Should the World Cup be hosted in Qatar?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Do you agree that Qatar should be held in the World Cup or not?

Agree: In Qatar, they have built new stadiums for the World Cup. They didn’t have any stadiums and had to use millions to build new hotels, towns, houses, and especially stadiums for the World Cup. They also used containers that can be taken apart and re built so they don’t waste any materials and they can be recycled! Fun fact: Qatar is the smallest country ever to host the World Cup. Did you know that?

They have also got 1.5 million new jobs for construction, Estates, and hospitality. Looking after the players health is extremely important as the weather is very hot.

Disagree: In Qatar, it is very hot there. Like the players are struggling to play in the weather. It can get up to 30-40 degrees and the human rights there are disgusting. They have made laws and women, can’t wear nothing revealing and men have to cover there hair as watching the World Cup, you can see men have hijabs and things on there heads. They have made a law about not drinking in the World Cup period. People travelling around the world from different parts have come to watch and drink a beer. (Most people would struggle with that if they were in Qatar.) workers have done so much for the World Cup to be hosted there but they don’t get paid enough. It is boiling there and they don’t even get paid as much. I find that very weird and annoying! Now do you agree with me?