Doctor Shortages.

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The system for producing new doctors and healthcare professionals in the U.S. hasn’t kept up with what is needed. For many years, Many countries has a shortage of doctors. This has started in the early 2000's (According to google).

If this continues, patients will have much less time with their doctors, and they will have a hard time getting to the right specialists. Some ways to prevent doctor shortages happening is too maybe create more schools to train more doctors. This could give more people the opportunity to become doctors so there can be less doctor shortage problems around the world.

Another idea to stop doctor shortages is too embrace new technologies. What I mean by "embrace new technologies" is too create mobile health apps or others types of technology that could help and care for people at home.

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  • In the UK since covid it has been hard to get doctor/ orthodontist appointments it is important that we have these services available to those who couldn't get appointments during covid, doctors and nurses are also on a small salary when it should be more as they are constantly saving lives and preventing outbreaks; the average doctor salary is £76,300, the average nurse's salary is £33,000-£35,000.
    I think overall doctors deserve more this also includes the constant upgrades to hospitals and needed facilities/ machines.

  • the doctors nurses arent getting paid enough for there hard work saving lives with covid helping people stay alive thats why there going on strike

  • There is a shortage of doctors because people have experienced expensive college costs and difficult entrance exams, and being a doctor requires several years of training after college education, we need to improve medical education through diverse and advanced ways for a better environment I think we need to use the AlonLarger scale with this The way we can save a lot of time for doctors and you don't need to get a 4 year degree in the fall, medicine must be a skilled skill. The solutions are to accept all eligible higher grades and not just accept the top ten. ShouldIncreasing the number of students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine, as this is one of the best ways to solve this problem, or the number of faculties can be increased, and they must be given their right to salaries and bonuses, improve working conditions and reduce working hours. It is a right, not a requirement. And we will continue to demand their rights until we get them despite what they suffer from and they remain humane and giving. Doctors work day and night without getting tired for the sake of humanity, and despite dissatisfaction with their salaries, they continue to give and serve society, which made me proud of them and cherish them because they have humanity and morals. I have a question: are there plans to improve thisE profession, humanity and self-sufficiency guarantee of the profession?