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In my classroom we learnt about doctor shortages, Qatar World cup,protests in Iran, diverse... Competition #6 Favourite topic 08/12/22
I think that the healthcare should be free because the equipament that the doctors use are very... What should be free? 29/11/22
I was replied with “ You would be a brilliant journalist or script-writer for news shows!” I... Competition #5 Journalism jobs 29/11/22
I think that in section B Mr Infantino is trying to say that European people should apologize a... A speech that got people talking 24/11/22
I think that the topic 'Black Panther: representation and diversity' and the topic 'Protests in... Competition #4 Connecting topics 24/11/22
I think that sometimes money can bring you happiness, but if a loved person died you cannot get... Weekly poll #3 results 17/11/22
I wanted to be a surgeon 3 years ago because I was watching a series about kids that got helped... Would you…? 17/11/22
Around the world, we don’t have enough doctors because they think there is too much pressure and... What causes doctor shortages? 17/11/22
To see diversity in films is important because white people realise that they should treat... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 10/11/22
Black Panther could change the world because he has a different skin colour and he shows that... Who could change the world? 10/11/22
What ideas do you have about the economy of our country? What will you do about the problems... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 10/11/22
I agree that he is a very generous person. However, he is a YouTuber not a character from a film or book. Who could change the world? 10/11/22
1. With $ 450000 I would buy food for people that suffer from starvation and medicine for... Money, money, money! 03/11/22