#21 Inspirer of the Issue!

12 February 2021

Skill Description Competition Listening

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered last week’s competition - we were very happy to see how many of you had been inspired by our experts. Our winners are:

meticulous_twilight of Birchwood C of E Primary School, who explained how Peter Tatchell had inspired them to always think independently


versatile_lime of Hammond Junior School, who said that Monique Bouffe had made them see protests differently.

Well done for such great explanations, both of you.

This half-term we have shared your questions with some of the very best experts on protest. For this week’s competition, we would like you to catch up with what they had to say before showing off your listening skills by letting us know what you think!


Take a look at how our experts answered your questions by clicking on their names:

Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner and Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation

Indigo Rumbelow, part of the campaigns team at Extinction Rebellion

Rob Harrison, co-founder and co-editor of Ethical Consumer magazine

Monique Bouffé, Advice and Information Officer at human-rights group Liberty

Kajal Odedra, author and Executive Director of Change.org UK


Answer the question:

Which of our experts did you find to be the most inspirational and why?

The best entries this week will be well-explained and include examples about how you have been inspired. For example, have you been inspired to support a cause? Or is there now something you’d like to speak out about?

You could structure your competition entry a little bit like this:

I think the most inspirational expert from this Issue was (insert expert here). They were the most inspirational for me because (insert reason here). They have inspired me to (insert what you’d like to do here).

The deadline for entries is Friday February 12th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

Comments (18)

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  • I think the most inspiring expert was Peter Tatchell because in the 1990s he campaigned for LGBT rights through the direct action group OutRage!, (which he co-founded).He has worked on various campaigns, such as Stop Murder Music against music lyrics allegedly inciting violence against LGBT people and writes and broadcasts on various human rights and social justice issues. He has also mad me not be afraid to say what I think.

  • For me the most inspirational expert is Monique because she really made me think about protests and the poor people that don't get excepted into this country.

    Monique inspired and made me interested about her job on human rights. I don't think it's fair that she and liberty were criticised for involving themselves in protests.

    When I watched her videos it made me see that women didn't always be treated right but because they protested women now have the right to vote and do much more than they used to!

    I think it's nice that the most meaningful piece of her work is to help people fleeing their country. I feel confident that I chose her as the most inspirational expert, she has made me more confident in protests and made me see them differently.

    1. Thanks for sharing, versatile_lime! I agree with you that Monique is inspirational for her work in defending human rights even in the face of criticism. Why do you think people were upset with Monique and Liberty for protesting? And can you say more about why you think it's unfair?

    2. Hi versatile_lime! Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm really glad I inspired you and made you interested in human rights. Everyone has the power to make a difference, keep standing up for what you think is right :)

  • eager_reflection here,
    I think that the most inspirational expert from this issue is Peter Tatchell. He was the most inspirational for me because he began protesting when he was very young, as a teenager, which inspires me because I will also be a teenager soon, which isn't that far away. This shows that he was brave and confident enough to go out, on his own, because he felt so strongly for his cause. He knew what was right in his heart, and so stood up no matter what. Also, when he was older, he still protested for human rights even though he knew that he could be arrested. Peter felt so strongly about his cause that he set up a foundation to help others. I think that he is courageous as he kept on trying to stand up for his beliefs despite being threated and attacked. He has inspired me to think independently, and always research before I evaluate something. I think that there are similarities between him and Greta Thunberg, who at first protested alone about climate change also at the age of 15.
    Thanks for reading.

  • I think Monique was the most inspirational for me because she really got me thinking about Human Rights.
    She has encouraged me to always care for people and help them just like when she was younger. I think she was the most inspirational expert because she is fighting a good cause and she is seeking change to the world and she is helping to provide it. She has also made me more interested in human rights and she has encouraged me to help make the world a better place.

    Thank you Monique!

