#24 - Notes to the NHS

28 February 2020

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who took part this week - what a lovely outpouring of affection and gratitude for the NHS!

Our Primary winner is caring_crab of St. Luke's Primary School. They explained what they would say and why with great depth, and outlined the various reasons why the NHS is so important to us. Well done!

Our Secondary winner is fascinating_spring of Ormiston Bushfield Academy. They gave spirited praise to the NHS and their entry was a great example of speaking up for what they believe. Well done!

Look out for a new competition to be added shortly!

Your new topic is the Future of Health Care - and we're focussing on the National Health Service (NHS) and the challenges it faces, and how to overcome them.

One of the big challenges is looking after the people who look after us. There's lots of them - doctors, nurses, dentists, and more. Keeping us well is really important, and it's hard work!

Artist Andy Leek wanted to do something special to recognise the work of NHS staff, and so he started a poster project called Notes to the NHS. Andy asked people to make posters with positive and motivational messages to the people who look after us when we need it. Watch the fantastic video below!

This week's competition asks: If you could make a poster like this, what would you write and why?

Your poster might...

  • express your thanks for NHS staff
  • be motivational
  • tell them how much they matter

It must be a short, positive message that is that is about them, not you. Please do not include any personal information about yourself.

Watch the video for examples. If you can't think of something to say, choose a poster from the video that you like and explain why that message is important.

The competition closes on 28 February at 10.30am. Stars will be awarded at the end of the week. Good luck.

On my poster for NHS staff, I would write... "insert message here" because...

Comments (141)

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  • On my post for NHS staff, I would write thank you for helping the whole country get better if we are ill and thank you for caring for us even though it takes a lot of time and sometimes you even have to work in the night. It must be really hard doing all of that and still living your own life because you don't have much free time. Some people don't realise how hard it is to be a doctor/nurse/dentist and usually you don't get a lot of credit so thank you so much.

    I would write this because working in the NHS for any profession is harder than most jobs, but a lot of people who work in healthcare don't get credit because people don't know how hard it is to be one, and they've never learnt how. I think that if everybody trained to be in the NHS then a lot of people would give up because they would find it harder than their current job and they are not used to that. I think this message will motivate everybody in the NHS to carry on working and doing their job, because they now know that people are behind them, and supporting them. It would also make people feel proud and accomplished because people are actually thanking them for what they have done and not just taking them for granted to become well again. If people know that once you become a doctor/nurse you are well-respected and treated as equal, I think more people would want to join because they can see it can be a fun job to do.

    In conclusion, I think NHS staff need more respect and that is what I am trying to get across in my message. I hope it would have been motivational and inspiring, and a good way to express our gratitude and thankfulness for everything they have done. If we don’t do things like this, then people can feel left out because somebody else is getting credit that they deserve too, and it can be quite sad if people aren’t giving you credit for what you have done. Furthermore, it is nice to treat people by doing nice things for them.


    1. Replying to succinct_leave's comment. Your description is fabulous and I love how you thanked the NHS staff! Bless you!


  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write how they are everyone's super hero. I have chosen this because they save our life's everyday and every second we breathe. If it was not for them, we would have not been living for a very long period because at any time we could feel deeply ill.
    I would also like to quote that "whenever you are feeling like you should give up, remember why you have held on for so long ". This would help NHS staff in realizing why they are so important to mankind.


  • On my poster to the NHS would talk about how someone could make someones day because sometimes the people you need are right in front of you like.Nurses and Doctors you may think are for the money but I asure you they do this for the smiles because as you becoming this job requires medical school education and more so they can reach their dream but others.Another thing I would include is having someone you support you and understand the paid and Doctors and Nurses understand as they are legqlly qualified.This is how one person could change a life time
    Yours truly methodical_ocean

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write :
    Your smile touches lives,
    It makes a difference,
    I would write this because just a smile makes a difference and crosses all languages and disabilities. With the job they do, just being their and showing that they care with a simple smile is all it takes to make someone feel like they are being cared about. I think that it is important for NHS staff to feel appreciated and even their small actions such as a simple smile makes a big difference.

  • Thank you for your sacrifices you make to us and thank you for the support and advice you you give to us especially when there are things like the coronavirus and how you kept us safe and calm you really deserve anything great coming in the future

  • On my poster i'd write

    Your life saving surgeries save more than one person,
    They also save their friends and family.

    I would write this because every surgery, someone is out there praying for it to be successful. When it is, their hope returns and so is their own mental life. Someone is out there that cares for you in surgery. Their purpose of life would be gone if you weren't there. So each surgery, more than one life is saved.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write: you are saving lives and curing illnesses too, let's give a round of applause for the NHS and say thank you! This would be my sentence because without the NHS life would be extremely hard for you would have to go to another country to receive medical help and not all countries do it for free. The NHS is the reason why a lot of people aren't still ill today.


  • If I could write a poster to any of the staff ,who work for the NHS then I would write:

    'Medicines can cure, but a NHS staff's inspirational words can give strength to fight from within.'

    This to me, is really heart warming as this to me means that, it just doesn't take medicine to cure someone and help someone from what they are facing but if you inspire and comfort them it gives them the strength to overcome the challenges they may face/or may be facing and cure their anxiety.

    I would also write that ' Thank you for always being there and making our health much more easier to handle' to show how much of an impact they are to us.

  • On my poster, I would write:
    You take care of us so we'll take care of you! Thanks for being there with the NHS.
    I think that this motto/statement would help nurses/dentists/doctors/surgeons/GPs and more, as they can actually have feedback on what they do, which would help make them feel better seen as they work all day. It's kind of like giving back as they are always there for us when we need them. So, why not be there for them?

