The hardest job on the planet!

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People have stopped wanting to be doctors and that’s a huge problem. It’s made me realise that we don’t have enough doctors and that it’s not that easy to be a doctor. Two years ago, I wanted to be a surgeon but then I found out that you need to do six years of college, which is a lot of work, and now I have found out about all the problems they face.

In my opinion, doctors have the most important job in the world but not everyone agrees with me, @harmonious_heart said that the police have the most important job in the world because they stop crimes. However, I disagree because I do not think that the police in my country are that helpful. @glorious_lake said that the healthcare system should be free because a lot of people can pay for healthcare, but I disagree with this opinion because I don’t think that everyone can afford it. Some people who are not well-informed think that being a doctor is easy, but I disagree with them because doctors are under pressure and a lot of them are underpaid.

I saw during the pandemic that hospitals were criticised how they dealt with it and people blamed doctors but that wasn’t their fault. Covid was a new virus and doctors didn’t know how to deal with it. Another problem was that there weren’t enough spaces in hospitals but, there were people who were going out and not following the lockdown rules who were spreading the virus, so it was also irresponsible people’s fault as well.

It's clear that there’s good reason for doctors to be leaving their profession but I really hope that we can find a way to get more doctors again because to me, doctors have the most important job in the world.

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  • Thank you ...
    Doctors work day and night tirelessly for good, while part of the matter is caring, but their efforts towards the community make them cherish and cherish because they have whites and morals. From a young age, I wanted to be like doctors. Because they speak from the heart and want good. I think it's great to learn and grow into such doctors who give their time and effort to do good and help people. I have helped medical services for people in pain, to be a successful person, and to create a brilliant future for myself. And I learned that doctors suffer from their wages and hours of work and that they are a continuation of humanity. My determination increased to reach my goal and achieve my dream even if I was satisfied with the society’s working hours, working conditions and salaries only. of the neighboring human society.