Palestine issue in the World Cup

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The World Cup has engaged me for these past weeks. I looked for the World Cup in Qatar on many levels politically and economically but these days I'm overwhelmed with the presence of my country Palestine in the World Cup. Yesterday Morocco celebrate their win against Spain with a Palestinian flag. They had zero obligation to do this. It was their moment. It was a moment for the people of Morocco. However, they raised the Palestinian flag in their moment of victory. I don’t even have the words to describe it. Palestine has been the winner in this World Cup. The people of the Arab world will have the final say. Moroccan fans in Doha beautifully sang for Palestine :“To our beloved Palestine..Where are the Arabs, are they asleep? The most beautiful of all countries. Resist. May God protect you. We won’t let anything happen to you Gaza, even if you’re far away..." Every North African and Middle East team has made sure that the Palestine issue is prominent at every game.

Such presence in a world event is very important to us. More and more people will stand by us in our political and human issue. This event maximize the pressure on the big countries to create an instant solution for the Palestinian country in a fair way. All the world now have a critical look for the issue. Palestinians now are breathing hope. Congratulations Morocco for your victory and principled stance.

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  • What an amazing standpoint protective_ explanation. I am very touched to see the Palestinian issue raised on a global website like Topical Talk where a great number of youngsters visit daily. It is actually one of the ways that topical talk helps us introduce ourselves to the world. Seeing people from around the world supporting Palestine in the World Cup implies that it is a fair cause, and invites other people to know more about it and even support it. Hopefully, my dear topical talkers here now know more about our issue while watching the World Cup and after reading this standpoint.