  • On my poster to the NHS staff. I would like to say thank you to all the ones who treat us when we are ill. Thank you for printing my prescriptions so I can take them to my local pharmacy and get my medication. You are the main reason I feel wonderful and joyful everyday! Thanks for all the times you be kind and respect us with care and love. You deserve the whole world for what you do. You save millions of lives every second,minute,hour and day! You always do the things that help us in the best ways.

    We get treatment for free. Not much countries take health for granted. Some countries don't have have doctors to treat them. The NHS service is outstanding and is trying everything to make a longer life for all humans. We get all of this and we are certainly lucky for the lives we have and the ways we get treated. Small actions can make a frown upside down. We need to try and make NHS staff feel appreciated even if they just checked up on us. The dentist who check up on our teeth, yes they are from the NHS. We are lucky to see a fully qualified doctor to check up on us.

    Every single staff working in the NHS service are our everyday superheros. They make our whole country better! Being a doctor isn't very easy. The ones who take their whole days to treat us is our NHS doctors. They are certainly life changers. They have big potential and that what makes us grin when we see them! All NHS staff deserve much better. They deserve more respect, money and love! The popular service do anything to their abilities and are very hard-working people. The profession of a doctor is obviously hard. It makes sense to be tired during your job but they hide their worries and smile which makes us smile! It's upset to post on instagram saying you feel better without giving credit to the doctor who treated you. Doctors go far and beyond when it comes to your health and it's not only you they see, they see people everyday. They make sure every beat of our heart is perfect and our breathing is on point!

    In conclusion, I would say NHS doctors deserve much more then what the get from day to day. I am super happy to go to my local GP and having a check-up for free! Thank you to all the doctors working on the behalf of NHS and Bless you and may all NHS staff fly to Heaven!


    1. Wow this took me a few minutes to read.i love this answer because it is just so powerful. You will definitely get a star

  • I would write :
    Thank you for being there
    when we all need care
    Sitting in a chair
    And helping us repair.
    I would write this because I think that if someone in the NHS saw this they will smile because it’s a thank you poem and it might make them be proud of them selves because they save lives everyday.

  • I would write:
    Patients are happy in hospital because NHS staff give their hearts to them.
    I would write this because NHS staff are friendly and kind and they show they have big hearts towards their patients, who may be about to take their last breath. Also, they even make someone's last breath a good one by making them smile and comforting them during an operation.

  • On my NHS (National Health Service) poster I would write Thank You and also talk about how they saved my grandma from dying because she had a lack of white blood cells and if it was not for you then I don't think I would be seeing her in front of me ever again. Their health care is vital to the United Kingdom and if at any point it gets sold to the president of the United States of America we cannot trust that everything being given to us is safe and the cost of drugs will grow increasingly fast, endangering the lives of people who cannot afford such things. When I was born, I was not breathing well and the doctors thought I would not have made it and my mum was going through a lot of stress and they managed to get me back to normal and keep my mom calm at the same time. For this I pay my tribute to the National Health Service but not for helping me but for helping me but for saving me and others too.

    1. (Edited) On my NHS (National Health Service) poster I would write Thank You and also talk about how they saved my grandma from dying because she had a lack of white blood cells and if it was not for you then I don't think I would be seeing her in front of me ever again. Their health care is vital to the United Kingdom and if at any point it gets sold to the president of the United States of America we cannot trust that everything being given to us is safe and the cost of drugs will grow increasingly fast, endangering the lives of people who cannot afford such things. When I was born, I was not breathing well and the doctors thought I would not have made it and my mum was going through a lot of stress and they managed to get me back to normal and keep my mum calm at the same time. For this I pay my tribute to the National Health Service but not for helping me but for helping me but for saving me and others too.

      1. Remember when you share information about yourself or others on the Hub, it's a public website so anyone can read it. It's fine for you to share if you'd like to, but you might like to check with your teacher or the person you are sharing information about before you comment.

        1. I will make sure that I do so next time.
          Thank You,

  • On my poster I would write: Thank you for sacrificing your mental health to fix others and saving their lives and altogether being saviours.

  • Thank you NHS for all the good things you are doing. On my poster to the NHS staff, I would write keep up the good work and thanks for making lives better because they are doing all the things they can and they are helping people for the better like when they helped both of my brothers. They are making a difference for so many people and they should keep doing that. NHS also puts a smile on people's faces everyday when they help save a life.

  • On my poster for the NHS staff I would write:
    You are the nations superheroes, you are the ones who save the lives of not only the patient but the family and friends. So I thank you for that. I would say this because the NHS saves millions of lives each year and help the friends and family through the difficult time. They are vital to the UK and everyone there. They are always there for you whether its an emergency or not. They are always there for you to talk to 24/7. Superheroes save lives of everyone no matter who they are just like the staff at the NHS. The NHS. I would make sure to thank them for all they had done.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    Sometimes just being near someone is enough to make them stronger.

    I would write this because sometimes there are not cures for every single illness and it would be easy for an NHS staff member to get disheartened and upset as they might feel like they can’t do anything to help and may end up feeling useless and like their job is meaningless. This message would be constant proof and reaffirmation that they are helping regardless of whether or not they can actually make someone better. It would be a positive reminder to both staff and patients that friendship and kindness are sometimes more than enough, especially when things are tough.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write "The time is always right to do something right" because it will inspire people like when Martin Luther King Jr. inspired the people around him to keep on going which is what the NHS staff might need help with, to keep on doing good things.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    Thank you for all the hard work you do. The world needs more people like you!
    This is because I could never understand how hard it is to work in the NHS. I am proud of my country and the NHS is part of the reason I am because of the time they take out of their lives for us.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    The NHS is more than a community: it is a family.