    1. Hi delightful_effort, thank you for your comment! I'm so glad you feel encouraged to care for people. I'm certain you make the world a better place, and you're never too young to make a difference! Good luck :)

  • Personally I think that Monique Has inspired me the most during our session

    She has made me be someone who can look out for people, she ha made me believe in myself and not let anyone tear me down overall she has made me to be who i am
    At a very young age she decided to join protest and she was willing to make changes, Changes that will affect us in the best way possible. She thought about humans right and the right that us humans should be given She had the dedication to encourage others to join the protest to ATLEAST even make one protest work!!!
    And that why I think Monique Has inspired me!!!
    I couldn’t just pick Monique all of these hero’s have made huge changes in the world thank you

    1. Hi decisive_redcurrant! Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm so glad I encouraged you to be someone who can look out for other people, and that I helped you believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, it will make you stronger to stand up for what's right and help other people!

  • Meticulous_twilight here!
    In my opinion, I think Peter Tatchell is the most inspiring because he went out at a very young age to protest. He was only a teenager during these occasions. This inspires me because I am a few years from being a teenager and, though I will not be a protester, it still inspires me because it shows that he had courage enough to go out there and give his opinion. I will hopefully use these skill when I am a teenager. Peter was also very independent and intelligent. I think this because he had the right feeling in his heart to go out and fight for his reason, and he always stood his ground. He still protested for human rights as he grew older and always tried to think about his beliefs and opinions. Even though he got threatened and attacked, Peter will always inspire me. He will always teach me to think and learn independently and always fight for my rights, beliefs and opinions...
    thanks for reading!

  • I think that Peter Tatchell was super inspiring because at a very young age he started protesting.He was only a teenager but was inspiring to so many people.Protesting is very hard especially at such a young age,arranging all the things and the people.He is very inspiring to me as I am not a teenager but he just shows that no matter your age you can still speak up and get your voice through.He was only 15 and right now I am not far from that age.For some reason,even though I know I was wrong,I thought that young people wouldn’t exactly be able to protest and their voice would not be able to get through but people like him just prove me wrong.It also gives me a lot of inspiration that he protested for homosexuality because a long time ago,homosexuality in some places was known as a sickness and protesting for such a topic can be hard especially when lots of people are against you.

  • I think that they all have inspired me plentifully, and here's my reason:
    For Peter Tatchell, he inspired me to be more brave and to stand up for others, as well as ourselves. He was campaigning for human rights when he was still in his teenage years, which inspired me to go out there and try to change the world (although in my case it was mostly bullying!)
    For Indigo Rumbelow, I found it really encouraging that she had gone to many protests, and had fought for climatic rights for a lot of her lifetime. Her response to Tom's question was quite interesting, as she said that: "It can be quite scary and quite a difficult experience but if you know what's going to happen then you're going to feel a bit more calm if it does happen."
    For Rob Harrison, his magazine was really interesting to know how it all started. For example, the racism in Africa from the bank. I really liked how he explained how much he was surprised at hearing the news that it had all stopped, and also how he was surprised at how his magazine was quite famous already. He inspired me to be more confident and think that "You can often have impact that you don't know that you're going to have."
    For Monique Bouffé, she inspired me quite a lot, especially in the first question, I found it really interesting about how she started her protesting career, all from inequality during WW1. She inspired me to express my opinions openly in most cases, even if there is a big risk, as long as I'm doing it for a right cause.
    For Kajal Odedra, she inspired me that changing opinions is like writing a story. As I have said quite a while ago, my dream is to be an author, and and she inspired me to think outside the box, such as if you want to be an author and help protests, you can simply write a story to help people actually understand why they should help to change.

    Overall, I think that the most inspirational expert from this Issue was Peter Tatchell. He was the most inspirational for me because he had been protesting for most of his life, and he has been part of loads of different protests. Peter has inspired me to do all four: Change the way things are done, Change opinions, Raise awareness, and finally Stand up for people.
    Thank you for reading!

    1. Hi reflective_artic_fox, thank you for your thoughtful and lovely answer! I agree with you, Peter Tatchell, Indigo Rumbelow, Rob Harrison and Kajal Odedra are all so inspiring. I'm really glad I inspired you to express your opinions even if there is a risk. Your voice is special, so don't ever be afraid to use it, especially when you want to add some kindness to the world :)

  • I think Monique is more inspirational because she provides legal advice on a range of human rights issues to members of the public and co-manages Liberty's legal advice line. Monique has a specialist interest in asylum and immigration and its impact on gender equality.

