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The world is getting hungrier by the days and here we are now in 2022 at the most hungriest we have ever been in history. For me, the issue of the global food crisis is the most important topic because it's one that we can all relate to. Nobody wants to live in a world where they struggle to find food because that's a human right. But with all of the wars, the changing climate and almost a world crisis because of money, how can we keep filling our stomach?

“We need to share the little we have through charities so that people can not die because of hunger. We can also decide to teach people how to grow those types of food”jolly_vegetable

I agree with this statement because we live in a greedy world and one of the biggest problems we have is that we want everything without thinking about one of the things we are taught as kids, to share. Who knows? Maybe in the future the governments will need decide how much food each person is allowed so that everyone can have their fair share. It makes me think about the old communism in my country and how my grandad told me that his food was limited. For example, he could only get one breads at the shop and he was only allowed to go to one certain shop and his name would be checked on a list to make sure of this. I am not saying that this was a good thing or that communism was a good thing but maybe these kind of rules will be the only way we can stop people from buying the things that they don’t need.

Some people say that COVID-19 was one of the biggest problems for the crisis but I disagree with this a bit. People was spending a lot of time at home but this gave them time to think about what they are eating. Plus a lot of people lost their jobs or were not making as much money so then they had to watch what they buy. However, it is true that prices of food also went up and that poor people could not afford it and because of this a lot of people were hungry.

There is something simple that we could all do on this Earth and that is planting more trees. This will help us to find more food. So many trees are destroyed by the farmers and a lot of this becomes waste. A lot to do with the fact that countries do not provide for themselves and instead they compete to have the best food from different places. This wastes time and money and also food which goes to waste because it arrives bad or can’t be sold or because as mentioned before greedy people buy too much and throw it away. The best trees are trees which grow nuts because they use less water and we also have problems with not enough water in some countries because this is another resource that we also waste so much.

To conclude, the world is starving and we are going through very hard times. An ancient Chinese proverb says  ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.’ I couldn't agree more.

What do you think we should do about this problem?

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  • On the world earth, there's about 7.8 billion people in this world and have of them are starving because of world hunger. So what my family does to solve this is on thanksgiving day or the day before what we will do is have a giveaway. What i mean by giveaway is we will cook stuff like cornbread, rice, fish, chicken, salad, and etc. Then we will drive around Atlanta Georgia city area where a'lot of homeless people would stay in tents and sleeping bags etc. Then some of my old clothes that i have we will give them away we will rent a truck and drive around giveaway out some plates of food and some old clothes me and my mother cannot fit anymore fit anymore. Also other people around the world and people in Georgia does what we do also to try to end world hunger. What people need to stop doing is don't Waist any food when you have leftovers on your plate.

    1. credible_grapefruit thank you for sharing this. I think it would be great if other people were inspired to make changes through hearing about what your family does.