    I would write this because, in my experience (both my own and being around my brother when he has been in hospital), I feel like I was treated more like part of a family than just a patient. In my view, communities are quite transient whereas a family is a more permanent thing and this is how I see the NHS. I also think it would be quite a motivating message to see up on the staff room or in an office every day, simply as a reminder of the effect that NHS staff have on so many people’s lives.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    There is more to your job than just fixing someone’s body. Sometimes you need to fix their heart.

    I would write this because there are many people who use the NHS who are elderly or lonely or who have lost family members or people close to them. These people might not have anything much wrong with their bodies but that doesn’t mean that the NHS will just send them away. NHS staff are kind-hearted and listen to what these people have to say, and are even a shoulder to cry on in difficult situations. They are there for people when they need them, and I think this message would remind staff how important their job is, not just for the patients they treat but for the patients’ families.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    Keep sharing your smiles.

    I would write this as a reminder to keep smiling, laughing and being positive whatever they might face throughout the day. When I think about the NHS, I imagine positive, kind-hearted people who go out their way to make people’s lives easier, and I think it’s important that NHS staff know that this is how they are seen by a lot of people around the country. I think the NHS often feels underappreciated, especially when it comes to funding and government priorities, and I want them to know that I, at least, appreciate what they do.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    There is more to healthcare than medicine. There is all of you.

    I would write this message as a reminder to everyone involved in healthcare that everyone is capable of making people feel better. Sometimes building relationships and sharing and smile and a laugh are just as important as giving the right medicine, if not more so. I think it’s important to make sure that the NHS staff all feel valued by their profession and that they are reminded every day of all the ways in which they make people’s lives better. Not all illnesses can be cured, but that doesn’t mean that people’s lives can’t be improved. Without the NHS, which is accessible to everyone, there would be much more suffering and sadness and I think it’s essential that the staff know how much they mean to everyone.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    Superman’s got nothing on the NHS!

    I would write this message because the NHS staff are real life super heroes and what could be motivational that being reminded of that every single day. They help so many people, both physically and mentally, and go about this quietly without ever asking for recognition for all the amazing things they do. In my opinion, that makes them more of a hero than any super hero.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write how what they do helps lots and that they should not give up as what they do matters. I would write this because they should not stop helping others because they appreciate their work. It would also show that the patients care about the NHS's staff and that even the small things that the staff do can make a big difference. I would also write that the patients thank them for all that they have done for them. EG: Save someone's life. I would say how they are amazing and that we appreciate their work.

  • On my poster for NHS staff I would write:
    Sometimes the smallest piece is the most important piece in the puzzle.

    I would say this because I want every single member of the NHS to feel that they are important and have a vital role to play. Sometimes I feel that people who are less in the public eye can be forgotten and go unappreciated, and sometimes it is the people working behind the scenes that have the most difficult jobs. These people are needed to ensure that the NHS runs smoothly but, because they are not doctors and nurses, immediately involved in making patients better, they are forgotten about. I wanted to send a message to these people specifically to remind them that we appreciate everything they do too.

  • This is my poster, hope you consider.

    On my poster for the NHS staff I would write how there warmth and helpfulness to the problem and the cause. They come every day and if it wasn't for them, the NHS would not be functional and this country’s economy would crash down to rubble and burn on the dirty, pot holey ground. They are the sunshine they shines out of the gloomy, stereotypical British rain clouds that scatter the sky most of the time. They are that light at the end of the dimly lit musty and dark tunnel, they light our way from earth to heaven. Keep going, without you, we would not know what to do. Don’t stop, believing, hold on to that feeling. Your warmth is the only warm in this gloomy British weather. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you for reading,

  • my mums a nurse and she loves it but she finds it upsetting when people are sick and not going to make it when she tries her hardest so my poster would be about her fixing people and making sure they will make it instead of dying and make sure they live until old age death.But its ok if someone dies because its not possible to save everyone because its a way of life.

    Enigmatic koala

  • On my poster i would congratulate all the nurses, doctors and dentists for all successful checkups and surgeries they have helped with or lead. Then I would say that they deserve a lot more than they get in terms of money and respect. Some nurses and doctors have to deal with severe emergency and some people are very disrespectful to nurses and waste the time that they could be using to help people who need it most. Also, i don't think that their wages are equivalent to the work they do, i believe that they should get paid more than they do even though the NHS is going through troubles with their economy. And finally, i would write that they matter to everyone and without them many people would have died and many would be dying. Well done to all of the nurses and doctors of the NHS, you have saved all of us at some point.

  • If I was to make a poster about NHS. In my own words this is what I would write : You may hear this all the time but thankyou, you save lives. Lives that could have been lost. Without you we don't know where we would be, you complete us. When we are mentally, emotionally, physically ill or just even have the flu. YOU SAVE US. Nobody else, you. It is very appreciated, after treating a patient maybe you haven't got a thank you so I will thank you for them. I could never imagine a world without the NHS. As you may know NHS means National Health Service, but in my words it is 'Never happy solitary' Solitary means alone. Without the NHS we would be alone, sick and dying. But with the NHS we are always happy and never alone. They are with us every step of the way. (through recoveries and checkups) They have never let anybody down. Stand with the NHS.


