#31 - Say it in Seven!

17 April 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Winners announced!

Thank you for all of your Easter holiday entries! It's great to see so many of you still taking part outside of term-time.

Our Primary winner is willing_flight of Arnhem Wharf Primary School, who contributed seven very well-chosen words. Also, in their optional task, they showed open-mindedness when explaining which was most important. Well done!

Our Secondary winner is amusing_bee of Highdown School, who created a short but powerful sentence to describe the importance of the news. Well done!

Stay tuned for our next competition going live soon!

Why is the news important?

This week's challenge is to answer this question in just SEVEN words!

Seven words? That's impossible, surely? Not for the Burnet News Club!

You need to boil down your thinking and be ruthless in picking only the words that represent their opinion best. Choose your words carefully!

You can either connect your words to make a sentence that flows, or choose seven individual words that represent your thinking.

Just seven words is all you need to enter this week's competition.

However, as an OPTIONAL extra challenge - work out which ONE word of your seven is most important to your answer, and explain why. This is optional though - to be in with a chance of winning you just need to give your seven words.

We'll announce the winners on Friday 17th April. Good luck!

Example: "My seven word answer is..."

Comments (40)

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  • My seven word answer is...... Keeps us informed about world current affairs.
    The most important word is 'informed' because otherwise we wouldn't be loaded with information about what is going on in the world.

  • Care, safe, protect, kindness, anxiety, bravery.
    I think the msot the importnant word from those seven words is bravery. Since the Corona Virus spread,the gover ment said to keep home mostly at all times. It has speeading faster and faster and deaths are becoming higher and higher. The virus has killed many people doctors and scientists are trying to find the cure for it. The Virus isnt new to many other countries. The virus killed 30,000 people in spain laat time. The cure is still unknown. We all have to stay brave because of it. It will end. We have to pray and hope dor the virus to end. Thank you for reading

    Yours sincery,

  • My seven word answer is ‘it gives information about the outside world’. The word in my answer that is most important to it is ‘outside’ because the news gives information about what’s happening in other places other from inside your home; the news doesn’t just tell you what’s happening with you and nobody else, it’s telling you about the outside world outside of your home.

  • My seven words are...
    So I think the most important is change because when you get information from any type of source, you feel like you have to change and do what the news is telling you to do. However, it could be information because it helps you and gives you the power to know what is happening around you. So I think the most important word is... Information!!!!

  • My seven word answer is 'So you know about around the world'. I believe that the world is the most important word because is shows that news is worldwide.

  • to see whats happening in the world.

  • My seven-word answer is :
    ' The news gives us something to debate on .'

  • True information about the world's daily happenings.

    about daily

  • This is Question is for the NHS:My seven word answer is: How are you coping with Coronavirus? The most important word/words are how and coping because how is asking like what are you feeling like happy,sad,nervous etc. And the reason I chose why those words are important it because it is kind of asking how do you feel with helping clients with the Coronavirus and it means all of that but only in a few words not like a massive descriptive paragraph it is just only six words which is good! That is the end of my entry!
    By loyal_lobster❤️ Good luck everyone!!!

  • My seven word answer is...
    It gives people information and connection globally.

    I think the most important word in this is "globally" because in some cases the news unites people from all over the world and allows people to be interested in other peoples' lives even when they're not in the same country. It shows connection.
    Additionally, the word "information" could also be seen as important because it suggests important facts people might need, like updates on other things or warnings on not to go somewhere if it is dangerous.

    *Happy Easter :)

  • News is important because of information. My most important word is information as it helps you with everything because without it you might not know everything you need to.

  • My seven word sentence is: 'During this time we need helping heroes.'
    In my opinion, helping is the most important word because we all need to work together to fight coronavirus. We can play our bit by making sure we wash our hands and follow the government's advice in order to limit the spread of this deadly virus. This won't kill the virus completely, but it can help lift the weight off of the NHS as the number of patients coming in for coronavirus will reduce.
    Stay safe,

  • This is my seven word answer: the news updates us with current affairs. The most important word for me is updates because it tells us the latest information about what's happening in the world .

  • Here are my seven words for this weeks competition:
    - Powerful
    I think that the word 'Inform' is the most important word because if the news didn't inform us, then what would the news be? It is also an important word because without it, we wouldn't know what was going on and what we could do to help the situation. Information is key in the news as it tells us what is going on in the area where we live or somewhere else in the world if it is a world crisis or pandemic -like COVID-19.

  • Avoid the blues; stay up with news!

  • My seven word answer is... Public, Communication, Evidence, Information, Warning, Instruct, Advise.

