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This is the word that makes a difference and everyone wants to hear it because it is a turning point from losing to winning.

People are now talking about the World Cup and the changes it brought about in the State of Qatar, despite the protests that were being said about Qatar, but it brought together a lot of positives: people’s love for its system and arrangement of the place, and its respect for all groups from all over the world, and it provided all means of comfort for them wherever they are. These matches will remain firmly rooted in the mind of everyone who watched them because of the excitement, astonishment and enjoyment of watching them in an Arab country.

Memorable days . So all the scales turned, so whoever thought himself was always in the lead became outside the field. Arabs have the ability to work miracles. We should not judge a subject until after its experience and practice. After the intimidation of holding the World Cup in an Arab city (Qatar), the welcome and love in the Arab countries became as their value and capabilities are the same as the capabilities of Western countries. Qatar tired and stayed up nights to build a very huge and integrated stadium that lacks nothing in order to be in line with sports teams, players and the public, and it can accommodate huge numbers of people. In order to please others, salute her.

All salutes from our hearts, we Arabs, and the hearts of all nations. It is here that I would like to ask a question to everyone.

Do you think we should judge the success of a match only by the end of the match?

I want to answer and you also have the opportunity to answer.

In my view, the answer is: no. Because the ruling from the beginning is the one who decides its success or its losses as an indicator or a warning of what will happen in the future.

The other question also

Will the World Cup match be repeated after that in Qatar or any Arab country?

If the expectation is yes,

what do you suggest to the state to provide players and fans other than what Qatar has provided?

And if the answer is no.

So why? What are the reasons that led to your answer of refusal?

Greetings to those who contributed to us as students by writing their point of view and expressing our opinions with all credibility.