  • I would put on it save our nurses. I would put this because everyday many nurses get insulted and abused for what they are doing to help other people. If you were a nurse you wouldn't want to be abused so why are people doing it to nurses as there trying to help you to get better

  • Dear NHS,
    Thank you for always been there for me when I need to go to to the doctors or to go for an MRI to check out the progress of my knee condition. Also I would like to thank the amazing staff for always been so friendly, generous ( when I sprained my ankle and the kind nurses gave me a cute teddy bear for free !!) and their kindness was always approved by my family and friends. By the way my knee appointment is in March so I'm looking forward to discuss the deterioration of the cartilage in my knee. In addition too this I am very grateful for the removal of my grandma's skin cancer and my great grandma's tumours in her legs, so thank you very much for your service.

  • For my poster I would write:
    When we are not at our best
    You help us get our rest
    And help us put up a fight
    Looking after us day and night
    Thank you for all you give
    And for helping us live
    What would we do without you
    And do not know but thank you!

    Thank you for reading

    1. what does 'helping us to put up a fight' mean?

  • Sorry this is carrying on from my comment.

    I would write this poem because I want them to know that what they do really really matters to people when they are sick🤒🤕.THANK YOU NHS!!😊

  • I think the NHS worked really hard for all England and and they don't even see there childrens

    1. ..and Northern Ireland, Scotland and wales!

  • I would write, 'Thankyou for everything, Thankyou for saving lives everyday and they have had a choice to work there to help and be there for people in need such as patients with cancer, and bad diseases or people that need serious surgeries. I don't think that the country thinks about the NHS enough and we do not appreciate them giving their best and their time to help the people that need it.'

    Thankyou for listening to my point of view to the NHS community.

  • On my poster to the NHS staff I would write "Superman cannot heal people. You are better than Superman." Because to be stronger than Superman would make anyone feel good about themselves. NHS staff ARE stronger than Superman.

  • On my poster for NHS staff I would tell them that I am SO thankful for what they do. They help people from all ages and get us through really tough times so I want to say on behalf of Britain THANK YOU👌

  • On my poster I would put just because your feeling down it doesn't mean you can't stop others from flying because staff could be worried about their patient but they know they will just keep fighting for them and doing as much as they can to help. NHS staff work for ages and they could see some traumatising things after let's say someone had a car accident and they could have bad injuries that don't look very nice.

    Some nurses/doctors don't get to go home very much and see their kids or their wife's or husbands. They might also be worried about their patients .

    This is my poster

  • Dear burnet news club, I have written a short poem to show them how much they mean to us.
    You guys are epic at what you do,
    Nobody else could follow through,
    You all do your best,
    And you barely get a rest,
    I'd like to say from the bottom of my heart,
    Thank you for being there from the start!
    easygoing_weaver thank you for reading!

  • When somebody say's your bad at your job don't listen because you know you're good at and you love your job

  • Your smile is a remedy and it brings out the best of me:that is what I would say to the NHS because their enthusiasm and resilience makes people feel good

  • I would write this:

    Dear NHS,

    I know some of you may feel like you don't have a purpose and you feel like nobody cares that your doing your best at your job. So I am writing to you to say one thing ...Thank you. You do have a perpose wether you clean the floor, escort the paitient or deal with little cuts or your a support worker. Your helping people get better. You should be proud, you may not get noticed but you have a place in the world and that place is the NHS. You matter in life and just know people actually need you. Without you people could've died.

  • If I had to create a poster for the NHS it would definitely thank them and say ''it's the little things that matters from you'' as they do everything from fixing broken bones to performing live saving surgery. Without the National Health Service things in life could go terribly wrong. It's unfortunate that in America you have to pay for any treatment or tests taken. There is no such thing as free hospital treatment in the U.S. All fees have to be paid for, either by you or your insurance company , even in a case of an emergency. After research I've realised how important the NHS is to us even if we don't go so much. Watching the video made me think about how hard it must be everyday for them as a job.

    My final message would be:
    Stay positive and its the little things we really care about!!!!!!

  • On my 'notes to the NHS' poster, I would write:
    I think this would be a great poster as it would remind the nurses, doctors, managers, technicians, supervisors, chief executives and other staff what their supreme goal is - to make the world a better place through medical support for physical and mental needs. This message would also elevate their probable moods of stress and tiredness, giving them the support so they can be the best they can be. This would be especially important when dealing with patients first-hand, sitting in a office replying to emails and creating spreadsheets or even managing a team- who YOU want to be the best they can be. Detailing the first section of my writing on my poster, 'KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO' means that whatever good YOU are doing in the NHS, keep it up because YOU are changing lives for the brilliant better!

  • The NHS are really heroes because they help save people with different illnesses even if they are contagious.

  • On my poster to the NHS, I would write, 'You help us rest, your doing your best!'. I would write this because it motivates and boosts confidence, reminding the nurses, doctors, dentists, managers and all of the other staff that whatever they do, they are doing it amazingly, even though they are in a situation where there isn't enough money to fund them, they are pushing through to do the best that they can through tough times. Everything that the NHS does, is to help others and I think that that is great so, NHS, thank you is all I have to say!

  • What I really like about nurses is that they give us things to care for us also they are working hard to weaken the new corona virus#coving
    To stop the virus from spreading so the health secretary should send them money to stop us from getting killed ,my heart really speaks out to all those nurses out there.🚫😷

  • On my poster for the NHS I would make sure that the colours are bright and bold so then if they were not having a good day maybe the colours would lift their mood up. Also I would always add supportive messages that will make them believe that the people who are taking care of will be ok.

  • On my notes to the NHS I would put.
    A life saved is a good life, Thank you and Keep it up!
    The reason for this is that they have actually saved me by giving me free epipens and giving me allergy tests so that I can be safe and have a good life. I am only 1 of the millions of people that they save. They make the world a better place and help the community they are making lives better just out of the kindness of their heart. They need to be given the money and support to do what they do forever.

