Next World War?

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As we all have known that AI and the arts have an unstable relationship, but do AI and Military Intelligence have an unstable relationship?

The AI has the ability to hear our voices, make photographs, and various other functions, it can become insecure and unsafe in case of spying. But, can it be used as a cheap weapon to spy by countries on each other? As AI is vulnerable to hackers, it may become a cheap weapon to spy as it can generate voices and make photographs. It can be used in this method to record the conversations of officials and create an image of the person they are trying to hunt for. So, what if it is used to hack the system of a country and record the voices of the officials and gather intelligence? It can become useful in case of wars as this could become the last trick the countries could expect each other to play upon but insecure in case the countries expect to destroy the lifeline of their enemies such as the electricity grid system or the dam water system or various other lifelines through intelligence. It could instantly ruin the lives of many innocent people. But if fake information is spread through AI, it can panic many people to stay at home which may economically damage the countries. If any information gathered by countries on each other which never takes any effect could shift their attention to military spending and intelligence which could reduce the funding in various sectors such as healthcare, education, etc. which could further ruin the country.

AI can be used for the betterment of this world but on the opposite face to ruin the world forever.

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  • Yes, i agree with you. The development of AI has been quite helpful in our society because of its ability to synthesize different things with just the push of a button. But in the wrong hands, something that is meant for good can easily be turned evil. A point in your standpoint got me thinking, influencial people have the power to take advantage of the common people. AI can create voices, pictures and recordings that can deceive the human eye into thinking that it is real. Could this actually start a war? It could cause various disagreements between different people. It could cause rifts between people because they have either been accused falsely or trying to cover up a conspiracy. AI in the wrong hands can prove to be very catastrophic. We should learn to regulate it.