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It’s December! Which means that we are coming to the end of another year of news. However, old news stories won't come to an end just because there's a new year...

This got us thinking: which news story from the Festival do you think will appear most in the news in 2023?

For last week’s poll we asked you to share how you felt about the following statement:

Which news story from the Festival do you think will appear most in the news in 2023?

The results are in and here's what you thought:

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  • I said World Cup because this event is a big one and as well memorable since it comes after four years whereby even after it ends people still talk about it so much and the fact that it is ending in December the last month of the year the conversations will cross to the new year as well because people will still have a lot to talk about it in 2023 for mainly atleast the first five months of 2023

    1. This makes so much sense. The World Cup is always a big deal both in the news and out of it. People can get really aggressive about it, so it makes sense for it to be continued to be talked about.

  • I said black panther because this movie made such a substantial wave both in the media and in the community. People are going to continue to talk about it and the waves it made for representation in media. People are going to talk and talk and talk about it till our ears bleed but until then black panther isn't going to disappear that easily.

  • I said Doctor shortages because I believe that doctor shortages may become more of a problem due to the recent pandemic and people taking their health more seriously. This might cause more problems for doctors with overwhelming stress and might make the news globally.

    1. Well thought out answer noble_grapefruit! Do you know of any ways that different countries are trying to combat doctor shortages? Can you find any articles online to support this?

  • I think that the issue of COP will remain, because it has future effects and will be renewed every year. Students must know all the latest developments in the present and the future, as well as other things, educate them more, and increase cooperation with the government, and also because when it is resolved, it will be one of the biggest issues that people come up with. Knowledge of it, then they should know first what COP is, what causes it, and what they should do in order to have a hand in helping and improving the world.

  • I chose the World Cup this great event that is once every 4 years, and it was a major global event. With the advancement of technology, everyone can follow it from a distance and follow its news widely.
    And because it is the last event of this year, its effects will remain effective at times, with the beginning of the new year
    It may have a positive impact, not a little, to solve many economic crises, due to its positive legacy, such as the activity of the architectural movement, the movement of trade, industry, tourism, work in various fields, the reduction of poverty and many other problems.