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Comments by students of Riverdale Middle School A | United States of America

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witty_queen In my opinion, learning about the news should have no age limits! its the perfect way to find... Age restrictions 16/2/24
neat_assumption Selecting age limits for some actions is a great thing. Such as drinking, voting, and driving.... Age restrictions 16/2/24
neat_assumption I highly agree with you because AI can be bad while it can be good at the same time. AI can be... Jobs of the future 16/2/24
neat_assumption I agree because AI does have some great work as an artist. Like you say AI will advance in the... Jobs of the future 16/2/24
free_atmosphere Joe Biden's rule seems like the most fair because he has a point, there can't be everyone in... Fair or unfair? 15/2/24
free_atmosphere I agree because... batman would help alot! Competition #4 winners 14/2/24
supportive_song I agree because, People like batman could help human kind with many problems like, robbery and... Competition #4 winners 13/2/24
spectacular_signature Over the past year women sports has not been receiving the same amount of attention/publicity as... Women's sport 13/2/24
curious_guitar In my own opinion i think AI will do more good and bad because they can be programmed to do... AI and the planet 13/2/24
witty_queen In my opinion, Batman from The Dark Knight could help us in real world issues because batman's... Competition #4 winners 13/2/24
gracious_trumpet In my opinion, I believe brands shouldn't have full control over celebrities. For example, take... The “face” of a business 13/2/24
victorious_currant Should a brand take control over their ambassador's decision? I say no. Lets take Hanni Pham... The “face” of a business 13/2/24
curious_guitar In my opinion AI would be good for the planet as most run on electricity which can be harvested... AI and the planet 10/2/24
supportive_song In my opinion, i think that robots/ais should not be able to help us live our daily lives.... Jobs of the future 09/2/24
free_atmosphere Prison exists to punish the bad and protect the good, right? I believe that the main thing... What’s the purpose of prisons? 09/2/24
victorious_currant I think that AI and eco-anxiety link because they both have an impact on Ecuador. I say this... Competition #3 winners 09/2/24
loyal_fruit Hi ! I just wanted to add in on this topic and say that, In this generation people don't put in... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 09/2/24
sensible_heart Staying inform on local dangers is a major deal and I myself have certain things go without... Responsible citizens 09/2/24
bright_owl I agree with this statement because people should serve their time in prison a be rehabilitated... What if prisons aren’t working? 09/2/24
witty_queen Hello! AI is quite controversial in our new eras of life. AI can be very positive with its ways... Competition #3 winners 09/2/24