#1 - Roving reporters

11 September 2020

Skill Description Competition Speaking

Thank you to everyone who entered this week! It's a pleasure to see so many brilliant reasons for your choices.

We announce two winners each week, and they are:

Healthy_satsuma of Birchwood Primary School, who outlined three clear reasons why reporting on wildlife would be their choice. These were all well-explained and showed an awareness of the impact that reporting on something could have.

...and spiritied_insect of Braiswick Primary School, who based their reasons around the learning they could do if they reported on the American election, and showed good knowledge of what would be involved.

Well done to both of you and for everyone who took part. Look out for the next competition published shortly!

Welcome to the first competition of the year!

For those new to the Burnet News Club, a new competition is added every Friday and we choose two winners. They're a really fun way to get involved on the Hub.

Each competition is linked to a particular skill, so they're a great way to win stars too!

You can always find it in the orange box on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Ready for this week's challenge? Here goes...

Roving reporters are people who go from place to place reporting on the news. They're the people you see sending back reports to news studios from exciting places!

If you were a roving reporter, what kind of news would you love to report on and why?

You might like the idea of...

  • covering news from a particular place - like the US election
  • reporting on particular events, like the Olympics
  • being a reporter for a particular topic, such as "the environment" or "business"

Example structure:

I would like to be a roving reporter on.... because...

We're looking for answers with really well-explained reasons.

The competition closes at 12.30pm on Friday 11th September. Good luck!

Comments (43)

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  • I would like to be a roving reporter on the US election because a few years ago when Donald Trump was elected as president, I didn't understand what that meant or what it was, so I want to learn more about the election.

    It would be fun to hear other peoples opinions and share my own through interviews with people because I like talking with people and its really fun (for me) trying to convince them.

    A lot of things come under/in the US election. For example, in the US election there is protests so I could report on that and share my opinions with the viewers (people watching the news).

    I'll make another comment if I want to add more

    1. Hi spirited_insect, certainly some great reasons to be a roving reporter, you mentioned in the US election there are protests, can you share an example?

    2. I want to be a roving reporter about sport because it is fun

    3. I really like your comment because you've got a lot of detail in it and l love reading your comment it's really good

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on the environment , because I think its a big issue in the world , and being the next generation , we need to shape the world in what we want it to be in the future . and by helping our animals , our ocean and our world is one step closer to making the world a better place .

    we have three massive issues in the world and those issues are , climate change / the environment , inequality and poverty .

    thank you for taking your time and reading this triumphant_tambourine.

    P.S this is a new news club account

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on the Arts because I love reading articles in books and newpapers because you can be creative in your own way for an example a play is part of the Arts, a drawing is part of the Arts, even a TV show is a person being creative in their own way. My favourite part of the Arts is dance even though I don't dance professionally it just gets your heart beating and it makes everyone's mood brighter and happier, I didn't really get involved about the Arts topic I don't know why but that was on my old account outstanding_turkey but I really enjoy the BNC.

  • If I was a roving reporter, I would like to write about the American Election because I loved watching Joe Biden doing his speech, and it is just so interesting! I'm not really a fan of politics, but it is just so good to get involved! For example, Donald Trump, he is a very wealthy man, and he is the president of the USA. You can really debate on that statement, and it makes you feel so relaxed when you are posting, commenting , and having a great time! My favourite part of this election, would be seeing who would get the place to be president. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both very wealthy and debatable men, and they are both very good politicians, so I am really interested to see who is going to win this! I do like the BNC and I especially like this topic, so yeah, I'm really having fun! I don't know why I am interested in this, but it is so exciting! I would enjoy sharing others opinions [especially with my friends] and telling people what is happening around the world, and it would be fascinating to see people's reactions and comments. The Burnet News Club is amazing!

  • I would love to be a roving reporter on “Is it worth he cost?” The space one to be exact because even though I took great contributions in every one but I thought that this was the one I could connect the most with it. And I really enjoyed debating about it! And the tasks too! But I want to push myself even further by taking part even more this year! If your thinking about it “is it worth to cost” doesn’t it gets your head spinning by thinking? And when we first started it,I must honestly say that I didn’t know as much as I did now about that topic! And I was excited to learn more about it the way everything works, the way people think and the way we’re all different. This topic helped me a lot. The BNC helped me to understand more things better than I’ve ever before so, I just want to say thank you to the BNC and you guys that helped me along the way.

