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My conclusion is that Al artists don't make artists less valuable because;

When Al design something they make artistic work famous and liked this makes more people join the art industry and art work will be sold at an expensive amount hence adding artists more salary and importance since people will learn that artists help develop the world.

And it is good for Al artists to copy the work of artists because when they co-operate they will make more characters than expected because of thier team work and I think artists should be put at the same level or both be favoured as the AI artists because the AI artists get the ideas from them.And if the artists feel less valuable because of that am sure they will lose interest in their carrier instead of developing their art.

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  • Idon't think that it is good for all artists to copy the work of other artists. While collaboration and teamwork can certainly lead to more creative output, outright copying someone else's work without permission or proper attribution is not only unethical but also illegal in many cases.
    while AI can certainly be a helpful tool for artists in generating new ideas and designs, I do not believe that it should be put on equal footing with human artists. AI is ultimately limited by its programming and cannot replicate the unique perspective, creativity, and emotion that a human artist brings to their work.

    Instead of endorsing copying or pitting AI against human artists, we should celebrate the diversity and richness of creativity in all its forms and seek to support and uplift artists of all kinds.