Doctor Shortage

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Today I will be talking about how doctor shortages effect the patients and the world.Doctor shortages are all around the world because in some countries they don't have enough money or jobs the pay for school.This effects the world because what if someone is very hurt and a doctor is working on other patient and can't get to that person. A lot of people will die. Like if someone is really hurt to were they are bleeding out and it was hard to breath but all the doctors are working on other patients to get to them and they die that would be bad for everyone.The world needs more doctor to help with a lot of things.And one way to help this problem is for the government the give out loans so that they can pay for school to become a doctor.If the government does that then there would be a lot more doctors in the world. And there would a lot less deaths and people could but healthy.But if this doesn't happen then a lot of people would be sad and mad that the doctors couldn't help their loved one. And if this problem is not solved soon a lot of people will die and that would be a big problem in the world.

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  • In my opinion, I believe that the shortage of doctors in the Gaza Strip suffers from a lack of job opportunities, and when students enroll in universities and study medicine, approximately 90 male and female students graduate studying medicine to raise the standard of living, but the disaster is that the Gaza Strip suffers from a lack of job opportunities and they resort to traveling abroad As for the students, the standard of living is difficult. "They do not have money in order to abandon their children. They lose their right to work, as happened in the Gaza Strip several months ago. A student who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine was studying as a doctor. Due to the lack of job opportunities, they resorted to selling hummus and falafel."

  • In my opinion, I think that the reason for the lack of doctors is the rumors circulating about doctors. I am a student of my dream to become a doctor, but when I heard the rumors resulting from medicine, especially in the time of Corona, everyone is afraid that the infection will be transmitted to him, but the doctors are the ones who treat them, and many doctors were infected, especially in At the present time, doctors are afraid for themselves because of the spread of the new virus, so they resorted to people to stay away from medicine, as it is a tedious and tiring profession that transmits infection.

    1. Thanks amazing_moon. Do you think this is the only reason for Doctor shortages?

      1. I don't think that is the only reason for doctor shortages. The fact that these doctors are not recognized is one of the many reasons for the Dr shortages. These doctors are not appreciated for the good work they do and some people take them for granted forgetting that these doctors are the ones that treat people, make sure that the women give birth successfully and at times discover the cure of most pandemics that fall upon the country. You also find that these doctors are made to work long hours that they don't get time to rest or to even spend time with their families yet incase there is an emergency at the hospital and the doctor is called upon be it late in the night he or she won't hesitate to work so why should they be made to work long hours. You find that in addition to those long hours these doctors aren't given enough salary yet they have families to take care of and children's school fees to pay for and they aren't able to pay all their bills yet they work long hours and put in much effort in their work. And then you find that there are some people who use bribery to become doctors, because they are well off and they have money they will bribe someone to give them the job yet they don't have the qualifications and they will leave the one with the required qualifications for the job. That's why you find that most of the doctors that still take up their jobs in some countries are unskilled doctors. Then you also find that in some countries there are no medical training equipment to help those aspiring to be doctors study and get the required grades for the medical course and that's why most of them give up on their dream of becoming doctors and take up other jobs.
        But I think the government of the different countries should also work to solve these problems. It should reduce on the hours the doctors work so that they can have time to rest and get time with their families. They should also increase on thei salaries so that they can add more effort in their work and even those that quitted their jobs would even come back to service. They should also recognize the doctors by awarding them and even giving them them one day of the year to enjoy, have fun and celebrate and the day will be dedicated to them. 5he country should also ensure that they arrest all the corrupt officials that receive bribes and hire unskilled doctors. They should also employee well trained doctors from other countries to come and teach some of the students aspiring to be doctors so that they can be able to get the required grades to take up their medical courses. Then they should ensure that they buy the medical training equipment to train the future doctors and this will help the country to have more skilled doctors than it does now.

        1. Hi @idealistic_song, I've awarded you 2 stars for your comment. You've shown fantastic ability to put yourself in another person's shoes and empathise with them to understand the issues they face and how to tackle them. Well done!

        2. I agree because doctors are one off the most essential workers in our society and yet they are facing problems that are faced by other unessential workers too.How unfair! The government does not recognize the importance and value of doctors in the society.I feel maybe doctors should raise voices for themselves forxample they can form committees that are aimed at negotiating with the government on the rights of doctors forexample negotiation of pay raise.They can also use socialmedia as a way to convey their messsage to the government making videos where they hold posters with problems that are squeezing them. I think the doctors deserve better that what is being given to them because they are the earthly gods we have.