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I choose,'73% OF PEOPLE WOULD PAY MORE TO SAVE THE NHS' because UK people are very proud of the... #25 - Behind the Headlines - Winners Announced! 05/3/20
I think some politicians deserve more respect because Theresa May was hated just because she did... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 07/2/20
I would make the rule that politics would have to bring research for there comments they say at... #20 - What One Change....? 30/1/20
I chose justice. When I see this word it makes me think of someone who works at a police... #19 - Concept Comments 24/1/20
i would ask Jeremy Paxman are you scared of anyone thats interviewed you? I'd want to know this... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 16/1/20
I think that a space doctor is the most important job because it could also help the engineer... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 13/12/19
I think that the 5th development is the most important because if people are in danger and they... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 06/12/19
I would send a message saying we need to stop using so much of earths money on projects for... #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 26/11/19
i agrree #12 - Message in a Rocket - Winners Announced! 26/11/19
I think A is the most appropriate because its only adults that can be heard for what they want... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 08/10/19
Dear Dairy Its been weeks on end now and China has not stopped.Im proud though that my... #4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced! 03/10/19
I think that C is the odd one of the group because A and B are put in to perspective that you... #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 26/9/19