World cup 2022

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The World Cup is a match every four years, we all wonder why the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar other than the same country?? I have the answer simply because Qatar has built a lot of things to prepare for the World Cup, such as infrastructure and sports equipment, not forgetting the beautiful big stadiums. The World Cup is one of the most important tournaments for reasons including: showing sportsmanship, increasing competition and love between people, increasing confidence, and others......

I suggest that FIFA donate part of the money to other countries, and I liked it for highlighting the importance of football. Also I suggest that FIFA host the World Cup every two years, and suggested that the number of participating teams be more than 32 teams in order to allow space

For most of the teams that would like to participate, especially in Asian and African countries. I was impressed with the techniques used in the World Cup, such as the techniques of calculating lost time (the mouse). Regarding the idea of ​​the World Cup, from my point of view, this is wonderful, because through it the team raises the status of its town and increases competition. The important thing is not to win, but to show yourself, prove it, believe in it. The farmer sows today and reaps later. Do you agree that the World Cup in Qatar will be the best and most appropriate?

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  • I think it is hard to judge things in absolute terms, but I agree with you that it is really important that we have different venues for the world cup and support for countries that might otherwise not be able to face the logistical challenges of participating in or even hosting the event. It is great that we learn so much about other countries, cultures and people from different backgrounds through our shared love of this sport.