Would you be a leader?

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Each of us wishes to become a leader of the country, but when he thinks a lot, he sees that the position of leadership needs to assume many responsibilities that no ordinary person can bear
To be the leader of a difficult task, you must come in this capacity by learning the skills and techniques that qualify him for it a successful leader always aims to influence and influence others in a positive way which gives the work force strength and production, and here are some points that must be available in a successful leader.

1- Culture and creativity: Good culture, creativity and innovation are among the important things that characterize a successful leader,which makes him look at the issues and problems of the people, which helps to overcome them easily.

2- Commitment to justice: with all members of the country and not giving preference to anyone over others, which negatively affects the general goal and work objectives.

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  • I agree because... When you talk about about commitment to justice I really agree with you because when you as a leader starts to take justice as a joke not only the country suffers but also the people as well, this is because funds may be embezzled and the responsible leader gets to know but because the people who did the act is a friend they may decide to keep quite and forgive them which may probably be a good for the person forgiven even without returning the money but they act affects the people in a way that that money may have been for constructing a damaged road in order to ease movement for people but since the money didn't actually reach the person in charge of the reconstructing the road this act is not done which makes the people suffer because the road still remains damaged and it affects the country in a way that the country is considered to have bad roads, and the most disappointing part is that the person who causes all that is still having a well paying job and on top of that enjoying the money he embezzled but also sure of embezzling more money since he/she knows that nothing will be done to them

  • I agree! Being leader of your country is a big achievement! And giving justice all over the country! You also need good culture and great creativity to be successful! I personally wouldn’t mind being leader but it’s a lot to take in and lots of jobs, meetings and stressful moments of being leader as sorting out laws and making laws to fit the society.
    (Sorry if that last sentence didn’t make sense)