One of the masterpieces of the World Cup stadiums

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First, I want to talk about one of the 2022 World Cup stadiums and how to build it, which is Stadium 974. Stadium 974 is one of the World Cup stadiums in Qatar, built by ship containers and removable seats.
It is a stadium that can accommodate 40,000 spectators.
It is also one of the environmentally friendly stadiums because it does not emit any carbon materials to use solar energy for lighting and cooling.
It was named Stadium 974 for two reasons:
1_ 974 containers were used in its construction.
2_ symbolizes the international telephone line key for the State of Qatar.
The stadium is also scheduled to be dismantled after the World Cup and will be donated to a country.
Among the advantages of Stadium 974
1_ The first stadium that can be dismantled
2_ Water taxi
3_ The total area of ​​the stadium: It is 850 thousand square meters that includes the internal and external space of the stadium
4_ The cost of the stadium: The total cost of building the stadium is 30% low compared to other stadiums.
In my opinion, Stadium 974 is one of the masterpieces of the World Cup.
It is really wonderful in terms of cost and space, and it is the first stadium to be dismantled. It has many advantages and is wonderful. It is a very beautiful stadium,
and now I want to ask you, do you agree that Stadium 974 is the best stadium ever built?

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  • That's an interesting question. I don't know a lot about other stadiums so it is hard for me to judge if this is the best ever built, but I have also read some articles about challenges faced when building this stadium. Have you also read anything from that point of view? I think it's important to view topics from many different angles and really liked the extra background you provided on details about the stadium itself, because I did not know these interesting facts beforehand.

  • The master piece of world cup stadium is audience present in it. They encourage the players and play an important role in victory and loss.