  • My message would be: you do more than help us you save us and for that you should truly proud, you mean the world to us, you go through stress and pressure for us and for that we are truly thankful.
    I would write this because
    I would like to motivate and praise the NHS for everything they do. I feel the NHS often does not get enough credit for what they do. Without them we would be paying huge amounts of money for healthcare and treatment, many people in the uk would not be alive without the NHS. The NHS saves so many lives, if NHS staff were to read my poster I would like them to feel truly appreciated. They go through so much stress and pressure for us and for that I applaud them. I feel that posters like this will make the NHS staff feel valued and appreciated. I also want the NHS staff to feel happy and smile because as funny power said, 'a smile touches lives'. I think a poster like this is incredibly important when NHS staff are feeling down because when you are feeling down your performance is often less than usual, I would, as I said, like NHS staff feel valued, if the NHS staff feel valued and happy then they will make more patients happy. An NHS staff member might be really stressed but, I hope, when the look at this poster, there mood will change and they will feel motivated to 'do what they do' as genuine cat said.

    1. Wow you think of so many wonderful words about the NHS keep it up!

  • On my message, i would say thanks to the NHS, because they spend their time caring for us when we get hurt and we don't have to pay when we need it, but only when we want it.Without the NHS, a lot of people would be seriously injured and even dead. Also, the NHS don't get a lot of recognision for their work and they should be appreciated the most.Even though we don't have to give the NHS money, it doesn't mean we don't have to give appreciation to them. We should try to support them in their journey

  • My mum works for the NHS and every day she helps people to have a better life just like every other person in that organisation . I thank everyone that works for the NHS because of the amazing jobs they do and how they make everyones life that little bit better. Thank you so much

  • I would say you warm the world when were sick.

  • on my poster to the NHS i would put you make people feel better just by being there

  • I would like to enter in the competition

  • Personally I think that we should all show respect to the NHS. We should appreciate all what they do for us. They can even save lives! I would just say to them ' keep up the good work!'😊😀🤩

  • on my poster to the NHS i wouls say that they have made a massive difference to the world thank you

  • all i would like to say is : we appreciate your comfort so thank you

  • My Message the NHS would be “sometimes there just isn’t enough words to explain how great someone is”

  • My message to the nhs will be people in the world like us like to have the same treatement and to have a greate day

  • Be happy don’t let people get u down

  • Have you heard that a politician stole money from the government and spend it

  • My message to the nhs will be people in the world like us to have the same treatment and have a greate day don’t let people let u down

  • I’m so glad that we have this NHS because they was there for my Nan before she passed away. Thank you NHS

  • The nhs is the best because they help people just like my mum and even though they are struggling they do there best

  • Every one can eat some fatty food but they still have to eat healthy food

  • Do you like your job and do you like saving people’s lives

  • I agree with you busy squid because fatty foods are nice but you should eat more healthy foods

  • The nurses and doctors in the NHS are caring people that believe in the well being of every one of their patients, to make them smile and enjoy themselves and get through their illness, the NHS would not be the same without them.

  • Our health, you helped. Our lifestyles, you improved. Our lives, you saved.

    You’re time, you gave up for us.

  • On my post for the NHS staff, I would say how much of a difference they make to our country every day. I would express my gratitude to them for working around the clock to save peoples lives. I would also outline the fact that although they work overtime out of their own choice, they are not being paid nearly enough.

  • I would just like to say thanks to the NHS staff, knowing a lot of people working there with my mum working in the NHS, for being amazing. If I were to make this poster i would quote "one person caring can mean the world to many"
    I would say this because one nurse would obviously not only cater one patient, and them caring for one person could mean everything to them and that's why i would put this on my poster,

  • On my poster for NHS staff it would be, "Thank you for being there and helping us when we need you, you make our day when we are ill or hurt. You are like heroes to us, helping is get better and putting a smile back on our faces everyday. I don't know what would come to us if we didn't have you in our lives saving us." I say this because i want to make the NHS staff happy that people are looking out for them as much as they look out for us and that i want to praise them for their hard work that they do everyday. Also i don't think they get enough credit on what they do even when they are saving lives and how hard it must be for these NHS staff when people are depending on them to help or save someone.

  • If I made a poster for the NHS, it would go something along the lines of: They say teamwork makes the dreamwork, but at the NHS, anyone can be a hero!!
    i would say this, because everyone's job is important, and anyone could save a life.

  • I would like to start with a huge thanks for all the staff who do these life saving jobs.

    Over the years i have loved to see that my family members life have been saved because of the NHS. If it wasn't for them i would of lost my Great Grandad 7 years ago. Sadly i've got some tragic life saving stories about my syself, if it wasn't for the NHS i may of lost my life 6 years ago from an illness called SAD(Seasonal Activity Disorder) which isn't treatable at the moment but the medication i receive has made a big impact on my life.

  • On my poster to the NHS, I would write "You give us strength in our weakest times, what you are doing matters". This is because the NHS is a major part of most people's life, if you did not have private healthcare when you were born, you were brought into the world by the NHS. I think that it is important that the NHS get something back for the miracles they perform each day, these posters are perfect way to show that you care.

  • I'd like to say thanks to the NHS because they have supported and serviced our country for many years. It has helped people with all kinds of injuries. Some have been complicated but you have still managed it. The staff has been helpful and amazing and they are doing the best job. They have witnessed the sick in its worst form but its like a miracle.
    You should be proud of yourselves because you have done great things to help and you can do so much more so keep up the good work because it is brilliant. It means the world to the loved ones being healed thanks to you. You are in an important place in people's hearts.
    People are in need for you because you are the miracle makers of healing because people are healthy and fit because of you. You are involved in people's health and that's the best thing possible.

