Food crisis?

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In my opinion,a country whose is economy is completely dependent on tourism is at a great risks and there bad consequences associated with it such as;
*Tourism itself is at a risky if being affected by any thing that might happen in the country froexample if a war breaks out tourism shall stop so the economy would reduce,if natural disasters like wild fires,landslides,typhoons and tsunamis hit a country,there will be no tourism to take place.Why I'm I even going far,the most live example is the recent pandemic COVID-19 where most countries where on lockdown and there were travel restrictions where only essential travelling was allowed,no way tourism was allowed.So thats my first point, tourism can't be relied on by an economy because its easily affected by any factors that comes up so countries reliying on it,end up with fallen economies due to such unreliability.
*A country where tourism is relied on to support the economy,in a turn of events like those above and tourism is stopped,all the people that have been working and gaining from it may end up unemployment for example transportation, accommodation and food services are involved in tourism and there people earning a living from them such as car drivers,hotel owners and restaurant owners.When they all lose their jobs in such a way,the government will collect less taxes and it's people will also suffer in poverty and lack of basic needs and it could also result in increase in crime rate as many shall be idle left to fend for themselves.
*A country that deeply relies on tourism might end up in a deficit budget just in case tourists reduce and this will mean that the government will not be able to provide quality services to it's people so there will be poor health services where people will struggle to acquire medicine,and for those with diseases like sickle cells,they will die rapidly.Transport system will go from bad to worst as there will be no money to repair potholes.So such a country might end up in poverty when it's source of income is disabled.

All in all,it's very dangerous and threatening to a country's future to rely on tourism to support the economy.Even in real life,in my country,a family must have side sources of income aside from their main sources in order to secure food on the table and healthcare too.

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  • The food crisis is growing bigger overtime and many things to do with global warming.The food crisis originate from poverty,global warming,and inflation.So food crisis is a thing and it is happening rapidly.

    1. Yes, I agree with this opinion, because the food crisis has no time or time, as it occurs at any moment and very quickly.
      I hope this topic has benefited you.
      Thank you for your comment on my topic ♥️

  • I think we should give more food to the people that need it the most . I found it interesting to find out about the food crises . I have learnt that the food crises means that it is harder to get food and it costs more as well . I enjoyed learning about the food crises

    1. Yes, I agree with you. The poor need to give them a hand and help them. I hope this topic has benefited you.
      Thank you for commenting on my topic❤️

  • The food crisis sounds really bad and I think we should give more food to people in the world who need some food to help them with their life so no one can starve to death or be starving for the rest of their life until they get some . I feel bad for people who need food because some people out there are really mean to people like this and people who need some help get disappointed in their self because they feel like they haven’t done enough when they really have . This needs to stop and people need to be kinder to people . People in the world suffer because they don’t have any food when others do and do nothing about it . Our world needs to let people have food so no one starts to death .

    1. Yes, I agree with you, the poor suffer a lot to get food, because day after day the cost of food increases and additional increases in the cost of food can cause children in these families to suffer huge and irreparable nutritional losses.

  • My point of view toward tourism has always been positive. After reading your amazing standpoint, I now know the sensitive role of tourism in any country's economy. I liked how you connected tourism with wars and diseases. Your standpoint is a turning point in my perspective toward life in general and on my idea to make a living in the future in particular. When I grow up I will make sure and I'll make my best to have multiple sources of income. I asked my mother to read your standpoint and I asked for her opinion, and she agreed with you. Tourism is amazing, but we shouldn't think of it as the only source of income for a country. The big lesson here is to never judge or look at a thing from one side, we should think of the positive and negative sides of anything. Then, we have to alleivate the bad effects in ways that should be friendly to our planet and the enviroment. When we decide to do something, we need also to make sure we are not harming other people. Thank you very much for sharing your standpoint and for making me form a new opinion and change some of my views for the better.