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  • From the video, I learnt that acting is not all about reading script and memorizing them in order to be good at acting, but the true definition of acting is innovation and how motivated you get when acting. Acting is natural, it's comes out revealing itself just like that due to the normal way people express themselves, but for others, it is hardwork and determination that keeps them acting for a long period of time without the mentality of giving up easily, it is very possible for one to make acting a natural character within you if and only if you are devoted to act and make a meaning out of it. There are actors that made acting a natural character within them and have succeed to be known with great talents, Dwayne Johnson is one of the actors that keeps people's dream of acting around the world alive by motivating and influencing them through his talented nature of acting and that is why people respect and adore him wherever he goes because he has made a mental impact around the world and has inspired people to keep dreaming big and working hard to achieve their dream and also beyond. Always remember that whatever you put your heart in doing, achievement would be a small thing compared to what you will obtain, that is why acting is done from the heart not the brain.