  • On my poster to the NHS i would write.
    The things you do to people is life changing
    they might not know it but when they go home thinking that they are safe
    They might of not said thank you but know they wanted to .
    You save lives.
    Thank you the NHS. Keep on going with your great health care.
    thanks compelling_mouse

  • I would write,

    Help us to help you,
    we are all about helping others but we need support to do what is so vital to our country. Everyone deserves good healthcare and we can provide this, but we need you to do your bit too. Thanks to us our population is living longer and healthier, but more funding is needed to help us support the population. 1.5million people work for the NHS to support the rest of us, so we must support them.
    Make a move, we will not be privatised but the current situation is not sustainable.

  • I would write THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING because they work into the night with no breaks
    creative leaf

  • In my message for the NHS staff i would say thank you for all your devotion and support because you have made the country better with all your skilly i cant say how much it means to me because a relative of mine had cancer and you helped save him.
    people really apreciate your help .

  • On my poster to the NHS I would put 'When I'm ill, you help, and I really appreciate that. Keep going with your epic work!'. I would put this because want to encourage doctors and nurses and everyone who helps the NHS run smoothly to continue saving lives. I also want to encourage others to join the amazing crew of NHS surgeons and doctors. I want to say a great big 'Thanks' to anyone involved in it.

  • I believe that the NHS is really good at their operations and get some more respect because how would it be fair if you were a nurse ad you got a patient that was really rude.Then your day gets worser would it be fair no so treat people with respect and also be helpful and thankful because you dont get to pay but others do in other countries.

  • If I were to enter a poster at "notes to the NHS" my message would be :

    Thank you to all those people who care for the people

    I would write this because the staff in the NHS are some of the people in the UK who save lives on a daily basis.

  • My note's purpose is to motivate them to do more because they have helped many people, and these could be anything, like a therapist as they are technically doctors who have fixed my, and many others emotions. My note would be "You are not only a friend, you are a supporter, a helper, a hero for doing what you are and for being here right now, helping numerous people.

    Now I'll explain.
    In my opinion they are a friend because they have helped you. I have met a therapist and when he said that the sessions will be ending he saw my face. I was sad because I did not only consider him a friend, I considered him as a friend to more than one person and a supporter to many. They also could be a presonate telling you to like yourself for who you are and not do surgery.

    I have said they are a hero because they help people from numerous illnesses or give them advice so the fact that they are doing this is changing lives. Once they made flu shots free. This job could be hard as succinct leaves said as they have to stay up overnight to look after patients and make sure the person is okay. I know sometimes they mess up and a person dies but it could be a hard job and that person who knows the patient just has to move on.

    I said thank you for being here right now as they are here for us, for everyone, even if it is the national healthcare service team. So I also wanted to thank them as well. They can not be everywhere, like in a plane crash to stop it from burning or help the people but they are here, on land, and that is all that we could ask for.

  • I believe that the NHS (National Health Service) should get more respect because they are the people who are healing everybody in the UK. I know this because if they are healing many people, rushing them and treating them badly would be a big mistake. This is because it will lead to when they are injured or badly hurt who is going to be able to treat them properly?

  • I would write on my poster:
    NHS you are really great, you save so many lives it is amazing how you do it! Keep it up we all thank you for helping us and making us feel better! One of my family had a operation and when she was healing you where making her experience better!I love you guys you are all helpful and make us all feel better when we have had a health problem! Keep it up your going amazing!
    By loyal_lobster❤️

  • NHS is a good place because it helps you and saves your lives

  • Well glad spring I also agree with you by saying people should stop smoking or it will cause cancer for others.
    If the people in the NHS see people smoking tell them not to

  • I would write on my poster :
    NHS is amazing, because they save so many lives!!

  • On my poster to the NHS i would say thank you for helping everyone when we are sick,hurt or anything! And even do it with a smile! When you smile it makes everyone else smile so thank you for spreading smiles and for all your hard work.

  • Thank you NHS for helping my sister with a lung full of fluid when she was born. Thanks a lot I really appreciate you helping lots of people.

  • If I made an NHS poster it would say thank you for helping me. you have always inspired me to be someone who can help other people and not just myself. When I'm ill and you all smile at me I feel like I fell straight into heaven. If I had to choose someone to create happiness it would be the NHS.

  • On my poster to the NHS i would right ......... What you do for people could never truly be thanked. You are amazing. Nobody saves lives like you do!!!! unparalleled_dove

  • Thank you NHS for all the lives you have saved.I don’t know what the UK would do without you! If there is a person in the world that does not appreciate the NHS then I would personally start a campaign to make them pay for there healthcare. All the doctors nurses and receptionists are so kind and caring. I just don’t know how they can deal with the pressure of having to move fast to save lives and put up with prank calls. I could never be able to deal with the pressure. I am so proud to be British! This is such an honour to not have to pay for healthcare!

  • My entry: “Try,Try,Try be inspired by the NHS!”

  • I would write: you make everybody feel better so thank you.

  • On my poster, I'll write somewhere along the lines with: "Thank you for helping over the years as you saved countless lives. Without your tremendous help, we wouldn't be cured, please carry on to inspire the people around the world as you did now- and carry on with your successful work and incite others!'' (Also, I'll shorten the words down on the poster.)

