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Is the world doing enough to ensure diversity? People in various countries and continents are... Is the world doing enough to ensure that there is diversity? 12/12/22
Honestly, all the topics aroused passion for me, and changed many of my thoughts. Each topic... Competition #6 Favourite topic 08/12/22
When choosing to rule in democracy, it is impossible to reverse it, because of the facilitations... DEMOCRACY, PATRIOTISM, EQUALITY 07/12/22
Who among us does not make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes and learns and repeats it too (make... One rule for everyone? 07/12/22
Should food supplies be free? Or that afforestation instead of deforestation might help feed... Hungry stomachs..... WHY? 06/12/22
Do you think that the food crisis caused the decline in the role of countries economically and... food crisis. 06/12/22
One of the most interesting theories I've heard is that since on the universal scale time has... Space: a positive human future? 05/12/22
Thank you for making us among the initiators and discussers of one of your wonderful topics.... STEP FOUR: submit your standpoint 05/12/22
My thoughts clearly people should re adjust to survive, dependence on certain foods should be... THE CAUSE OF GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS 05/12/22
Everything that can be recycled must be recycled directly, but before recycling it, we must take... How to be sustainable 05/12/22
What is beautiful about diversity in films is union (Different customs and traditions, various... DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION 05/12/22
I agree because.I believed that the number of doctors we have few. But the number of graduates... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
I agree because... The idea of ​​the programs is good, but there are diseases that need to be... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
I agree because... The one who feels the most for others is the one who has previous dealings... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
I agree because... Rewards motivate and encourage the doctor to perform his work with love. My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
I agree because...We must feel for others from all angles as we think for ourselves. My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
“In the quiz, I got You would be a brilliant journalist or script-writer for news shows!... Competition #5 Journalism jobs 02/12/22
All jobs have the same importance and depend on each other, we cannot do without any job even if... My right as a doctor. 02/12/22
Fast fashion, its beauty and quality, does not last long. Every day, a fashion appears different... Fast Fashion 01/12/22
The best way to express my feelings about my point of view is to write. Because it honestly... Diversity, Representation and Equality! 01/12/22