    Thanks for reading,
    empathetic_brain 🤗

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on the government issues because it effects our daily lives more than anything else in my opinion. If people didn't know about the government changes then we wouldn't know why houses are more expensive or the new / adapted covid-19 guidelines. The government ( and the prime minister ) have power over all of our country therefore what they say really matters.

  • If I was a roving reporter, I would write on the American election coming up in November, as it is a huge story coming up. Political debate is not my most favourite thing to discuss in the world, but I still think that it is very interesting as both competetents are equally matched. On one hand, there is Joe Biden, who is not as wealthy, but has a very good grade in political discussion. On the other, there is Donald Trump, standing on the Conservative party, who is very rich. In my opinion, both are equally matched, and I am eager to see who will become the next president for (at least) 4 more years. The BNC always picks one of the best topics for each term, and I stand by that, especially for this one. Reporting on the big election will arouse many people, such as me, and I can't wait to see other peoples' opinion on it! Thank you, Burnet News Club, and I'll keep my ears and eyes out for who wins the election this November!

  • I want to be a revolving reporter about health

  • i would like to be roving reporter about war because i want to be in the army when im older and it is so interesting and i want to help help our contry

  • I would like to be a school council because i want to help people and be nice to them.I would also make sure the chairs are tucked in and make sure the class room is nice and tidy.

  • i would like to be a roving reporter on football goals because i love football and i think it is fabuless and i always play it with my brother and dad and his mates.my dream is to be a footballer because its just amazing. i was born playing football with my dad.every day i would play it outside in the rain and the sun.

  • i want to be a roving reporter because i can spread news and insure people about things and also tell news about crimes that are happening today.For example there could be people robbing and setting bombs so it is really important for people to know because they could get hurt.

    1. I agree because if you don't know what's going on in the world like the coronavirus if you didn't know about that then you would be in big trouble because you need to alaways were face masks

  • If i was watching the news i would like to watch about sports like football , rugby , hokey and about football players .

  • i would like to be a roving reporter on crime because im really interested in police indesptors and i want to grow to to help the police force

  • I would love to be a roving reporter about elections and voting because I want to tell people about and remind them that there may be a new prime minster and about who's allowed to vote and all that stuff . I also wanna make sure that everyone knows about all the elections going on in the country or in other places like Spain , Germany and that kind of things in the world . The world has lots of changes , anyway lets move on from that and go back to the elections and voting , the only age people are allowed to vote is if there eighteen or over so no people under eighteen are allowed to vote and people are not allowed to copy others voting paper or what ever they're voting on because its your own decision for what you vote or not .

    Thanks for reading why I want to report about this thank you

  • If i was a reporter then i would report crime because im interested off whats going on and i think more people need to talk about it. Robbery' murderings and drinking NEEDS TO STOP!People shouldnt be worried and anxious about if people are going to robbed them or crash because off people who drink. Also if robbers wasn't a thing none would need to spend lots off money on cameras and a doorbell that has a camera so many people would have saved over 300 pounds.

  • I want to be a roving reporter on problems that every country is having and i want to try and find out more about the world because I think it will be interesting to learn about the world and what is happening in all the different country's.maybe i can try and help by spreading the word about the bad or good thing that is happening to that country or maybe several country's are having the same problem.Maybe there is a sickness going around in my country i could try and tell people the symptoms and how to avoid it like i could tell them so stay away from certain thing's or a certain someone

  • i would like to be a roving reporter because then i could report that a could change the wold So then we could acturaly fight corona virus

  • I want to be a roving reporter on sports because i like to learn about people that are famous for there talents such as being good at Football,Rugby,Basketball and E-sports.

  • I would like to be a roving reporter about the Wild Life because for a example

    1.People throw alot of litter through the year of our time which could be horrible for our wild life and also it would be messy around the places of earth

    2.People could spread fake news which could harm peoples feelings about the wild life as like animals being captured or being tortured or being killed,Which people dont really like to hear about.

    3.Humans across the planet cutting trees into paper which is bad and also good but thats the way we get paper to get letters,crafting and also trees are homes for some birds would be sad if they wouldnt have a home for the birds and baby birds.

    And thats my report reason to be a reporter and go around the world and talk about wild life!

  • I want to be a roving reporter on crime because I am really interested in prisoners and cop chases.

