World Cup Held In Qatar

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There are questions of whether the World Cup should be held in Qatar due to several big issues. Firstly, they wasted billions of pounds to build 7 new stadiums that will probably just . This is a waste of the worlds’ resources and is not very eco-friendly. Additionally, it has been said that around 500 people died whilst attempting to build stadiums due to weather conditions, lack of equipment and resources and poor working conditions. Usually, the World Cup is held in the summer, but due to the extreme weather in Qatar, FIFA changed it to the winter. This affects all of the current football leagues around the world. People will argue that Qatar should not be holding the worlds’ biggest football event because of the human rights issues - people not being able to make decisions for themselves. There have been rumours that in 2010, Qatar has been bribing people to vote for them to host it and this is not fair.

Lots of people have been affected including; fans, managers, governments, local communities, immigrants, and others. Fans have had to choose if they should go and watch a match or not because do they want to on moral grounds, managers have only had a little time to plan and the players are fit and ready? Governments around the world do not agree with the decision that has been made. On the other hand, the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, says that there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s all fine, workers did NOT die because of work conditions, there was no bribes whatsoever and we shouldn’t criticise Qatar.

Personally, I believe that Qatar should not be holding the worlds’ biggest sporting event; all of the reasons above will support this theory. Such a big event should not be held by a country who may have bribed people and who have put their money to waste and with such huge environmental costs also.

For the next World Cup decision, I think that they should consider human rights issues and the host needs to be prepared about hosting such a big football event. What is more important, the football or the human and environmental cost?

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  • I do not agree with you because Qatar provides its people with all the needs, and Qatar respects its citizens and has good working conditions, and Qatar is a country that helps developing countries. A high budget has been spent for the World Cup to succeed and attract tourists as the first Arab country to host the World Cup, so it must be successful and all countries of the world have spent a high budget. But if we talk about this great legacy, there is a tangible material legacy represented in the design of infrastructure, roads, modern clubs, economic performance, and his return to the homeland later, and there is a moral and emotional legacy related to bringing tourists, spreading cultures, and spending a good time. as suchShe did her best for the success of the World Cup and performed in the most beautiful opening in the history of the World Cup. There is no perfect and perfect country, and every country has free sovereignty over its land, and everyone has the right to criticize it without offending, and Qatar is one of the best countries in terms of living and salaries, and the leaders’ relationship with it. People are kind It does not oppose anything and supports developing countries I respect everyone's opinions and see that Qatar is committed to human rights. And I want to say that Qatar is committed to freedom of the press, and that the vote of this large number for Qatar embodies the confidence of the international community in the active and positive role played by the State of Qatar in the field ofl Protection and promotion. Human rights and related issues. This vote also reflects the confidence of the international community in its strict approach and policy towards the promotion and protection of human rights. 155 countries out of 192 voted in favor of it. It confirms Qatar's victory in membership in this supreme council, with the great support of states and members of the United Nations The international standing it enjoys and the role it plays in defending human rights around the world. This is my opinion and I respect your opinion .
    Can you watch this video that shows the opinion of foreigners about hosting Qatar?

  • I'm not sure about this because...
    Why not give Qatar this opportunity to be the host country?
    Which country do you think deserves to host instead of Qatar and why?