our opinions to be important.
    I will finish with a Spiderman quote:
    'With great power comes great responsibility'

  • I used to think politics didn't really affect the lives of young people that much.
    Now I think it actually influences how we will live in our future, and current changes made by the PM affect us all, even if it doesn't really relate to us. The way people close to us react to these changes might also alter their actions, which result with us thinking the same way. Now I know that decisions are made on the votes of the people, and are usually unalterable, no matter how much we oppose against it.
    I changed my mind because of the sudden drop in enthusiasm in my class because of Brexit. I found that this also affected how I acted as well. Also, after learning about this topic from the BNC, I found out information about politics (and politicians) that I didn't know before. Then again, I didn't really know much in the first place. After listening to people from the UK youth parliament I found that they were trying their best to make England better for the next generation and so I'm resolved to try my hardest too.

  • I used to think that politics weren’t that important as they didn’t appear on the news often and other places.

    However, now I think that politicians are very important as they appeared on the news numerous times because for relevant things like Brexit.

    I changed my mind because (as I said) politicians are on the news and we (Burnet News Club people) are commenting about them now and is on the infinite internet where there are lashings of news about them.

  • I used to think Brexit was endless, since the Houses of Parliament continued to delay it- Brexit was due to happen FIVE years ago!

    However, now I believe differently as we have finally left the European Union.

    I changed my mind because, although I still think that the Houses of Parliament are unnecessary, Borris Johnson has carried out his pledge ‘Get Brexit Done!’.

  • I used to think that the word"politics” first appeared in 1800 as it looks like as if it was by then.

    However, now I think that it didn't appear by then as it says Aristotle made a book a long time ago; the 15th century (about the 1400!)

    I change my mind because -apparently- the word "politics" originated from the title of a book by Aristotle in the 1460s and by the 16th, century politics referred to the administration and organisation of the state.

    (Facts from, twitter.com and www.express.co.uk. )

  • I used to think that Boris Johnson was really intelligent but now I think that he is clumsy because on the news he was on a zip line and he got stuck in front of everyone and he was going to clean a river but he fell into it.

  • i used to think anyone should be able to vote

    now i think it should be the public over eighteen

    i changed my mind because if people were younger than eighteen then they might not know what were voting for.

  • I did think that borris Johnson was a very good proud government.

    Now i think he does not like the fact we left the EU so he does not want to be leader of a non EU country.

    I changed my mind about Borris Johnson because I heard that when the count down for leaving the EU was happening , he was just at home doing nothing.

  • I used to think that children should not have the right to vote, being mostly unaware of the countless political matters happening around the world. This opinion was solely based on stereo-types and widely agreed on views, however when thinking about the ethics behind it, I was genuinely shocked at myself for believing in what I did. How could children not be allowed to vote when the changes made will greatly impact them then and in later life?...It is our future too! I changed my view on this matter because I opened up my mind to the other side of the argument and found light there. I recently heard that people aged 16 can vote for Scottish Parliament and council elections, I hugely support this decision because it allows young people to get a say on what will affect them in the future. Ingrid Wolfe said that "children have a really important voice and need to have a say in how the future works out. After all it’s children who will live in the future world they’re shaping, long after the older people are gone."

  • I used to think that Jeremey Corbyn provided a counter balance to the Conservatives.

    However, I now understand that he is a weak, ineffective individual, whose methods are questionable at best and whose interests are self-serving and dysfunctional.

    I have changed my beliefs because, looking back at his previous statements, Jeremey can easily be outwitted.

  • I used to think that Brexit was useless and was no benefit at all as it does increase the prices of some things (e.g. electricity bills).
    Now I think that Brexit is very vital for it could help with issues with the government.

    Thank you for reading.

  • I used to think that all politicians make decisions that are for the best of their people. I thought this because every role in the government and parliament are very important, so obviously the leader would be sure of what to do and put out a democracy.
    Now I think that not all politicians or MP make the decisions that the public would like. What I mean by this, is people do t like the decisions that some politicians make, not all people, but enough to make something like Brexit carry on for over a year!
    I have changed my mind because of the BNC, which has enabled me to think twice about things I see on the media or with my own eyes. I have also changed my mind because of the clips of people protesting on the streets, these have changed my mind because you cannot have somebody who makes everybody happy with their decisions if they are protesting about you!

  • I used to think that politics would send me to sleep before the p was fully pronounced but it is actually pretty intresting when you think about it.

  • I used to think that being a pm was not that hard you just needed to do the right thing and everyone will like you.
    But now I know

  • I used to think being a Prime minister is not that hard you just have to do the write thing and people will like you.
    But now I know that it is actually really hard because if you do the right thing some people will hate you. Even if they like you the media will influence some people to start hating you so now I know that it is really hard being a Prime Minister.

