Older or younger politicians?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Many people argue that youths are not political. I truly feel that this is untrue. Young people are political. They are not just given the chance to express themselves politically. In my country, Nigeria, gerontocracy (this means a state, society, or group governed by old people) is practiced. Also, The 2016 UN Global Youth Report shows that "political party membership is less prevalent among those under the age of 30 than among older adults. Only 4.1 percent of 18–29-year-olds are active party members, compared with 5 percent of all adults". Young people are not given enough opportunities to be leaders and to express themselves politically. If young people are given the opportunity to be political leaders, there will be lots of advantages.

Reasons why younger politicians are preferable to older politicians include:

1.) Young people are creative hence they will have better ideas on how to run the country than older people would. They can bring more creative ideas to solve various problems existing in a place.

2.) When making decisions, younger people will be more able to take into consideration the point-of-view of different groups of people in society than older people would.

What other reason do you think younger politicians would be more preferable to older politicians?

Although, there are also some reasons where older politicians would be more preferable. Some of them include:

1.) Young people are less experienced compared to older people. Young people may not have the experience that older leaders will have in politics. This might lead to young people taking rash decisions and that might have disastrous consequences.

2.) Young leaders may be more prone to carelessness. Due to the inexperience of young leaders they may not be as careful as older people would before taking certain decisions.

What other reason do you think older politicians would be more preferable to younger politicians?

What if there was a balance between older and younger politicians in the country?

1.) Countries would have an equal number of older and younger politicians. This will ensure equal representation of both sides and both sides will be able to express themselves effectively in politics.

2.) Younger politicians would be encouraged to meet older politicians for advice when they are confused on what to do about an issue and older politicians would be encouraged to learn new creative ways of ruling well from younger politicians. This will help to foster unity and harmony and it will also help the country to be run well.

What do you think are some other benefits of having both younger and older politicians?

Although it is high time young people are given more chances to hold political positions, I also feel older people can not be completely dispensed from politics. In my opinion, older and younger politicians both have advantages and disadvantages so if they work together, they would complement each other's strengths and supplement each other's weaknesses to ensure the smooth running of a country.

What do you think? Is having only older politicians better? Is having only younger politicians better? Is having a mixture of both older and younger politicians better?