    1. I'll write this as the NHS saved numerous people in the UK and saved lots of lives- like a hero! Also, without them there would be less people around the world. Furthermore, they inspired most people to save lives like them. We are lucky to have the NHS.

  • On my poster: I would like to praise everybody who works in the NHS, they work and work with little pay just to keep us healthy. They know what they are doing and are some of the nicest people ever, they are so caring and hard working. Although although these people work as hard as they can, there is still so many people to help and so many places available, they are helping us all and are very important in keeping us happy and healthy.

  • I would write WE ARE GLAD TO HAVE YOU
    because if it weren't for them loads of people with serious medical injures would have not survived.They help us, entertain us and of course, what everyone thinks and which is the most nicest thing about the NHS is that they support us.GOSH(Great Ormand Street Hospital) is part of the NHS but it's for children which has help the children there and that is because the NHS have a big heart and they want to make sure we are safe and healthy.So that's all the reason's why we should be thankful to the NHS and from me NHS,THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • The NHS.





    Of hardworking, committed, intelligent individuals who go that one step further.

    In order to provide us with FIRST CLASS healthcare in the UK that even the US envies.

    Trump that!

    1. In an NHS poster, I would include a short but impactive message, for instance, ‘NHS: saving lives since 1948’.

  • I think that the NHS is doing a great gob to help people suffering cancer, broken thumbs, broken arms broken eyes💋

  • I would write thank you for being there when we are in need ,the people who work everyday to save lives are Heroes without capes. We are so grateful for having you we just want to say 😊

  • Cowes-logo-250x250.jpg interesting_koala | Cowes Enterprise College 27 Feb 2020

    For my post I’m going to say that not many people realise how hard people have to work in the NHS especially when their understaffed and really busy. Most of the time they don’t stop all day and then you never get a thank you from people even though they have worked their hardest for you.

    People also give them a hard time as they over exaggerate about their injuries and waste their time while they could have someone who is more important. Most NHS workers don’t get payed enough so they have to work more and do extra costs so they can afford to live.

  • On my poster I would put...
    The NHS needs employees, to fill out everyone’s medical needs

  • If I were to make a poster explaining why the NHS is important to me, I would write ‘You’re amazing, keep doing your thing’. I would write this because, even though they’re short of staff, all the NHS employees come to work positive and wanting to help every patient they see. They will always do their best to save every person.

  • Many work for the NHS and it is one of the biggest job suppliers in the UK! It is vital that we cherish it and love it. I believe that the NHS is incredibly important for our country and our lives in England.

  • I think that the NHS employees are amazing and I and I am very thankful because they heal those who have the most life threatening illnesses.
    Thank you

  • This is a great topic with many answers. On my post for the NHS I would say thank you for being helpful and making us better. I don't know where I would be without you. You have saved lives and you must feel great about it. Who would save lives if you couldn't? From migranes to broken arms to cancer and heart disease you are always here to help.

  • My poster would say; Some contries own fossil- fuel -using companies, some build buildings that eat up the skyline. We have the NHS.There always there for us with a smile on their faces. Its not a job to work for them...its a honour!

  • My letter to the NHS would be:
    Dear staff of the NHS,
    I'd like to thank you with your cooperation to try save people's lives.Many patients have came in dreading with pain and you try your very hardest to help them recover and i dearly respect that.In November,my mother had a heart attack while i was preparing for school and i urgently began alerting 'MUM' repeatedly,My dad had heard and began to call 911.The ambulance have arrived within 2 mintues and that skill is very useful.They had the whole team on there trying to server her and although they didnt,they tried they absolute hardest to save her and I respect that.Some doctors stay up all night trying to save a single patient.Even though sometimes it will get hard and rough,just remember you could be saving someones love.

  • On my poster for NHS staff, I would write:
    NHS thank you for saving many citizens. Thank you for inspiring people and helping out.

    I would write this because the NHS has saved many citizens (people) around the world/ helped many people in the world. Also, the NHS inspired many people across the globe as you saved mutiple people and healed them too.

  • my poster would say...…

    Nhs helps everyone
    Help can be always provided thanks to you
    Satisfaction can spread across the country
    thank you
    I wrote this to show how helpful they are and how much the country appreciate your help

  • My poster would say; Being part of a country that wants to help people is amazing, what the NHS does for our country is not easy but they still manage to save lives.

  • you should always think before you say anything or text

  • i was never liked the news but now iam in love with it

    1. Great!

  • I was supposed to write
    I would write to the NHS on my poster:
    Thank you for tacking care of everyone in the UK. even with low staff they still do a good job at helping 66.44 million people

  • do you guys enjoy saving peoples lives and taking care of them

  • On my poster I would mention thank you. I would mention this because the NHS staff spend their time curing unwell patients with medical conditions. I personally believe they deserve a thank you as they are available and accessible when you require treatment.
    Also they are very hard workers. I say this because they attempt their very best attempts so you can improve from your illness. They spend their night treating unwell patients which I believe is very hard as it would take difficult work to stay awake and treat all night. In my opinion this is a very complex job to be a doctor/nurse/dentist.

  • On my poster to the NHS my slogan to appreciate them would be: Going above and beyond for everyone.

    I have chosen this slogan as I feel it embodies what NHS staff do in their job. For instance, NHS staff sacrifice their home life to do long shifts in the night time as well as the daytime. This includes family time and their own physical and mental wellbeing. Not only do they demonstrate their clinical skills but they also show compassion, empathy and commitment in everything they do. Also it is often highlighted in the media that healthcare staff receive mediocre salaries which does not justify the amount of effort they put into their job. Staff do an amazing job with the limited resources they are given. Their support, understanding and expertise is greatly appreciated. We are very lucky to have free healthcare in the U.K and should be mindful of the NHS staff who are making a difference in our lives.

