My Final Say About Global Food Crisis

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Governments can also take some steps to help solve the problem of the global food crisis. This motivates them to work harder as studies show that countries that rely on agriculture are more economically stable as they earn more income from these agricultural products. increase.

Climate change was actually a major factor in the food crisis, so we need to educate our citizens more. That way, farmers know when is the best time to plant what food crops and how and when to plant corn. Dry season, but the young stages need more water.

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  • I assume that the meals disaster is every now and then as a result of weather change, however I assume it's far greater as a result of the dearth of farmers, due to the fact the primary time I noticed the question, it took place to me how there has been no meals disaster before, the weather withinside the vicinity does now no longer change (the vicinity intended the city The city, in step with its location, usually has a ordinary weather in every of the seasons. I imply that during our country, for example, the rain does now no longer fall withinside the summer time season and the solar does now no longer seem a great deal withinside the winter, for that is known, so I do now no longer assume that the meals disaster is because of weather change), I imply that the weather is usually known, and the farmers They take their needs, however I say that the meals disaster happens due to the farmers, and the dearth of farmers results in a scarcity of meals, and the dearth in their quantity results in now no longer bringing the whole lot they want in all components of the gear due to their small quantity, and additionally the dearth in their quantity works to terrible achievement, and this slows them down from extracting meals for people, and this reasons Hunger is every now and then like this, I assume, due to the fact the dearth of farmers is a trouble in life, and I endorse listening to vegetation so they can make meals and paintings to boom farmers on the only hand (growing their salary, for example, consequently encouraging all and sundry to paintings and additionally supplying them with agricultural gear and others).

  • Well, all your points are very helpful and important. Yes, I think the lack of farmers is also a factor because most people see farming as a job for the poor and most people don't want to participate in farming. They believe they are too rich to do this kind of work. Therefore, most often they wait for "poor farmers" to farm and buy. What can we do in this case? Because when it comes to teaching others, they are not ready to learn, so they have to do it themselves. what can be done to help Rural-to-urban migration also contributes to this. This is because most people move from rural areas to urban areas, urban areas have no land for agriculture, and rural areas have enough land left for agriculture. Few people are farmers in rural areas, and even if they were, they were not large-scale farms, but mostly small-scale farms for their families, which led to food shortages in the country. increase. So I think most people should start farming with the land they have, even in rural areas, because a lot of land is abandoned in rural areas.
    Another factor is the invasion of pests on people's farmlands. Pests destroy more than 50% of his crops each year. Chemical pesticides have been used, but most people say that chemical pesticides are not the best, so most people use organic pesticides, usually obtained from natural sources, like neem oil sprays, to kill pests. Scarecrows are used to reduce the rate at which insects invade our farmlands.