  • I want to be a rover reporter because i am very interesting in football but i could t play because of covid 19 football is so fun to play i wish i could play but some people have had covid 19 over football so im not going to play why covid 19 is out im tring to ceep me safe

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on animals and wild life because I`m really interested in bunnies,birds, foxes and elephants. My most favourite animal puppies because there so cute and fluffy. I use to have a puppy but my mum had to sell it.

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on music because I like listening to music and in a singers song sometimes they sing about how their feeling so I like how they express their feelings and aren't scared to .Music also helps people to relax and release stress when they are going through a hard time .

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on the coronavirus because I care about everyone’s health and if there were anymore cases I would want to tell everyone. I would also like to tell them what to do to stop them from getting the coronavirus. I want to keep people safe and I don’t want them to get sick. It really matters if someone has the coronavirus because they can spread it so that is why it matters.

  • I would like to be a roving reporter writing about the environment and climate change, because it's the future of our planet and all of life (animals plants and people) depend on it!!!! Surely , this is the most important topic! Lots of terrible things will happen if we don't help our planet NOW !

    1. also i think that it will help me expand my mind so i can get smarter and smarter every day so if i do become a reporter I hope that I will be the smartest in my Collage,University or high school i probably be in University by the time i become a reporter on the things that are happening in the world so i will be about the age................maybe.............27

      hopefully i do become a reporter i hope


  • I would like the be a roving reporter on the animals and how they are coping right now...
    The reason why is because that the animals aren’t coping that well because we throw so much plastic into the ocean and the animals could die from it all well they are dying and that isn’t good we need to make a difference about it and speak up without animals the world will be boring and worthless. Sea turtles just as the hatch from their eggs they die because although this is a cycle of life they either get taken and eaten by birds and when they go into the ocean there is so much plastic it could wipe out all the turtles!! This is devastating!! (I know that this doesn’t link to the USA election)
    By willing_radio❤️

    1. Good comment that's a good one and yea we need to be careful about animals so don't throw rubbish into the ocean or any play which contains a lot of water like the beach a lake like that

  • If I was a roving reporter I would report about sporting fixtures such as the rugby World Cup because I take big intrest in sport . Without people reporting in Japan people in England wouldn't know what sport is happening over there

  • If I was a news reporter I would like to report about animals and big events happening in the present or the future. I would report about this because I love animals and I find them quite interesting. The thing I find interesting is their main features or what makes them special. I would like to report about big news also because I would be able to know what's happening in the world so I would be up to date.

  • I would talk about earthquakes coming and it would be really dangerous

  • I would talk about all of the ishues and explain them with deitail.

  • If I was a news reporter I would let everyone know about coved and help them make sure there staying safe I would say to them make sure you wash your hands every time you touch something Wichita isn't your make sure to use a lot of hand sanitizer keep 2m distance and I would explain it in detail so then they'd understand what I,m saying

  • I would always respect the NHS because there trying there very best to look after everyone and keep everbody well they might even be trying to keep pets safe so respect them all

  • I enjoy reading articles, discussing the news or listening to the radio to find out the news or sometimes Newsround.

  • I want to be a roving reporter for the invirement because it is a very big problem in our world and it needs to be fixed. As the next generation it is our job to shape our world to be for our children and theirs to go.

  • I would look after animals that live under the sea like turtles starfishes and I would never throw rubbish into the water

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on the environment because I am very worried about the illness we are causing the planet to suffer from. It would be great for me to understand the damage we were making because it is easier to stop climate change and global warming if you actually understand what is happening in full detail. Roving reporters would definitely find answers in full detail as that is what their job is.

  • I would love to report on things concerning racism because it infuriates me that after all of this time people still think that their better than others because of their skin colour or their religion

  • I would like to be a roving reporter on traditional or nontraditional events that happen in different places around the world because I think that it’s a great idea to educate people on festivals and events that happen in places where they don’t live and maybe this will make them want to travel to more places if they know more about it. I would go into detail about what the festival is, what food they eat and what dances they might perform. The place where I would go would be places that aren’t reported about as much as the rest of them but I would visit more well known places because it would be nice to know a little bit more about the culture and religion that is celebrated there. If I were a roving reporter I think that my report would change the view that people have on place and it would make them visit more places just to see the magic that happens when a community comes together.

  • I would like to be a Roving Reporter on the environment because I want to make people understand more that we are in danger so we will stop putting air potation in the environment. Also to report on new found creatures and plants!
    In my free time of reporting I would pick up litter and waste on the beach.

  • I would love to report on things related to climate change because better environment makes us healthier and therefore it will help NHS too.