    1. Hi active_guava, thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad you found my answers inspirational. Keep fighting for what you believe in :)

  • Hi,
    I think that Monique was the most influential, because she inspired me to listen about her job and what is right. I found it interesting because she knew from a young age that she could make a difference if she wanted to. Monique clearly has a special interest in asylum and immigration. I really enjoyed hearing about her job, and I think she is very influential.

    1. Hi incredible_world, thank you for your great comment! I'm glad you enjoyed listening about my job and really glad you felt inspired to think about what is right. You are never too young to make a difference, you are the future and you can help shape it to make it better for everyone!

  • I think Indigo is most inspiring person because she stands up and protests for the environment and that is the most important thing because we need the environment to survive .We need this because trees help us breathe the oceans are being polluted and worst of all creatures and animals are dying .So this needs to stop. People need to listen to environmental protesters so that we will still have the oceans in the future and to stop global warming before anything bad happens .

  • I think Indigo Rumbellow is the most inspiring person because she is the standing up for the environment and letting her voice become heard and most important of all is she is keeping what she thinks is right safe. She could be saving all of our futures and I personally think what she is doing is right because without nature we could all die. She is really inspiring and her protests are amazing!

  • Peter Tatchell inspired me the most as even though nobody believed in him, he kept going. A small protest is a dangerous move but a one man protest really shows that you are not afraid. But peter Tatchell was still afraid of going to prison, which amazes me, as he continued and did the right thing to him. And also at a age like 15 it must of been very hard.


  • I think Indigo Rumbellow is the most inspiring because she is standing up for the environment and making sure that the environment is safe and animals don't go extinct and making plants not die off

  • I think the most inspirational expert from this issue is Peter Tatchell. He is the most inspirational to me because has dedicated his life to using his platform for good, even though there has been difficulty at times.
    This is demonstrated when he joined his first protest at the age of 15, despite the possibility of being punished. His efforts to raise awareness shows he is passionate in helping others.
    He also mentioned how he suffers from PTSD as a result of threats and assaults towards him. The fact he is still protesting, tells me he will not give up in making changes for the better.
    This has inspired me to speak up for others when there is injustice. Even if there are people who disagree with you or send you hate, it should not discourage you but push you even further. His story has also shown me to not let my age hinder me from doing what is right.


  • In my point of view, I believe that Peter Tatchell is the most inspiring because he started protesting before he was even an adult and still is now. This implies that he was determined, independent and confident to go out there and speak his mind for the right reasons. Even people who are now successful protesters didn’t start at his age. It also shows that anyone at any age can protest if they like.
    Did you know the Sunday Times newspaper called him “a national hero” for making his community a better place by protesting for over 50 years?! As he’s been protesting for his and others beliefs and opinions, he’s also been encouraging others to stand up for themselves as well, this implies that Peter is considerate and thoughtful as well. Peter has inspired me to be more considerate to others now and as I get older, just as he’s done.

  • Hi again,
    I did say that I found Indigo Rumbellow was most inspiring but really they all are because they do similar inspiring things.
    I think Peter Tatchell is inspiring because he started at quite a young age (15years) and showed that he was brave, wanted human rights and kept going. he inspires me and and others to sand up for others as well as our selves.
    Indigo Rumbellow because she is fighting to keep others and herself save by keeping our environment happy and healthy so as to stop it dyeing off anymore than it has already has or trying to heal it with others of her positive beliefs.
    For Rob Harrison as writing a magazine that can change the world is a great idea to inspire many others.
    I also think Monique Bouffé, she inspired me a lot and inspired me to stand up even if there is a big risk involved like going to prison if it for a good cause.
    And finally Kajal Odedra, who inspired me by saying that once you've done a protest for a good cause you feel happy afterwards so it's worth it if it works even if you go to prison.
    But once more overall I think Indigo Rumbellow is the most inspiring person because she is the standing up for the environment and letting her voice become heard and most important of all is she is keeping what she thinks is right safe. She could be saving all of our futures and I personally think what she is doing is right because without nature we could all die. She is really inspiring and her protests aregreat!

  • I feel like Peter Tatchell is the most inspiring because he has been protesting for a long time since before he was and adult and too me that is a very long time.