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It has been amazing to hear from experts and have the answer our questions. The little interest... Competition #7 Expert learning 15/12/22
For a leader to be able to make unbiased decisions, he/she ought not to let his/her emotions... Would you be a leader? 14/12/22
I agree with you. Apart from the work involved, the leader might also have to sacrifice some... Would you be a leader? 14/12/22
I agree with you cultured_woodpecker. Most times, doctors are unappreciated for their work. They... How to achieve Sustainable Healthcare 13/12/22
One of the major problems doctors face is overwork and stress and just like you rightly said... Problems without borders 13/12/22
You are right that having an older government is not a bad idea because they have a wealth of... Older or younger lawmakers? 13/12/22
This topic is an interesting one. I discussed this topic with a few people and here are some of... Space: A Positive Human Future? 13/12/22
Yes, I agree with you secure_nature. Space is actually a positive human future but I feel like... Space: A Positive Human Future? 13/12/22
According to, "The biggest line items included transport infrastructure ($6.11... The most expensive World Cup 09/12/22
Equality is about giving everyone equal opportunities. I feel like women being forced to wear... Dressed for death? 09/12/22
The issue of abuse of the rights of Iranian women has gotten out of hand. Women now are not even... How can we help put an end to the morality police? 09/12/22
You are right poetic_banana. You are very analytical and you have through your curiosity... Fast Fashion, the environment and possible solutions. 08/12/22
You are right accurate_wombat. The gender pay gap in sports is alarming. It is not just... THE LEGACY OF THE PAY GAP. 08/12/22
You are right blithesome_snake. Atlanta will have a lot to do to prepare for the upcoming world... World Cup in Atlanta, Georgia 2026. 08/12/22
I feel once the world cup is over, the buildings can be converted to shelters for refugees and... The Legacy Of World Cup 2022 In Qatar 08/12/22
You have made some very interesting points spectacular_raisin. You are right about young people... Are young people political? 08/12/22
I agree with you daring_cherry. On one hand, many people are Automatonophobic (that is having... Dr.Shortages 07/12/22
All the topics in the topical talk have been really interesting and they have really inspired me... Competition #6 Favourite topic 07/12/22
I don't think anything is really free. It just seems so because we don't pay for it but in the... What should be free? 06/12/22
I agree with what compelling_hurricane said. Healthcare should be free. It should not be a... What should be free? 05/12/22