#3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced!

30 September 2019
Weekly Competition #1

Openmindedness for competitions

patient_truth and allowing_huckleberry

Well done to everyone who entered this week and took the time to explain their reasons for their decisions. We loved the answer from allowing_huckleberry who used excellent reasoning to explain how power linked two of the pictures. There was excellent open-mindedness and an original perspective from patient_truth. Well done!


This week's competition requires Open-Mindedness and Reasoning.

Look at pictures A, B and C above. Which one do you think is the odd one out?

The very best answers to 'Odd-one-out' find similarities between two that the other one doesn't have.

Remember, the answer could be A, B or C - there is no right or wrong answer! We are looking for creative and imaginative ways of looking at these three images. Go beyond the obvious and try and think of a reason that no one else has thought of.

Make sure you explain your answer with good reasons and keep an open-mind. There may not be a 'right' answer here so we want you to look closely or creatively, and give reasons for your choice.

Winners will be announced next Friday 27th September. Good luck!

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