Weekly poll #7 LIVE

It’s the last week of the Festival! So this poll gives you the chance to sum up what you think about the news stories you’ve discussed.

Which word best sums up the news stories from the Festival? Cast your vote in the poll then let us know your reasons in the comments below. If you don’t see a word you agree with, suggest a better one!

We look forward to seeing what you think.


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  • I think that the conversation during these 7 weeks was very disturbing to me because it was talking about the deterioration of environmental conditions and that we must prepare to say goodbye to the planet Earth and leave to space and live there, and he was also talking about the deterioration of the condition of doctors and that they are in constant shortage, and this It is very unfortunate and worrisome, as if there are doctors, we will live with violent diseases. Let us look, for example, at the weakness of medicine during the period of the plague epidemic. What led to this? If we had the medicine that we have now, all that amount of people would not have died. We always suggested solutions and discussed them together and asked experts to help us know what we want to solve these problems.