Space tourism : should all people be allowed to go to space?

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What is space tourism?

Looking from a futuristic perspective, space tourism sounds like the perfect, idealistic way for us humans to expand our prior knowledge of space to a whole different horizon. Seeing, the planets, stars and physically experiencing the feeling of weightlessness is a truly admirable opportunity. Currently, some people have gone to space, but with the tickets being approximately 500,000 pounds , only wealthy people can afford it. So, just like driving a car was rare in the olden days, being the perfect opportunity to show off for the wealthy, but has now been a necessity to all families, should the prices of space tickets decrease? Better together than alone or there is no reason for the prices of tickets to be a thing of the past- lets be realistic?

For (pros)

Space has already changed people's lives and has broadened NASA's research accumulation to even more than one's heart's content. By more customers wanting to buy these tickets, this could potentially influence technology to push its boundaries even further to even developing a lightning-fast jet that can transport one to another planet. Space tourism is a great way to influence your life and how your curiosity might spark up a light of interest on a topic you haven't thought you would like before.

Against ( cons )

One of the most important issues that is occurring worldwide and that has even been discussed in the Topical Talk topics is climate change. Spending this money on jets can over pollute the climate - one such example is the Apollo 11 rocket which was said to have burned over 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the first stage of launching. This example is the perfect reason as to why too much space tourism can affect our climate.

To conclude, I have changed my personal opinion on space tourism. At first, I thought it was a lovely idea to explore further wonders of space with the naked eye. However, as I have done more research, I believe the negatives certainly outweigh the positive. Not only can space tourism badly affect the climate up to a point where we can not stop it nor slow it down, but research states that these rockets are depleting the ozone layer that is crucial for sustaining life on Earth.

What do you think?

What inventions do you think could allow us to explore space without damaging the climate?

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