Gender equality

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I would like to say at the outset: gender equality is equality between men and women and includes the concept that we are all human beings. Men and women are free to develop their abilities and make decisions. Equality means that the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are to be considered and valued equally. This does not mean that men and women should be the same but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities do not depend on their gender. Equality means fair treatment between men and women according to their specific needs. However, the economic participation rate of women in the region is the lowest in the world, and despite the improvement in the educational level, there are many challenges facing women’s entry into the labor force and their survival such as patriarchal stereotypes, etc.) This makes Inequality exists!

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  • We always talk about gender inequality, its effects and the areas where women are affected. We never talk about the reasons why people do it. The question that baffles me is why? . We were all made to be equal but why are males treated higher than females. We always think about the areas where people are affected and find solutions, instead we should think of the factors that necessitate gender inequality and try to eradicate or fix those necessitating factors.