Idrees Kahloon answers your questions!

Idrees Kahloon is the Washington bureau chief for The Economist and leads coverage of the White House, Congress and national politics. Before that, he was the Washington correspondent and US policy correspondent.

He began at The Economist as a data journalist in London – this means he is very good at unpicking numbers to figure out what’s going on. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in applied mathematics and economics.

Thank you to those of you who submitted questions for Idrees. There were lots to choose from, but here are the questions he answered:

beloved _planet:
what is the most difficult thing you have faced in journalism?

jubilant_seagull: how can we as young people encourage our classmates to get more involved in politics and become interested in voting?

eloquent_wolf: what motivated you to become a student at Harvard? And after you studied there, what made you want to come and work at The Economist?

remarkable_peach: did the reversal of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court have a negative impact on the Republican vote in the midterm elections?

Well done to beloved_planet, jubilant_seagull, eloquent_wolf and remarkable_peach, who have each been awarded 3 stars for their questions!

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  • I feel proud that I had the opportunity to talk to someone as ambitious as you.
    It is difficult, I think, to reach these achievements that you have achieved. What caught my attention is your graduation with a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and economics, and you are now working in journalism. Was your major supporting you in working in journalism? Or did you dispense with the mathematics certificate?

  • Hi Idris Washington, I want to ask you some questions.
    Why did you want to be a reporter?
    , and if I wanted to be a reporter, what is your advice to me?
    and how do I prepare myself well for this profession?
    These are my questions, I hope you will answer them, thank you.

  • Hello, expert Idris Kahlon, I am very happy for your modesty that allows you to talk to us and answer our questions. I want you to answer me / 1_ Although NASA is scientifically and economically advanced, until now it has not been able to carry out the human flight since 1972 later to space, is this justified? ? Do you think that the obstacles you face are obstacles whose solutions are difficult and that we cannot discuss their solutions with school students on this site?

  • Hello Mr. Idrees Kahloon
    We are proud of you being an outstanding journalist
    I would like if you answer my question
    How did mathematics support you in your journalistic work?
    Was focusing on data and showing evidence to reach results a strong link between mathematics and journalism?
    Did your ability to analyze in order to reach the final results conflict with your ability to investigate the news in various ways while restricting the freedom of the press??
    In mathematics, it is permissible for you to choose any method that gives you a sound solution and correct results by shortening other methods and omitting others. Was this matter available in the journalism profession?

  • You really impressed me with your answers, and while I was watching, I came up with this sentence, which I think describes your success journey
    "Everything that I love is a way that takes me to the destination I aspire to."
    She has created and inspired me to be able to use my writing skills to also work as an editor for The Economist.