    The word I think that is most important is 'Public'. I think this because it represents telling or letting the people of the world know what is happening. It tells them if they have to do something or not do something in particular because of 'change of law' and as proven today; whether people need to go into lockdown. It is important that the public get this information because otherwise they do not know things that they need to. The news is a very effective way of sharing facts and evidence so the public have it. Like I said earlier, it can be a way of both sharing information, and communicating to people around the world. It also spreads information quicker.

    This is my seven word answer. Thanks,


  • News- bringing intelligent people together since 10,000 BC.

  • News: informing more cultured people every day.

  • My seven word answer is... “Update,wrongs,rights,public,health,safety,talk!”
    Update-I put update because the news informs us when something new happens, for example when a new law is put!(i know that doesn’t happen often)
    Wrongs-I put wrongs because as i said before the news updates us when there are new laws or rules we have to follow.Wrongs has two meanings, the second thing it means in my 7 word sentence is that when something bad happens or someone is hurt or someone is put into prison/jail, the news usually tells us about that!
    Rights-Rights is the opposite of wrongs but I put it in there for a different reason!I put it in there to show human RIGHTS.The news usually tells us about protests and debates that happen- people are trying to earn there are people trying to earn there Right!
    Public- Public i put in there for pretty much the same reason as update, the news updates the public about important events!
    Health-Health just represents health!With all that’s happening now there is a lot of talk about how to stay healthy!Remember to wash your hands!
    Safety-Again with all that is happening now Safety is very keen to the news!Safety is almost the same as health- you need to keep safe and to keep safe you need to stay healthy!
    Talk-Talk is the last one!Talk represents how people talk about the news!Some people even debate if what’s written in the news and quoted a good idea to do!There have been many debates later last month about if we should stay in schools or not, that was written in the news!

    I have different opinions about what is the most important!For right now i think the most important would have to be safety because there is a lot of talk on how to stay safe and everyone needs to be informed about it!But on an average day, i would say that the most important in the news would have to be update, the citizens of the UK need to stay updated on situations.If the news did an article about (this is made up by the way) the Queen lost her crown, i would need to stay updated, i would have lots of questions the next few days like if she found her crown or do they know what happened to it?You cant just leave an important article without an explanation and update!

  • My seven word answer is: "it informs us about updates and things."

    1. The most important word, out of the seven words I have chosen, must be "informs" as the news informs us about new things happening globally and some positive things. But the word "updates" must be the most important word out of the seven, as it tells us about new updates happening around the world.

  • My seven word answer is: "keeps us updated about things happening globally."

    1. The most important word (out of the seven words) must be "globally" as globally means around the word and the news tells us things that is around the world/ across the globe.

  • My seven word answer is: 'Keeps us aware of happenings in society'.
    I think the most important word is 'aware' because it means we know what is happening in the world around us, whether it be positive of negative. It means we know of any possible dangers, changes or precautions emplaced- which is important during times like this.

  • My seven words are: Help, NHS, Coronavirus, Care, Understanding, Independent and illness.
    I think the most important word I have chosen is 'Understanding' because in times like this we need to understand that we should stay inside to prevent the chance of getting the coronavirus. And I am sure we are all scared and worried about the coronavirus, and if we can understand that we need to follow these important rules. It doesn't matter who you are, any illness (including the coronavirus) can spread to you and your family. So by understanding these important rules we can all stay safe.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is eight words.

  • My seven word sentence is ” save lives by playing by the rules.”
    I said this because if you do what medical community are advising information about COVID-19, you will be safe from the virus. But if you break the rules, such as:
    - Going outside to do unnecessary stuff
    - Meeting people from different places
    - Eating at public restaurants
    - And other things you don’t need to do.
    Almost 1000 people die every day, so doing what’s listed above can increase the number of people that die everyday, making England an abandon country. And it would be all YOUR fault!😳So do as we are all advised to save lives.

  • Hello,
    My seven words for this week's competition are:
    Burnet News Club: Read, Think, Speak, Reward
    My one word is: Speak
    I chose my seven words to be the above because this is exactly what you do at Burnet News Club. You read the task/competition, think about what you are going to comment, comment it and then you will get rewards like stars or trophies if your comment is good.
    I picked 'Speak' to be my one word because it is very important that you do so otherwise everyone else will not know what you are thinking. Also, it is good to have an opinion on everything you hear and see because only then we would know wether you like things or not, and speaking is vital to communicate, unless you use sign language.

  • My seven words are


    I think that the most important words I have chosen are home and thankful. I have chose home because at this time we all have to stay at home so we don't get coronavirus and the meaning of home is somewhere safe and secure our health care workers are looking after our home (the UK) and our community. I chose thankful because I am very happy that everyday each health centre are a step closer to finding a cure to the coronavirus and I am saying thank you to all the people who are risking there lives for us.

