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I think diversity is very important because without it the world would be very unfair. Having... Is diversity important to the world? 09/12/22
This week we were learning about diversity and we asked questions like: do you think diversity... Competition #6 Favourite topic 09/12/22
I think we should only spend money on space when we really have to. Like for example making... Money, money, money! 02/12/22
I think that UK politics and US midterms link because they are about politics and the community... Competition #4 Connecting topics 25/11/22
I think we should wait and see if Rishi Sunak is a good leader for Britain before starting a... Is it time for a general election in the UK? 25/11/22
In many ways Cop can be sustainable such as they do solve a lot of big problems that effect the... Are COP events sustainable? 11/11/22
1. How do you plan to stop climate change? 2. Will your plan be sustainable and do you think it... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 11/11/22