Global Discussion Award winners

Topical Talk Festivals are all about bringing together young people from across the world to join discussions about the biggest issues of our time. These issues affect us and our communities differently and we all have a perspective to bring.

During a Festival, we award stars for contributions to discussions based on the skills and knowledge that Topical Talk develops. Students who communicate effectively with each other and creatively solve-problems together accumulate stars.

Three classes were particularly outstanding throughout the Festival. They are:

  • Festival-GlobalDiscussionAward-Icon_1

    Rhemaville Christian Academy, Nigeria

  • Festival-GlobalDiscussionAward-Icon_1

    St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High school, Uganda

  • Festival-GlobalDiscussionAward-Icon_1

    Mayflower Centre, Romania

The 10 students with the most stars win an individual Global Discussion Award


The 10 classes with the most stars win a class Global Discussion Award.


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  • I really want to thank you for this festival that allows us to exchange views and ask some of the questions that we had in our mind , and how you comment on those views
    This festival has instilled in us a lot of values, including respect for the opinions of other students and respect for The times when you were Posting the weekly competition , And our respect for our teacher when we listen to them when we discuss these topics in class and when we share joy, when our school gets stars . it wasn't just at school, but at home also , when you were bringing up new subjects , I always discussed them with my parents and brothers , and we exchanged our ideas about them. When I saw the questions you had chosen to answer, most of them were take about how you fulfilled your dream, how you were encouraged to do so, and what the biggest problems you face . I think the thing that interests me in your choice of those questions, is that you want to tell us that nothing is impossible as long as you dream from a young age, something that you want to achieve, you must pursue your dream, because you all dream to reaching those careers where you are now, and you fulfill your dreams. And let's not forget the parents , who always push us to realize our dreams , and to get where we are now . also After seeing to your subjects , I always advised my brothers and friends to preserve this . All of us have to start from where we are, from our region , in terms of not wasting food , of preserving the environment , and to look on the all new about space technology and science. The most important thing about choosing those questions is that we stick to our dream and have ambition and will, and face challenges, and take care of the problems facing the world .Thank you for making us trying this experience on this festival .this was my comment on the Competition #7 Expert learning , But because of our power outage, I couldn't put the comment on.

  • This festival has taught us so much. It has made us to realize not to be judgmental. To read other viewpoints with open mind. Do research about the topic taken. To keep ourselves abreast about the current affairs. Improve our skills like listening, speaking, reading, writing, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Thanks a ton for this wonderful opportunity. This had been a great learning experience for all of us.