  • On my poster to the NHS, I would write "When life gives you equipment, you make our lives improve!" I would say this as the NHS is an essential and beneficial service to have, and without them, our money would be diminishing while private hospital's money would be largening. Another reason why I chose my original quote is that it is true that the NHS has been provided with equipment and entities that improve lives, just like people with Cancer, Diabetes ad many more, and for what price? Very little. This shows that we should appreciate what the NHS does for us and if you have an appointment and there is a lengthy waiting list, imagine how much things they are doing for you for such a little price, some as little as nothing. In other words, the NHS system is like a mirror for some. For example, people who do not work do not give anything to the NHS for a long time, which causes a waiting list due to lack of available doctors and money, they do not get anything in return for a long period whereas if you give something earlier, the waiting list would be sped up due to your contribution, meaning they give you something back earlier. Therefore, even if it practically nothing, the NHS try their very best to improve over about 7/10 of 100 million people. In conclusion, the point I'm trying to make is that we should be thankful for the NHS what they have done to improve our lives.

    Thank you for reading, memorable_orchard.

  • My poster would say how much we appreciate them and all the things they do for us and that it is amazing a person would give up their time and do a job to help people and make them feel better and the fact they do this for a living. There so many major things that have happened that you have solved and some of us may not be here if it were not for you guys to be around to save from anythings from Diseases, broken bones, and much much more. You guys and the best and I think it is important you know that. Sometimes you do not even get paid enough as we have seen, but you guys keep going and continuing with your thing.


  • My poster would say:
    God couldn't be everywhere so that is why he created Doctors and nurses. You do so much for us and you have our backs but do we have yours? No. A little message from me to you... You brought us to the world and we have lifelong responsibility to help you up when you fall and praise when you are living with your dreams. Just remember you where there for us and we will be always here for you!
    - Determined_orange

  • On my poster, I would say,
    ‘Helping the future on step at a time’
    I would say helping the future, because the NHS provides us with our health and keeps us safe. You could say this as helping your future, because without them, we wouldn’t be what we are now!
    I put one step at a time because he NHS may be having some difficulties, but are still figuring out how to help us.
    We are extremely proud of our doctors for doing this because they saved our lives.
    Thank you NHS for fixing us and helping us out! The United Kingdom is very proud of what our country has become!

    1. i agree with what you are saying entertaining_strawberry England is happy about it and other people around the world are happy with it as well

    2. On my poster,I would say. Helping the NHS to make the appointments to be less than 4 hours.

  • On my poster I would write

    If you had a poor family member would donate to help them most likely yes
    But you only donate to family and friends and no one else
    What if I said we are all family so you should donate to the NHS so they have money to help your unknown side of your family
    Only YOU can help them
    Only YOU can save them
    Please donate as little as £1.00 to help save them

    I would write this because the NHS is at a low position and are struggling to pay for foreign medicine to help the poor souls that are sick right to the bone

  • i think that NHS helps in the uk the most because most times it is for free but in other countries sometimes it is not for free like a broken leg would be 10000000 pounds but for us it is free unless if you want it to be privet then you have to pay

  • i love how we have 100000 of people to help with are illness and broken parts of are body all over the world and they work very hard for us to get better really soon and they really really care for us

  • On my poster I would say 'Making miracles for everyone' . I would say this because the NHS make lives better for everyone, whether it's handling a complex surgery or even if its just a little talk about how you're feeling, whether it's 999 or 111, they are always here to help. Even though they are suffering from staff shortages, our GPs , doctors , nurses, dentists and all our other medicine crew are helping people everywhere . We are very proud of our National Health Service - keep it up and let me remind you that billions of people love you, includng me!

  • I think it is a good idea to make a poster and mine would say something like
    "Protecting us and our health, NHS."
    I said protecting us because they are, if there is a problem and we faint or have a heart attack sombody could call 111 (the NHS phone line) or 991, but if it is not so major the NHS will usually give advice and if it gets worse over time you can call them again and say this has continued and I think I might need medical assistance or something along those lines.
    I also said protecting our health because they do, as a superhero does not get paid to protect people to they? We do not pay the NHS to help us, everything is free except the prescription which I think is ridiculously expensive as for old people the prescription is for £80 and a younger person for £10.
    I added NHS at the end to tell people what the company name actually is so people know who to support or donate to. The British people are very proud of the NHS for the amazing work they do and I am proud aswell. Thank you for listening.


  • On my poster ,I would say,
    Thank you for the time and care you have put out into this world.You have inspired me and a lot of others.Everyone is proud of the NHS.

  • save people their inesent people are dead because people are suffering of this madness!😒😒

  • If I did a poster, I would write that the NHS should :1 be paid a better salary*1, 2 they should have more people contributing themselves to work .
    *I say this because they wok so hard constantly and help everyone so much.

  • i also think other people should help the NHS to help the illness and new disease like the corona virus and may be new things in the future which could be deadly and we need to apprentice it and help the NHS because they need help and if we help we can make the world a brighter place and we can save a lot of lives because the more people the more lives we can save all together and stop lots of illness's that are really strong

  • on my poster I would say
    thanking them for helping people in need
    for staying bright and making your dreams come true (for becoming a part of NHS)
    for making other people's dreams come true
    for making us feel happy
    and for thanking them for being a part of the one and only NHS

  • On my poster i would write,

    You work hard day and night
    You dont give little kids a fright
    You save people from looking into the light
    So we would like to say

    Thank you for all you do!!!