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My competition links to the issue about ‘Arts’. I would challenge people to pick one art piece... #44 The competition competition 23/7/21
I think the the odd one out is Dean. Their situation is a bit different to the others because... #43 Odd one out 16/7/21
One piece of advice I would give to to someone who has been cancelled is do something you love.... #42 Good advice 09/7/21
I think that picture B represents cancelled culture because its shows a person trying to fight... #41 Picture this! 02/7/21
Recipe for justice: Equality, Fairness, Access, Diversity, Participation and Human rights.... #40 Recipe for justice 25/6/21
I agree with ‘Opinion C’ because others feelings are valuable and to get your point across you... #39 Pick one! 18/6/21
I nominate ‘eager_reflection’ to get an award for creativity because they are consistently... #38 The BNC Awards! 11/6/21
I took the quiz and found out that ‘listening’ comes most naturally to me. This skill is... #37 Skill quiz! 04/6/21
I would be a ‘Renewable Energy Scientist’. I would be this so that I could help the environment... #36 Work for the world! 28/5/21
My rule would be ‘use renewable energy’, this would help slow down climate change because it... #35 Make a rule! 17/5/21
‘Rebirth the Earth to its former glory’, I would caption the image this because the earth is in... #34 Caption this! 14/5/21
For my project, I would build a machine that converts the polluted air into oxygen that is... #33 Invention test! 07/5/21
I live in England, that is located in the UK (United Kingdom), and I think that it is known for... #31 Start the conversation! 23/4/21
I watched Pippa Allen-Kinross answering the questions because fake news is everywhere and it is... #30 Expert knowledge! 16/4/21
On a scale of 1-10, I think that the importance of numbers in the news is 8. I think this... #29 Share and compare 09/4/21
I agree with fact 1 because fake news can cloud peoples judgment about the pandemic upon us and... #27 Pick a side! 26/3/21
I think that richer countries, such as the UK, should give 5% of their COVID-19 vaccines to... #26 A fair share? 19/3/21
Children are allowed back at school which gives them a chance to further their education along... #25 The other 10% 12/3/21
The number that is important to me is 8th because on the Monday 8th of March 2021 all schools in... #24 Numbers in the news! 05/3/21
Protests are about equal rights and fighting for what’s right. #23 Ten or less! 26/2/21