  • I used to think politics was only for adults and that I did not need to understand it and be involved ,
    But know I think differently kids like me do not have to understand what it is but it’s not stoping us from doing it . Since the beginning of brexit I have started to understand what politics is and start talking to my mum and dad about it . But before it I was very young and didn’t even know we had a government and thought we were ruled by the queen . But know I have realised that politics is not only for adults , kids can even start to understand what it is for example I know understand that a MP is a member of Parliament and represents their area .

  • I used to think think the government had all the power and we had to obey them 24 7 and if you accidentally stole you would go straight to prison
    How I now think that if a child stole ( like a 3 year old) they won't go to prison because they are to young
    I changed my mind because you only start to be allowed to go to prison when your over 10 years old

  • I have not changed my mind about anything because I don't like Boris and I haven't changed my mind about what he wants to do.But I like Jeremy :(.

  • I used to think that politics were not very important because i thought Queen Elizabeth was more important since she is the Queen of England after all, but now I think that politics IS important because it’s all about the decisions and what’s right and what’s wrong for our country like age restrictions for driving, drinking, games, films, apps.


  • I use to think that what’s going on in the world wasn’t important to me because I didn’t really think it was as a big of a deal as it is now. Now I think it is important because it could long term affect us in life and if we don’t do something now then we might not be able to do anything when we’re older about it.

  • I used to think that politicians would spend money on themselves when they are in power but i know that they actually use it for hospitals and education

  • I used to think that the royal family had all the power and made all the decisions for the country.
    Now I know that it’s the people who make the decisions for the country by voting for a prime minister (and mp to run your constituency) who will then make lots of the decisions for the country such as whether or not we’re going to leave or stay in the EU.or not. So really the Queen doesn’t have as much power as we think.
    I changed my mind because now that I joined burnet news club, I’ve learned a lot more about our country and lots of other important and fascinating ideas and facts about the world

  • i used to think that PM and MP's bad actions actions were okay because they're just human but now i think that they aren't okay because they are role models for us (people they lead) but for example, 'pleb-gate' if it was children, they can't just say their teacher is a pleb because they didn't get something and also it is not offensive to the person you are trying to offend but it is offensive to lower class people since pleb means a lower class person. It is even worse if it is an MP because they are more matured than kids so they should set a better example.

  • If you look from Donald Trumps perspective he thinks the choices he has made are good but in are perspective its bad.

  • I used to think Boris Jonson was good and there was no need to not like him

    Now i think he is not helping us and he wants to sell the NHS. His neighbours also heard a plate being smashed once.

    I changed my mind because after being in the BNC I learned that even if my parents think something, I shoulnt go around saying the same thing without researching about it even if after you still think the same as you did before.

  • I used to think that Brexit and leaving the EU was good because we wouldn't think we would need to deal with problems with other countries because the UK would leave the European Union.

    Although, I have changed my mind because I now think that it won't be a good idea to leave all of the countries and only the UK being out of the EU. I changed my mind because I did some more research on the UK leaving and everything about Brexit and I think it's bad. I think that the UK needs the support of trade and the free movement of people from other EU countries to be successful.

  • I used to think that politicians were some useless people that just got paid a lot of money for no reason. However now I think that they make useful laws and they attempt to stop people from causing crimes. They have incredibly important jobs and a lot of pressure to make the right decision. Even though some politicians make silly decisions or do silly things, the job of a politician should still be respected.

    I changed my mind because politicians are needed in this economy and I have learned a lot of information in Burnet News Club.

  • I used to think that all Politicians were very mature and responsible,
    However, now I think some Politicians are very immature and irresponsible. Here's why:
    I changed my mind because I have heard of John Prescott. He punched someone in the face because they threw an egg at his face. This proves that some Politicians are immature, some don't have our trust.

  • I used to think that brexit wasn't going to happen because it just was getting delayed and delayed.
    Eventually after three long years Boris Johnson became prime minister and finally Brexit was accomplished.
    I now think leaving certain groups in the world and deals with other countries for the benefit of eachother can be done.
    I changed my mind because Boris Johnson proved that deals can be done.

  • I changed my mind because,At first I didn't like Boris Johnson because he let Brexit go on and I didn't like Brexit but then I changed my mind when he demanded for a general election.I was happy once Theresa May was no longer Prime Minister because Brexit was finally gone. However now I think,Boris Johnson is now a good man because he stopped Brexit [ what I use to hate

  • I used to think that politicians were nothing and just do European stuff but this website has told me that politicians are the people that make Britain the way it is now and without there decisions our country would be devastated!🇬🇧