for the first time

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Do you follow The world Cup for this year? I think you should follow it because many interesting and appreciated incidents are happening for the first time in the world cup mondials first of all it is held in an Arab country which is Qatar as It is the first time in the world cup Mondials has a set of women judges the football matches
where Stephani
Fraber the French judge will be the first women in the history is responsible to judge matches at the world cup for this year Moreover.a guide was published on the internet with the name Visit Qatar to help the visitors who come to attend the matches to move comfortably and enjoy during his visit,where it could provides them different information about geographic places,clothes, currency .
At other hand , The Oredo Company at Qatar made a partnership with Wheel the World to facilitate for disabled people suitable tour experiences to visit different interesting places in Qatar .
Do you follow the world cup for this year?I Feel everyone is following and watching it interestingly and what I liked the most is the World Cup because it will show the world what the civilization of the Arabs is and people from all over the world and countries will know the Arabs and their traditions, language, religion and their music, also it will make people meet new friends from different countrie