  • My seven words are,
    Keep yourself updated with news around you.

    My most important word in this sentence is 'updated'.
    This is because we should keep ourselves up to date as this may help us with our everyday lives. For example, say if a solution was discovered and then televised on the television you could follow that and maybe save your own and many others's life.

  • My seven words are: Update us about what’s currently going on.

  • My seven words to answer this are:
    Because it allows us to be informed.
    The most important word in this sentence is informed. For example if you never read the news, or did anything to look at the news there would be a chance you might’ve not known about Covid-19. And with this happening you can get fined for lingering around the street and with not knowing about this there’s a chance you could be fined and most people would not believe you if you said, “I never knew there was a global pandemic”. So informed is the most important word in those seven words.

  • My 7 words are:


    The most important word out of this collection is 'Informative'. The reason I chose this word is because it keeps you updated with what is going on around you, which of course is what the news is supposed to do. No one knows what is going on unless you hear it from some kind of reliable source. For example, you probably wouldn't have known that there was an attack, possibly in your area of residence, unless you were informed and aware of it.

  • I forgot to add the last of my seven words and the last one is: Public

  • Keeps us updated on the world events.

  • The news supplies you with important information .

    I believe the important word is supplies . This is because it shows that the news gives you information .

  • The news is so important because we can know what is happending in the world and if we did not have the news alot of people could of gone outside and catch the coronationvirus

  • My seven words answer is: we would be oblivious to the world
    I chose oblivious because we would be unaware of what is going on in other places in the world and knowing helps us to prepare for the things to come and offer help to those in need

  • My seven word answer is…, News expands our knowledge of the world. In this sentence knowledge is the most important word because, in order to expand your knowledge, you can watch the news as it tells you about the current affairs, the good news and the bad news, as it informs us of all the things that are going on in the world. To watch the news is to learn things about places that are close to you or far away from you. The news expands your knowledge and it keeps you in touch with important facts that tell you about other places in the world. I think knowledge is important because it is what we use in everyday life and to expand your knowledge is to share your knowledge with the people that want to learn. Knowledge is important as it shows us what we want to know and news shows us important information that helps us understand what is going on in the world.

  • My seven word answer is: It informs us of many current affairs. I think this is important because if we did not know about current affairs then lives could be put at risk. For example people might go to places where protests are going on and are therefore risking themselves. If the news did not inform us of current affairs then we would not have a vast understanding of the world and what goes on around it. Take the Hong Kong crisis for example: without the news airlines might not have known not to fly there. Without much knowledge of the world around us we do not understand how many actions impact others. For example you might see on the news what pain and agony murder causes and then decide not to ever think about doing it. I think the most important word in the seven words is informs because that is what the news does. It informs us of what is happening around us. If there was no news then farmers etc would not know when to harvest their crops. I agree with insightful orca, knowledge shows us what we want to know. Without the news we might develop curiosity, something that is vital in life, we might not know our place in the world without the news. Building on one of insightful orcas points, if you share your knowledge with other people their understanding will grow, yours will and bonds might be developed. If we did not know about current affairs then we might not be able to develop an opinion on different things such as whether or not Britain should intervene in the Hong Kong crisis. An opinion allows you to question the world arounds you in many different ways.

  • My seven words would be:

    'The News, the mother of the World.'

    I chose these words because the News is quite like your mother as you learn many things from them, and if a mother was not there, it would affect the child terribly as they would not realize that the things they are doing are in the wrong. Therefore, the News is important as the world's fate relies on them, quite like how a child's would with a mother. Also, a mother is important as they even made a whole day to celebrate their actions called, 'Mother's Day'. The news is the mother of the world and not just one country as you can use the term 'World' in different perspectives. The world, as in the 7-8 billion people of the world, as in Earth, the planet. The news does take care of the world because the stories they tell every day does have an impact on the environment. Not only does going home and watching TV already discourages the person from doing an activity that hurts the environment, but the news encourages people to look after the world as if they talk about it, many people are going to do it as watching the news is very popular. The word I think is the most important out of my selection is 'Mother', because when you hear the word Mother, you think many things. For example, you would feel sadness for losing the news as you would feel melancholy for losing your mother. Therefore, the word Mother is important as it is a precise, common and simple way of describing the News - Important.

    Thank you for reading.
    By: memorable_orchard.

  • My seven word answer is: 'It informs you what is relevant now.' This is an important trait of the news, showing how critical a news story or event is. For example Sky News can't just take a whole 5 minutes out of Corona-Virus reporting to show a random dog doing some hand-stands! They need to set an example of what is more critical and relevant to the current time. I think that sometimes people forget that news reporting is not simple and requires a particular way of presenting to be accurate and show importance of the story.