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Earth is the native home of humanity,however, research says that in no time earth will be no more and humanity might come to extinction,but it's all due to the fast climate change and its effects.


This is the long-term change in temperatures and weather patterns.Many countries have been affected by climate change for example Afghanistan where temperatures are risen causing droughts and according to World Food Program,there is flooding as well in other areas (and sometimes the same areas affected by drought), due to both heavy spring rainfalls and riverine floods caused by increasing snowmelt. The capital city Kabul and its surrounding regions, which produce much of the country's agricultural yields, are hit especially hard by both drought and flooding, which has increased the threat of hunger in Afghanistan.Other countries such as Pakistan, Somalia,Sudan, Malawi and many more are still being affected as the activities that run out daily routines are the ones causing the catastrophe.


Since the 1800s,human activities have been the main driver of climate change.People cut down trees🌴 massively without replacing which means less carbon dioxide is removed from the environment harming the environment,burn fossil fuels such as coal and emissions from cars,planes and factories 🏭 plus dangerous gasses from missels,bombs and nuclear weapons when countries are at war which in turn releases emissions in form of carbon gasses such as CO2,sulfur into the atmosphere and these deplete the ozone layer and also form a layer of greenhouse gasses that trap heat hence global warming.They also aid air pollution which also backfires with acidic rains.Poor disposal of wastes due to the amount of packaging used and the short life cycle of products. A lot of items, waste and packaging aren't recyclable, which means it ends up in the soil causing soil pollution,then it causes the soil to be infertile and then food insecurity and famine come as a result.There wastes from industries such as brewers that are dumped in water sources and use of chemicals in fishing which leads to water pollution whereby this also leads to death of aquatic life such as fish leaving fishermen with no jobs.In my area,we have a mining facility and I think it's also adding on the pollution in my area since there are a lot of fumes from machinery used and a lot of dust produced.Eventually,we has had a taste of what it brings such as food crisis,global warming,tsunamis,tornadoes,famine, droughts,wildfires and floods.All these have wreaked havoc on people's livelihoods and communities and most have lost their loved ones.


Every year, COP events are organized and countries all over the world join in discussions on how to tackle climate change and after the event,the country leaders take the responsibility of deciding what their country does to address the issue and I think it's fair that way because different methods work for different places if one is tackling pollution,he doesn't do the same as the person tackling drought.The good news is that we can do something to stop climate change,it's just a matter of paying attention to our environment and minding more about protecting through ensuring proper disposal of wastes,reusing fast fashion as second hand clothing reducing pollution from fast fashion cause it produces 10% of the global carbon emissions.Ensure there trash cans in city centers for collecting rubbish for recycling to make other products.

For the youth,we can take this opportunity to reduce unemployment through making products out of dumped plastics such as bird feeders,flower vessels,soda bottle sprinklers which can be sold for money and making briquettes that are an alternative source of energy.Leaders can take up the road of encouraging there people to do afforestation,reforestation and agroforestry to improve the number of 🌲 trees.Using more sustainable materials such as paper bags for packaging instead of plastic bags to reduce harmful waste, Putting restrictions against driving cars in bad mechanical conditions and install filters in chimneys of factories to reduce emissions.Using alternative sources of energy such as biogas and natural gas.

Avoid dumping wastes in the water bodies and conserve the seas. We should resort to such practices before it becomes too late like in these futuristic movies where Earth becomes inhabitable.

All in all,let's love,protect and conserve the Earth to our best cause it's our planet and home.

"OUR SUSTAINABILITY DETERMINES OUR FUTURE WITH EARTH" if we don't wake up now, we could wake up to a shock of our earth in havoc and chaos.

"Together Let's Stop Climate Change"


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