World Cup in an Arab country!!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The World Cup, according to my knowledge of football, is often held in European countries, and this is very beautiful, but this year the World Cup is in Qatar!!!

This is a great achievement for Qatar and all Arab countries for hosting the World Cup and for hosting tourists and visitors. From all over the world and that in itself is a wonderful and interesting thing

This year's World Cup drew more attention than previous years, as the number of viewers is very large, and even if you were not interested in football, you must have heard about the World Cup in Qatar and watched some matches out of curiosity or by chance.

Qatar does the impossible!!

It was a great thing from Qatar to do this. It correctly spread the image of Islam and Muslims, and did not show Muslims as terrorists, but as they really are, good people, who love goodness and are very nice. For that, thank you, Qatar.

It was a correct choice due to the World Cup in Qatar

No country has been able to do what Qatar did in this World Cup

The Arab cause has supported the Palestinian identity, and love and peace have prevailed among the world

Even the enthusiasm of matches has another taste this year

There will finally be peace in the world. I hope the next World Cup will be in an Arab country.

Isn't this beautiful in your opinion?