The global food crisis

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Who agrees with me that the global food crisis is considered the most urgent and critical topic in our festival this year? Why? Because we are talking about human being struggle to survive. So it is whether to live or to die starving.

The number of people who are dying because of hunger is increasing very fast. Where about 11 people are dying from hunger every minute and 6 million child under the age of five die every year .

While I was searching to solve the food shortage problem ,I read about the important of rivers in the food system.

From this information ,I reached the main cause of the problem and the main solution which is water. If there is enough water, more and more crops are planted. Thus, the amount of water should be increased.

The question is now who is responsible to do so? and how?

I think it is the responsibility of individual and government at the same time.

Every individual is responsible to reduce water use as much as possible. In addition, every one could reuse water. Moreover, farmers could dig their own wells to collect rain water.

On the other hand ,the government is responsible to find new solutions to increase the amount of water such as seawater desalination, build new dams to use rivers water in the best way.

The saved water can be used to increase the planted areas and more and more crops can be planted. This could make the country reach self food sufficiency.

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  • I agree with what you are saying, your right it is not just us on our own who need to make this change but the whole community finding different ways to cut down on the amount of food and water being wasted and save it to be used as something else. We have to take advantage of every single piece of food or droplets of water that we can get because a small thing can turn into something that was not thought to be possible.

    1. I agree because we don't have much to waste.everyone should do his best to solve this problem.