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I feel for this topic it is too simple to say that healthcare should be free because in my... What should be free? 29/11/22
you're welcome I hope we can all spread kindness together Get creative, save the planet! 29/11/22
@charming_weaver I had no idea that there are so many people who die in India everyday, this is... Get creative, save the planet! 17/11/22
I thumbs up @charming_weaver from Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss | India on the 'Get creative, save... Competition #3 Global discussion 16/11/22
As I was growing up, I used to love Wonder Woman, especially how Gal Gadot impersonated her. The... Who could change the world? 11/11/22
It is important to see diversity in films because, in time, I hope people would finally find it... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 11/11/22
What could I buy for $450,000? I think that the money would be used for saving and feeding stray... Money, money, money! 04/11/22
I believe that 36% could refer to parents’ opinions on their children’s time spent on social... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 31/10/22