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Art of the future....Artificial intelligence challenges artists, will it defeat them? Can Leonardo da Vinci paint and dazzle the world with a painting better than the Mona Lisa.... It is impossible to see that.. What I am saying is not logical because artificial intelligence was able to paint better than many professionals. Now it is trying to take their place. Artificial intelligence has been programmed to use a number of One of the skills that artists take years to learn is that the way he works depends on an idea for a drawing that a person writes and he draws it. This shows us that it has no value without the human being, as it is a machine that has been programmed on drawing skills, not inspiration or ideas from it, because he does not have the artist’s own sense of inspiration, so there is no danger to artists, but They can use it to their advantage by using (AL) skills to develop their drawing, or it may please many people with disabilities who love art and have their own ideas that may outperform Da Vinci, and I have an idea that I want to implement by learning to program artificial intelligence so that every artist can use it to draw in his own style .

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  • I really like your comment glad_apricot you have mentioned about the disadvantages of AI taking over the place of artist and I like the way you have mentioned that you were thinking of creating an AI which draws in our own style not copying or getting inspiration from others and how the skills which artists take years to learn is easily being created by an artist in less time you have given the example of Mona Lisa and I agree with it I will also provide an example why is Kohinoor diamond much valuable ?because it is one was the most rarest and it cannot be replicated like wise the painting of Mona Lisa is well known for its unique style which if replicated then will lose its value.

    1. It's nice to see that you liked what I said, but I don't see that I should agree with what I said, because all I say is the positives of artificial intelligence, and I didn't mention anything about its negatives. As for what you say, it's okay, but if his style is unique and unique and he used skills that no one learned to make his drawing With that realism, I see that it is not bad to teach it to artificial intelligence so that painters can learn it and integrate those skills in their own style that will develop its drawing, and it may be a point in favor of the poor who do not have money for these lessons. In the end, our coexistence with these technologies is something more dangerous than saying its negatives and positives because it is He knows what will happen in the future and I would like to hear your opinion about the negatives that I did not mention, because I would love to hear your opinion because I have seen comments and I know that they are perfect and break a leg in getting the stars.

  • In the future, artificial intelligence will play a big role in art, as it makes many paintings and it will be wonderful, but for me, there is nothing better than the paintings of original artists, because artists are the ones who have the artistic sense and machines gave this artistic sense, so I ask everyone to appreciate artists and not Forget about them and don't get busy with machines 🥺🥺