Gratitude for Earth : Let's show it

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My standpoint is on the topic of climate change. Climate change affects every little thing in this world. The global food crisis is also one of the causes of climate change. More than humans, the other living organisms suffer a lot and an example is that pet dogs and puppies are exposed to more heat strokes than ever which can kill them in 15 minutes to 1 hour. Climate change is taking a big impact on everyone's life and it's a bit late to take actions against it but it's now or never.
So far from topical talk, I've learnt that climate change is a very broad term which includes several factors for its impact and the main ones are technology (carbon emissions) and population. Technology makes our life easier but impacts the environment, increases the distance between humans and nature and drains a lot of natural resources.
Our Earth is overpopulated right now and a balanced population provides a balanced environment. According to Charles Darwin's theory 'the struggle for existence', climate change cannot be solved completely unless the population is controlled as there is no balance between the population and the natural resources.Afforestation helps too. I would like to thank the topical talk for giving us this opportunity through which I've learnt the reality of world issues.

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  • Absolutely agree with your point. Balancing population would help to balance environment. And every one of us coming together to do our part for controlling the climate change would also have a huge impact. A simple discipline in water conservation would help to save gallons and gallons of water. For example, using bucket of water of taking bath instead of shower, not allowing the water to run while brushing and many such small steps would help us all come together and contribute for the cause.
    We are part of the eco system. And we need to play our part well to balance the eco system.

  • The earth on which we all live deserves a lot of gratitude from us.
    It has many trees from which we benefit in many ways. They give us shade, fruits, and flowers. Their wood is used by us in many ways. Birds build their nests on them.
    The rivers which flow on this earth provide us with water to drink, which is very vital for our life.
    The grass grown on this earth feeds the animals which help us and also provide us with food.
    The seas on earth are used by ships, for transporting both passengers and cargo. The fish in the sea serve as food for people living on earth.
    The earth contains many gardens and parks where children can play and enjoy themselves.
    Houses are built on this earth. They protect us from rain, sun and also thieves and enemies.
    The fresh air on this earth help us to breathe by giving us the required oxygen, for us to live on earth.
    Birds and animals living on this earth, help us to make this world a beautiful place to live in.
    So, there are so many things for which we must show our gratitude for this earth, which makes life possible for humans, birds, animals and also acquatic life. Long live this Mother earth which protect and provide us, in many ways.