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The world food crises is mainly caused by the current increase in climate change. People are... Food shortage: A rising problem 14/12/22
Nowadays doctors aren't appreciated for their tiresome work to ensure people's health care. This... we have to react quickly to doctors shortage.. 13/12/22
The world cup has been the topic of nations world wide. It has also been a lot beneficial to... World Cup: The Legacy of Big Events 13/12/22
These days, women are made to follow all sorts of traditional beliefs that are not fair because... Do not draw a veil over inequality! 13/12/22
According to me, young people should be considered in all political discussion. Because, we... Is the voice of youth heard ?? 13/12/22
I think afforestation can help to feed the hungry stomachs because it helps in the formation of... Hungry stomachs..... WHY? 09/12/22
The lMF gives loan to help countries and also checks on their health statistics.It has also... How is the IMF helping countries respond to the Global Food Crisis 09/12/22
I agree with person A partially .The reason is because doctors are not the main people ,even... Pick a side! 23/11/22
Yes ,l would like to be a doctor do that l save people's lives because l don't like people dying... Would you…? 23/11/22
I think leaving in a country that doesn't have good hospitals for doctors leading to brain drain... What causes doctor shortages? 23/11/22
Thanks for this opportunity ,the government channel these innovations to support poorer parts of... Space innovations: what do you think? 07/11/22
I think the government benefits the most because they use most of the above things to provide... Space innovations: what do you think? 04/11/22
Is it ok if i don't choose a discussion topic from th0se and I give mine like 'Should parents... Suggest a discussion! 04/11/22
I think songs are a good way of communicating and most people love listening to music in their... Protest songs: what would you choose? 04/11/22
What surprises me the most is that most people don't believe in women. They always think... Gender inequality: have your say! 04/11/22