Food shortage: A rising problem

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Food is a natural product required by each living organism to survive hence making it an essential part of everyone’s life. Food can only be obtained either from plants or animals. Killing certain animals for meat on a regular basis is resulting in reduction of their numbers and endangering them. At times, the yields produced by plants gets affected by the weather, certain pests, rodents, etc. The climate changes happening throughout the world due to increasing global warming and greenhouse effect is also affecting the food quality and availability adversely. The global economy also affects this sector in many ways. All of this is gradually leading to shortage of food globally. The number of people dying from hunger has increased massively over the last decade. It not easily accessible to many people across the globe. Day by day it is getting more crucial for the poverty-stricken people to get food. Cases of malnutrition are also increasing drastically. Famines and droughts are also increasing globally. Wars and the consequences of COVID 19 pandemic are also huge factors of the increasing food shortage.

Thus we can all incorporate small habits in our daily life and try to solve this huge crisis as a community. Habits such as proper storage of food and ensuring that food is not being wasted may seem really small steps but they can actually go a long way in the long-term view. In my opinion, one big step by a single person cannot bring a change in the world but many small steps made by numerous people can bring a drastic change.

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  • The world food crises is mainly caused by the current increase in climate change. People are not giving attention to the Earth and so they tend to degrade the land with industrial residue, human wastes, dirty running water and others. Growing food is currently hard today due to the impact of these things for example wild fires caused by global warming, floods caused rise of water levels, infestation of parasites like locusts that feed on crops hence damaging them. And currently wars like in Ukraine, people find it difficult to get food because of fear of death hence starving themselves. This problem has become more and more difficult. The best way to control the problem of pollution which has influenced the world food crisis is by using eco-friendly ways of cooking oil using cookers and charcoal briquettes instead of charcoal.
    As of recent, there was an ongoing research on the eco-friendlyness of mosses. This research can be funded to prevent pollution because it was discovered that mosses can absorb toxic gases and release oxygen which is good for human health.