Is diversity important to the world?

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My standpoint is Black Panther, Representation and Diversity. The Black Panther Wakanda Forever is a new movie that has recently come out. This movie was very diverse. If there is no diversity in the world, people wouldn’t be comfortable. When people watch this movie, they say that it is groundbreaking. In many marvel movies, there aren't enough diverse people. Everyone is equal so even if we look different, we are all the same as humans.

Diversity is what is achieved when a range of people are included in something. Lady Susan Hussey ( Prince William’s godmother) kept asking a black woman (Ngoli Fulani) where she came from because she didn’t know that a black woman could be British. This is a sign that there is no diversity in the royal family and maybe Britain.

Another example is Rishi Sunak (the prime minister). Many believe that because of his race he didn’t win the election in the summer as people chose a white woman, Liz Truss. He is now the first Asian prime minister of the UK and people say it is progressive as England is used to having white British people in these roles.

To help solve the problem of diversity, I think that we should protest. I think that we should try to include diversity so everyone can feel more relaxed with people's behaviours.

In new movies, we should include people all around the world so it is more diverse. Adding people with disabilities too. Grouping many people together can make more ideas so movies can be better and suitable for people to watch.If people work together, there will be diversity in the future in our world.

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  • I think it is important because lots of people have disabilities and have different types of skin colours and they should be able to look up to people as well as the people that already do. And all people are strong in there own way.

  • I think diversity is very important because without it the world would be very unfair. Having diversity ensures everybody has a chance to see people that look like themselves in movies/tv series. It is also important because it shows that people might look different or do different things and that is okay and we must still include everybody.

  • I think diversity is important because we need to include people who are disabled, who are younger and people who are older. It is also important to let people who are black because we have loads of huge movies were the main character is mainly always a white man. As well as including black people we should let women have a go at being a main character, also black women be main characters just like Black Panther.

  • All people should be treated equally and it should be that lots of people who are disabled and may have a different type of skin colour should often have a mane role in a movie.